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The Lunar Discovery: The Foe


"Knowing the Rani, she must have found some new protein to cultivate or energy to metabolise from the restorations," said the Doctor, his lip curling in disgust.

"But that's sick!" Rose said angrily.

"Yes indeed," the Doctor nodded. "And we have to stop her."

"How?" Rory asked.

"I have a plan," said the Doctor.


"We need that decoder repaired, Papa," he said and left closing the door behind him.

Professor Max sighed as he turned back to the decoder. "Yes, I know," he said in a tired voice. "It might be our only hope of being rid of her."


"An alert just popped up on an escapee," Josie said. "A high profile target."

"Who is it?" Narvin asked.

"The Rani," said Josie triumphantly.

Logan Niamah left his father's office, his mind warring with what he knew was right and what he had to do. He couldn't defy her wishes. Not if he and his father wanted to live another day. He did not want to kill the Doctor or his friend but it wasn't like he had a lot of options.

Their only hope was the decoder that he had stolen from her machine. Logan had only stolen it because in the early days of arriving on Europa, she was periodically checking it every day. It was as if that was her way of looking over her shoulder.

As soon as the checks became rare, Logan took the chance to steal it. His father had told him that it was some sort of a device that was turned off. Logan wasn't naturally a guard or a soldier but he knew that she was scared of it turning on and so that was what he and his father set on to do.

So far, they hadn't been able to do much. Logan knew that he couldn't delay the inevitable any longer, so he set off in search of the Doctor and his friend. Whether he liked it or not, he had to eliminate them and bring the Roman back. His father's life depended on it.

Rory actually had no idea why he was going along with all of this. It wasn't like he had known the Doctor and Rose for long. And even with his heightened ability to embrace the impossible, he was having a hard time believing that the Doctor was an alien. And apparently, the same sort of alien as the Rani.

He couldn't really remember the Rani's face. In all honesty, he didn't even remember being brought to Europa. He had been laying down for his nightly rest in Rome and had woken up strapped up to the table next to Rose.

The Doctor's explanation about the timestorm did actually make some sense. But he was yet to understand why the Rani had taken him out of time in the first place. Had she already experimented on him? He felt an insane urge to scratch at his skin.

"Hey," he heard Rose say next to him and he jumped slightly, his hand stopping itself from scratching at his skin.

"Hi," he mumbled, lowering his hands. He was being irrational.

"Everything alright?" Rose asked him, concerned.

"M'fine," he said, giving her a small smile.

She didn't look like she believed him but she nodded nevertheless. "Any sign of the Doctor?" she asked.

Rory cautiously peeked around the corner. "No," he said, shaking his head. "How's he going to signal us anyway?"

Rose showed him an ordinary cellphone. "He has my phone's frequency on his sonic screwdriver," she said. At Rory's blank look, she chuckled. "Just think of it as jiggery-pokery. His explanations only make sense to him."

Rory gave a reluctant chuckle at that. "Do you think this will work?" he asked.

"Well, he did manage to find the Rani's TARDIS. If he can set the trap then it should work," Rose said.

Rory nodded. "It's taking a long time though," he said.

Rose gave a resigned sigh. "I know. If we don't get his signal in the next five minutes, we'll follow him," she said.

"But he said not to," Rory said.

"I don't care," Rose said. "He has a knack for attracting trouble. I swear, sometimes..." she stopped midsentence and Rory turned around to look at her, only to find a man jamming a gun into her back.

"Don't hurt her," Rory said as he raised his arms to his side.

"Move," said the man. "Both of you."

Rose met his eyes and the two of them slowly started walking. The man still had his gun pointed at Rose as he led them towards the museum and then inside. "You!" he said to Rory. "In there," he indicated to a small supply closet.

"What about her?" Rory asked. He got the door slammed in his face and there was an unmistakeable sound of it locking from the outside. Rory banged on the door. "ROSE!"

There was silence on the other end.

The Doctor smiled to himself as he sneaked aboard the Rani's TARDIS. She really ought to invest in a better cloaking method, he thought as he entered the console room. As with the last time he had been there, he wrinkled his nose at some of the specimens.

Such a brilliant mind, yet so cruel and cold. She could have been such a remarkable scientist instead of a cold-hearted killer. He examined the console and found it missing a few components. His brow furrowed. The Rani was pedantic enough to keep her TARDIS in the best shape possible.

Come to think of it, it made no sense for her to be on Europa in the first place. At least, not as a permanent base as the museum. She had the whole planet of Miasimia Goria to herself. He found a small controller for a chronon loop resting on the console and he picked it up triumphantly.

"So that's how you got my TARDIS," he muttered, pocketing it. "Very clever."

He walked around the console, carefully considering how he was going to set this trap. It had worked all the other times. He bent down under the console to find the navigational system. A bit of jiggery-pokery, as Rose had called it, and the next time the Rani entered her TARDIS, it would take her far, far away from Europa.

The navigational system was quite easy to damage but he decided that he should also alter the landing sequence just in case. He pressed the switch to start maintenance but it didn't start. His brow furrowed in confusion as he pressed it again. Nothing happened.

"Isomorphic controls," he heard from behind him and he snapped around.

"Rani," he nodded. "How very nice to see you. I like the new regeneration."

She smirked at him as she walked up to him. "It's no thanks to you, Doctor," she said. "Although yours is a big improvement on the last two. I was afraid that maybe you had gone colourblind."

He chuckled humourlessly. "Sometimes I wonder the same," he said. "So, I believe this is the part where I ask you what you are doing here."

"You know very well what I'm doing, Doctor," she said, her smirk still in place. "And I also happen to know what you were trying to do. Altering my navigational systems again?"

"It has worked before," he shrugged, unashamed.

She scowled at him. "You do realise that it will take me a full day to fix that again? Such a waste of my time," she said crossly.

"Well as long as we are wasting time, why don't you tell me the exact nature of your experiments? One scientist to another?" he asked charmingly.

The Rani rolled her eyes at him. "Your charm does not work on me, Doctor, as you ought to remember. But to answer your question, I was merely curious as to the effect of time alteration on brain chemistry. Hence the timestorms as the Roman Centurion will undoubtedly have told you."

The Doctor nodded gravely. "So am I to understand that all the specimens were taken out of their contemporary times and dropped in an unfamiliar time period before being brought here?"

"Yes," she said, unbothered by the accusation in his tone. "I did discover that different time periods have different effects on their brain chemistry, hence the need for a museum. I needed a wide range of timelines. Once I have the results of their brains, I am quite happy to give them to Professor Niamah for the collection."

"And those poor souls that you cruelly snatched from their lives and later experimented on, end up as pieces in an exhibition," said the Doctor with disgust in his voice. "This is a new low, Rani. Even for you."

Her demeanour remained unchanged. "It amuses me that you can expect one of your morally sound declarations to have any effect on me," she said, in an almost bored voice.

The Doctor looked furious but stopped himself quickly, a puzzled expression crossing his face. "Why are you telling me all of this? You do realise that I am going to put an end to this?"

She smirked again and pointed to a door. The Doctor turned around and his face went pale when he saw Rose being led inside at gunpoint. The Rani's smirk widened. "You were saying, Doctor?" she asked maliciously.

Rory banged his hand against the door in a futile motion. There was no way he was going to be able to break open. He even remembered Rose's advice to find an opening mechanism but he guessed that a supply closet had no need of a sophisticated opening system. A simple lock would suffice.

He kicked the door in frustration. He was useless in here. Rose was a prisoner of that man who was presumably the same one who had shot him before. The fact that he hadn't shot Rose meant that he would use Rose as leverage against the Doctor.

"And I'm stuck here," he muttered angrily to himself. "Fat lot of a good I am. Soldier, indeed."

"Well, nurse or soldier, pay attention now." Rose's words came floating back to him.

Rory stopped and took a deep breath. He had to focus. The lock was simple enough, so all he had to do was find something to pick it. He had no knowledge of picking locks but there was a first time for everything. That had been his mantra for two years in Rome. He searched his person to see if he could find anything. His sword was gone as were his shoulder plates. His chest armour was still on though.

He carefully reached his hand to his left side to find his dagger. The cold metal of the blade came into contact with his hand and he smiled as he pulled his dagger out. Yes, this would do very nicely.

Professor Max was startled out of his mind when the Roman Centurion burst into his study, pointing his dagger at him. "Where have they taken them?" he demanded angrily.

"Don't hurt her," said the Doctor, fixing the Rani with a furious glare. "Revenge isn't your design, Rani."

"You're right, it isn't," the Rani said casually. "Revenge is for fools who have nothing better to do. My time, on the other hand, is very valuable and I do not waste it on getting revenge."

"That's not the feeling I'm getting," Rose muttered and winced when the gun at her back was jabbed painfully into her spine.

"Quiet, girl!" the Rani snapped. She turned back to the Doctor. "Revenge may not be my design but I'm willing to make an exception this time."

"But why?" demanded the Doctor. "Why leave Miasimia Goria and come here in the first place. Why disrupt life here?"

For the first time, anger flashed across the Rani's face. "It was all your fault. Don't you dare blame me for it," she said.

"What are you going on about?" the Doctor sighed.

"Miasimia Goria has been liberated. By the army of Time Agents you helped the CIA recruit," she spat.

The Doctor's eyes widened and unbidden a chuckle slipped through his lips. "The CIA liberated the planet you enslaved? And now I assume there's a bounty on your head too?"

"I am on the run like some common criminal," she snarled angrily. "Do you know what that's like? I had to set up in this dump of a solar system, isolated from all civilisation among the savage apes. I can't even repair my TARDIS properly. That's how primitive the technology here is."

The Doctor listened to her tirade quietly. "Why not just surrender? I would say that your life here isn't better than a stint on Shada."

"Only if I get caught, Doctor," the Rani said, a cold smirk appearing on her face. "But who is going to tell them? You and the girl die here and I carry on."

"Let them go," Rory said, holding the decoder in plain sight as entered the Rani's console room.

"Fool!" the Rani hissed. "Where did you get that?"

"Professor Max had it," Rory said and the Professor entered sheepishly from behind him. Rose felt the gun at her back lower.

"That's the decoder of the Rani's TARDIS," the Doctor said triumphantly. "The Time Lords keep track of different time capsules using that."

"It was switched off," Rory said, still holding it in plain sight. "You let us go or the Doctor will turn it on."

"Kill him!" the Rani yelled at Logan.

Logan removed the gun from Rose's back and pointed it at the Rani. "Who do you think stole the decoder in the first place?" he asked.

The Rani's eyes were wide with fear and anger as the Doctor took the decoder from Rory's hands. "Don't kill her," he snapped to Logan. "She will be handed over to the CIA."

"Doctor," the Rani began furiously. "Do not hand me over to them. I will release you, you can even take the Roman if you leave me alone."

The Doctor looked at her in resignation. "I can't let you loose on the universe, Rani. Time and time again we have met and you fail to show remorse at any of your actions. Sadly, I must deal with it."

"Doctor, you will regret this. I will find you, Doctor!" she threatened furiously.

The Doctor looked up from the decoder. "It is too late, anyway," he said. "The decoder was switched on for a brief instant before. The CIA has already been notified."

The Rani went pale as her TARDIS door snapped open and a batch of CIA agents burst into the console room. Two agents walked up to her and grabbed each of her arms.

A familiar redhead walked up to the Rani. "The Rani, I'm officially charging you for crimes against the occupants of Miasimia Goria on my authority as an Agent of Celestial Intervention Agency. You will be brought before Coordinator Narvin."

Rose gasped. "Josie?"

Josie turned around and grinned at her. "Hello Rose. Nice to see you again." She turned back to the agents holding the Rani. "Take her into custody."

The Doctor smiled as the Rani was led away. She glared murderously at the Doctor the whole way. "Well done, Dr. Kilburn," he said.

Josie smiled at him. "Just doing my job," she said. "Speaking of..." she nodded behind him.

The Doctor turned around just to come face to face with the CIA's former Coordinator. Vansell glanced at the Doctor with ill-disguised contempt.

"Ah, Vansell," said the Doctor, his smile bright but his eyes guarded. "So nice of you to show up on time."

"Clearly you got to her before we did," Vansell said with a twisted smile that was definitely a grimace.

"Oh don't worry, Vansell," said the Doctor cheerfully. "I shall leave the cleanup to you."

Vansell's grimace deepened yet he inclined his head in acknowledgment. "Of course," he said dryly.

The Doctor nodded and then smiled at Josie. "I believe we will see each other around, Dr. Kilburn," he said, pleasantly.

"I'm sure we will," she said. "Goodbye, Rose."

Rose waved and gave her a bright smile. The Doctor gestured for her and Rory to follow him. Vansell noticed this. "Oh, I believe we can deal with the anomaly," he said, looking at Rory pointedly.

Rory looked confused at that but Rose noticed the Doctor's face tighten in anger. "I wouldn't wish to burden you with it, Vansell," said the Doctor through gritted teeth. "I can make sure he gets back to his time."

"But the CIA will surely be more...efficient, than your capsule. I believe it's a Type 40," Vansell's lip curled in amusement.

The Doctor gave up all pretence of civility and glared at Vansell. "My capsule is perfectly capable. It got me here before you, didn't it?" he asked.

"A coincidence, I'm sure," Vansell said. He looked at Rory and then back at the Doctor. "If you wish to take him back to his time, by all means go ahead. Be sure to deal with everything, though."

The way Vansell said the last part made it sound extremely sinister. The Doctor certainly thought so for his face hardened with anger and a muscle twitched in his jaw. Vansell gave him a curt nod and left, ordering the agents as he did. Rose observed the way he was dressed and realised that he was a Time Lord as opposed to one of the agents. The Doctor continued to glare at his back before muttering something under his breath that the TARDIS wouldn't translate.

"What was all that about?" Rory asked as soon as Vansell was out of earshot.

"Nothing," said the Doctor. "Just the charming methods of my people," his voice full of disgust.

"Would they have done something to Rory?" Rose asked.

"Wiped his memories," the Doctor said. "Vansell implied that he expected me to do the same."

"You're not going to, are you?" Rory asked, sounding cautious yet his stand was determined as if he was going to deck the Doctor if he suggested it.

The Doctor smiled reassuringly at him. "Of course not," he said. "Consider it your own space adventure. Something to tell people back in Leadworth."

Rory snorted. "And get thrown into the mental ward? No thank you," he said.

The Doctor grinned as they reached outside. He pulled out the controller of the chronon loop from his pocket and pressed the switch. He was sure it would be materialising exactly where they had parked on arriving. "Or," he suggested. "You could come with us."

Rose looked at him in surprise and even Rory looked taken aback. "Where are you going?" Rory asked curiously.

"We don't know. That's the fun part," Rose said, a smile starting to break through on her face. Now that the surprise was gone, she found that she liked the idea of having someone else on board with them and Rory was nice. And he had saved their lives after all.

Rory continued to look a bit shocked as they arrived at the TARDIS. "Here we are," said the Doctor as he unlocked the doors.

"That's a box," Rory said sceptically. "That's your spaceship?"

The Doctor and Rose exchanged a mirthful look. "Maybe you should go in first," Rose said, her eyes twinkling with mischief.

Rory looked a bit confused at their odd behaviour but opened the doors of the box. He froze in the doorway taking in the sight, barely noticing the Doctor and Rose brushing past him inside. "It's..." he mumbled. "It's..."

"Go on, say it," the Doctor said smugly. "Everyone does."

"It's a different dimension," Rory said.

Rose burst into loud laughter as she saw the Doctor's dumbfounded expression. "That's got to be a first, I must say," the Doctor said, recovering from his shock and clapping Rory on the back.

"It's called the TARDIS," Rose said. "Time and Relative Dimension in Space. And it appears she likes you," she added, pointing towards the fireplace where a third armchair had appeared next to Rose's and the Doctor's.

"She?" Rory asked.

"Yeah," Rose nodded. "She's alive. But in a good way."

"You have a sentient time-travelling phone box?" Rory asked the Doctor, his eyes still wide.

"Well technically it's a Police Box, and yes," the Doctor winked. "So, Rory Williams from Leadworth. What do you say?"

Rory began to smile slowly. "I say...let's go and see the universe," he said.

"Good," said the Doctor as he pulled a lever with a flourish, sending the TARDIS lurching. Rory grabbed one of the metal scaffolds as he saw the central column move up and down and a rhythmic wheezing sound filled the air.

He glanced at the almost identical looks of delight on both the Doctor and Rose's faces and felt his own smile widen. This was going to be fantastic!

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