Just a drabble idea I had for a while in the past. Beta reading was done by my friend, Mel.

The sound of padded footsteps rushed through the pouring rain against the cement, splashes formed by each step. The young boy ran as fast as his legs could carry him to wherever they took them. His heart pumped in his chest; and panting breaths escaped from his slightly parted lips as he ran. Nothing around him mattered as he ignored any passerby that would stare at him idly, for his focus was in front of him as well what was on his mind. Determination, wonder, and anxiousness reflected in his sapphire eyes.

The boy's footsteps soon halted. He hunched over holding his knees for support as he let out rasp breaths in trying to catch it. He sucked in a bit of oxygen before lifting his head gazing at his surroundings.

He had stopped by the pond that he would always visit to think or just wanted to be left alone. It has been his favorite spot for a long while. The pond quickly passed through his mind, however, as that wasn't his concern at the moment. He searched for any clue to what called him to this place, or who he thought had called him.

Every passing second he looked, he became worried, lost, and anxious. Why? His body slowly became limp, knees trembling, but he tried to remain balanced and standing. He clutched tightly at the cloth of his top with the other hand in a gentle fist under it. His blue bangs slightly overcast his orbs and hair gently brushed against his cheeks as he tilted his head a bit forward.


The boy twirled around in surprise and bit of shock. "Kai-kun!"

Kai eyed the younger boy from head to toe. It surprised him a little from seeing the outfit worn on Aichi, and at the same time relieved the boy had not been assaulted yet. Aichi's arms and legs were mostly exposed and he was barefoot. His clothing soaked and stuck to his skin, and almost seemed as if they were transparent. Such an act from Aichi he never expected- for him to leave home in such attire and in this bad weather. He knew that summer was very near and it had been getting warmer, but still.

Kai narrowed his eyes slightly gazing at the bluenet. A sneeze soon escaped from the shorter boy before Aichi hunched over wrapping himself. His whole body shivered and his lips trembled. Kai didn't need to mention about Aichi's attire to him for he already seemed regretful about it. He released a small sigh through his nostrils. He took one step forward, offering to share the space under his umbrella with him.

"Aichi, let's get you out of this rain," Kai said firmly, his tone inviting the youth to come along with him. As soon as Aichi got himself warmed up and dressed in dry clothes, Kai was going to make sure he knew what Aichi's reason was for being here.

Aichi nodded slightly, complying with the invite. He walked alongside Kai and made sure to stay close and not fall behind.

As the two walked further away from the pond, Aichi could only ponder. Did someone call him to come to this area from his comfortable bed? Was it someone that only he could hear? Whatever that entity was, it made him run to this spot in the park. If only he knew exactly what it was to ease his fears of insanity.