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It was a peaceful night for the small group of men bound for the Capitol. Rakan and Chigusa were snuggled against the giant black dog Kuro, the undying man holding the sanome boy in his arms, a contented smile gracing both of their features(much to Narushige's dismay). The Shigeka male draped a large blanket over the two sleeping figures, grateful the last village that gave them shelter were willing to give them such a warm gift.

He turned, ready to place the second blanket on the once blind numbered child when he realized the the other blonde was not in his designated sleeping space. His pale eyes darted around in search of the archer, quickly finding his some ten feet or so away from camp, his now seeing eyes sharp and alert, taking in all there was to see on the horizon. "Touno?"

The younger male started at his name, having been ripped from his thoughts. "Yes, Shigeka? What is it?" he asked, the slight distressed sound in his voice showing that his mind was filled with worry. The long haired male wandered over to his, eyes filled with concern.

"Tohji, is everything alright? You've been...rather quiet today. Is something on your mind?" he question, motioning for them to sit on a small boulder nearby. Nodding his head, the younger male sat down, hand tightly holding onto the lighted flower that was his family's name sake.

"I just...I don t know." he started, taking a deep breath as the Shigeka sat beside him. "I saw him...Kazuhi...he's my...my brother. He's alive. He fell down there...but he's alive. But he's not safe, is he? What if...what if something happens to him down there? What if nothing happens, and we meet? What do I say? What can we talk about? What if he loses a friend down there...will I be able to comfort him? He's so far away, and he might be in trouble...even so, should I be happy that I have a brother? Should I be sad? I just I don't-" and his voice left him, letting what he was saying trail off into the quiet night, tears of frustration threatening to push pass the border and onto his cheeks. He was so confused, and he didn't know what to-

Suddenly, he was pulled into a warm and caring embrace, Narushige's cheek resting upon his head as a blanket was pulled over the both of them. "You don't need to worry about that right now, Tohji." he said softly, pulling the other blonde closer still. "You have a brother. He's alive. And he's trying to make his way back to us. Back to you. That s all you need to think about right now."

And he was right. Thinking about those things...the most important things...they calmed him down, and cheered him up. "Thanks Shigek- Narushige." he said quietly, shiftingc only slightly so that he could better melt into the caring arms that cradled him so.

The older male just smiled. "You're welcome."

And there they rested. Not waking until the next morning when Rakan began making breakfast, their arms still entangling them to one another.