Hiya! So, this is my new fic. It's AU and kinda off of the actual characters in the story haha! I know this is so short but! it is only a little 'snippet' of what is to come :D This will be a chapter story, as to how long, I've no idea! [I have four chapters now but more to come!] Also, I do plan on writing a sequel to this particular fic...

My best friend wrote a story with the 'theme' that this one has taken. I got her permission to write it in my own way and she read over this and said it looked good .^-^ If you want to read her story it's at quizilla name is BlackxRosesxRed story is '[An Arranged Marriage] To My Best Friend's Boyfriend' She said I could post it if I said it was hers. ^-^

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"That's really great Yeah Alright, see you soon!" there was a alight click as the call ended and phone snapped shut. Shoving said phone into pocket, a newly 19 year old blonde ran the four blocks to the nearest bus stop. Once there, the blonde paced anxiously, waiting...

It felt like forever until...

"Deidara!" a voice yelled as a huge grin spread across his face.

"It took you long enough!" Deidara stated as he turned to his best friend. "You have no idea how much I missed you Ino!" he said hugging the other blonde.

Ino and Deidara have been best friends since they were two look related but can't be more different. They both had blonde hair and wore it in a pony tail with bangs coving one eye. The difference is Ino's hairis long and pulled into a whole pony and almost white blonde with bangs covering her right eye. Deidara's hair ends right under his shoulders with it half pulled up and his hair is a more yellow blonde with bangs covering his left eye.

"I heard you have something to tell me, yeah, Ino?" Deidara askes heading back home.

"I have great news, Dei!" Ino instantly perked up. "I have a boyfriend! And he's in a band!" she continued with a big grin.

"That's so cool! I wish I had a boyfriend," Deidara pouted. He was openly gay and Ino was actually the one to tell him

"I'm sure you will soon" she reassured, patting his arm.

Deidara smiled. "So tell me about this new guy."

"Well " Ino told Deidara all about it on their way home. Ino stayed for about an hour until she went home to see her mom. Later that night, Deidara was laying in bed thinking about what Ino told him.

"He's in a band called Akatsuki."

"Akatsuki That sounds familiar " he mumbled. Deidara roled off the bed and walked to his computer bringing up Google. He looked up the band but found nothing about them. With a big sigh, Deidara stood up and plopped back onto his bed thinking again.

"His name is Sasori. He has brown eyes that sometimes look grey. His hair is blood red and goes to his ears. Light pale skin with a super cool look, way better than Sasuke from primary school." Ino giggled at that and Deidara rolled his eyes at the old memory.

"Sasori " he closed his eyes imagining the red head. "Where have I heard about you before ?" Deidara pondered this question until he slowly drifted to sleep...

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