Chapter Once.

Hidden in the shadows, visible for only a few moments as the lights from the party flickered, a tall man with long hair stared a murderous gaze across the room. The music was so loud that only the pounding of the bass could be heard and numerous multicoloured lights flickered on and off. Even with all the motion of lights, dancing bodies and noise, the tall man could still focus his attention on the couple across the room. They lay on the couch together, both of them with such unique hair colour that they stood out easily. He watched them touched each other, and kiss. His hand curled tighter and tighter around his drink until finally, the glass shattered.

"Allen," Lavi whispered in the boys ear, as he hovered above him. "He's staring at us again."

The small boy of seventeen lifted his head from the couch slightly and looked around, unable to find his ex in the darkness.

"I can't see him."

"He's in the far corner."

The younger of the two craned his neck back and caught a glimpse of the scowling figure.

"Christ, he looks like a serial killer."

Lavi chuckled and buried his head into the soft skin of the boys neck.

"Hey, Allen."

"Hmm?" Allen murmured nuzzling his cheek against Lavi's hair.

"Let's give him something to look at." He whispered, planting small kisses along the others neck.

"Sure," Allen breathed.

He grabbed Lavi's hair pulling him up roughly and then smashed their lips together.

On the other side of the room, the glass shattered.

"Shit." Kanda grumbled, wiping the glass and blood from his hands down his jeans.

When he looked back up at the couple on the couch his ex had his eyes squeezed shut, his mouth slightly open, obviously panting. That damn redheaded bastard had his mouth attached to the boys chest, sucking and licking it. Kanda tuned away in disgusted, he hated seeing his property used by someone else. He stormed out of the house, the heavy bass beat and the loud chattering of idiots fading. Outside there were less people, and no one was having to shout over the music. Most people were standing in small groups, smoking cigarettes or passing a joint between themselves. He caught sight of a familiar figure and made his way through the crowd, not caring that he was shoving people out of the way.

"Kanda." Tyki nodded at him whist blowing a puff of smoke out the corner of his mouth. "Are you still fawning over that boy?"

"Fuck you, Mikk," Kanda said flippantly, positioning himself next to the tanned man, "Give me a smoke."

Tyki simple shrugged and handed over his quickly diminishing packet of cigarettes. Kanda simply pushed it aside which caused Tyki to raise an eye brow at him.

"That's not the smoke I mean," Kanda grumbled.

Tyki got the hint and dropped his cigarette, crushing it under foot. He then reached into the inside pocket of his jacket and pulled out a long thin joint. His stuck it in his lips and lit it up, inhaling deeply and holding it in before handing it over. Kanda practically snatched it from his hand and shoved it in his mouth, inhaling too much too quickly, he almost chocked. Knowing he would be forever shamed if he had a coughing fit, he held it in and very slowly let the smoke out.

"Fuck." Kanda said, immediately feeling the effects. "Where do you get this stuff?"

"My cousin, she's a very successful dealer." Tyki said grabbing the joint back. He took a few more puffs before handing it back to Kanda.

"So," Tyki started. "Are you still fawning over the boy?"

Kanda grumbled inwardly and gnawed on the end of the joint. Tyki winced knowing that it would now be wet and most unpleasant to smoke from.

"I'll take that as a yes then? How long were the two of you together anyway?"

"Almost three years."

"Three years?"


"But you're twenty-one correct?"


"And he's seventeen."


"Three years?"


"So… he was like… fourteen?"

"Yeah…" Kanda was quickly getting sick of this.

"Right… so do you miss him?"

Kanda sighed and let out another puff of smoke before passing the joint back.

"I don't really miss him, I just miss fucking him, but seeing him being touched by that… red… headed…THING! Ugh, it annoys me. The moyashi's my property."

"Let me help you out then." Tyki said with a sadistic smile. He threw his arm around Kanda's shoulders and flicked the roach away. "Is he drinking tonight?"

"No, he stopped drinking a month before we broke up."

"This will make things a little harder but it could still work."

"What are you on about?" Kanda said, shifting under the weight of Tyki's arm.

"What if I said I had a little something that would make the boy all yours? Hmm? Would you be interested?"

Kanda raised an eyebrow and motioned for him to continue.

"I have these." Tyki said with a smirk, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a little bottle of pills. "They dissolve instantly and will easily make the boy putty in your hands."

"Are you suggesting I date rape him?" Kanda said a little too loudly for Tyki's liking.

"Shhhhh! Jeez, Kanda show some tack. But basically yeah."

"You're twisted." Kanda said taking the bottle from his hand.

"And you're a sadistic bastard." Tyki replied, finally removing his arm from around Kanda's shoulders. He turned to walk away but before he disappeared completely he turned his head back and said, "Have fun."

Kanda looked down at the bottle and smirked, he most certainly would have fun.

Pulling away from the breath taking kiss Allen licked his lips and tasted scotch.

"Lavi, get me a drink."

Lavi didn't respond at first, inclining more towards covering Allen in more scotch flavoured kisses. When he broke the kiss he stared down at Allen with a sweet smile.

"Considering you're a recovering alcoholic I'd say it's a bad idea. Besides," He said with a smirk. "You're too young."

"Too young for what?" Allen said slyly, slipping his hand down Lavi's waist pants.

Lavi shuddered at the sudden touch and leaned down with a moan, burying his head in Allen's neck again. Allen slowly rubbed his hand up and down, between Lavi jeans and his boxers. The touch so gentle and slow that it was driving Lavi insane.

"Lavi," Allen whispered in his ear, stopping his movements. "Get me a drink."

Lavi whined when he stopped but kept his resolve.

"No." He said through shuddered breath.

"Please?" Allen whispered, moving his hand up and then down, before stopping once again.

"N-no." Lavi panted, his eyes squeezed shut.

"Fine." Allen said, removing his hand. "At least get me a coke or something."

Lavi stood up off the couch, swallowing thickly. He was trembling slightly and all he wanted to do was jump down on that figure and ravish him senseless. They had been together for close to three months and that was the first thing even remotely sexual Allen had done towards him. They had kissed, and touched, but anything that went lower than the waist Allen was quick to shy away from. Lavi blamed Kanda, Allen's sadistic ex, he didn't know the full story behind their relationship, but he did know that at times it had been abusive. The worst thing of all though, was that sometimes Lavi swore Allen missed the bastard.

"One coke coming up." Lavi said with a smile, even as his legs trembled.

He walked to the kitchen and pulled out the bottle of scotch he had hidden and poured an inch or two into a glass. He then topped it up with coke and poured another glass of just straight coke for Allen. He picked up the two drinks and turned around, running straight into someones chest. The drinks slopped over the edges and dribbled down his hands, he swore and looked up from the drinks to see who he had run into. Allen's ex glared back at him, looking up slightly as Lavi was taller, but still Lavi got the impression that he was being looked down on. Lavi raised himself higher and shoved passed him, grumbling about rude bastards, feeling eyes follow him as he left.

Behind him Kanda smiled evilly, making a drink of his own, using Lavi's scotch. He then went back to his corner across the room and waited for his opportunity.

"Here you go." Lavi said handing the coke to Allen who was now sitting up on the couch.

Allen grabbed the drink and sniffed it, a disappointed look spreading across his face when he couldn't smell any scotch. He shrugged and then threw his head back, draining the drink in seconds. Beside him Lavi took a small sip of his scotch and coke and then placed it down beside him on the floor. He was glad he did because moments after he set it down Allen launched himself at him, tackling him to the couch. He quickly seated himself on Lavi's stomach his knees on either side of his chest. He pressed Lavi down further into the couch, pinning him by his shoulders, before leaning forwards and smashing his lips to Lavi's.

Lavi had never felt such a powerful or dominating kiss in his life. Since Allen was usually the submissive type he was surprised, but happily so. He had never been the one on the bottom being crushed under someone else, but he was starting to think that maybe he would like it. He raised his hands and rested them on Allen's waist only to have them shoved back down and held in place. Lavi's body twitched in excitement and he let out a breathy moan as he felt Allen's tongue trace a line along his own. When the kiss was broken Lavi felt himself leaning up trying to recapture those lips. He opened his eyes slowly and looked up at Allen through a daze.

"Lavi." Allen said, leaning back slightly to apply pressure to Lavi's lower regions.

"Y-yes, Allen?" Lavi stuttered.

Allen rocked his hips and ground down further, causing Lavi to arch his back and bite his bottom lip. Allen leaned forward again, surrounding their faces in a fan of silky white hair. Their breath mingled as Allen leaned down so close that his lips hovered precariously close to Lavi's.

"I'm ready," He nipped Lavi's lips lightly before moving down even lower to whisper into Lavi's ear. "Let's go home to bed, and stay up all night."

Lavi didn't need to ask, he knew exactly what Allen was implying. He swallowed again, wondering if he had the self control to wait until they got back to the house. It was becoming increasingly difficult as Allen continued to rock his hips back a forth. He knew if he didn't get up now, he wouldn't be able to.

"S-sure Allen, just let me get my stuff from the kitchen."

Allen planted another tiny kiss on Lavi's lips before sitting up and moving off of him.

"Be quick." Allen said with a smirk.

Lavi nodded and stood up, he stumbled towards the kitchen and disappeared from sight. Allen leaned back on the couch with a dreamy smile on his face. He was so glad that he had met Lavi, his life had only gotten better since he had met the eccentric red head. He thought back to a few months ago and laughed about how never in a million years would he have thought he would be this happy. Meeting Lavi, breaking up with Kanda, moving in with Lavi, it was all perfect and Allen couldn't help but think that finally his life was beginning.

He moved forward on the couch until he was sitting just on the edge, and spied Lavi's abandoned glass. He looked around for Lavi but he was no where in sight. He figured just one drink wouldn't hurt, besides he had been so good over the past couple of months, hadn't touched a drop of alcohol. He picked it up and cheersed himself, and his new life, before throwing the drink back and emptying it in seconds. He set the empty glass down with a smile feeling a little light headed, after all if had been months since he had had a drink. It was sure to affect him more than it use to.

Kanda couldn't help but smile when he saw Allen throw back not only his own drink, but Lavi's too. He didn't know which drink belonged to the Moyashi when he ran into that red headed moron, so he simply slipped a pill into both. Either way it was a win for him. If he drugged Lavi too, then he wouldn't have to worry about the idiot walking in on anything. But when the Moyashi picked up the second drink and downed it as well, giving himself a double dose, Kanda couldn't help but think this whole thing was meant to be. And he had the perfect window before him, Allen had taken two lots, plus some alcohol, Lavi was gone, now he just had to wait for the effects to kick in and snatch the Moyashi away.

The Moyashi was sitting back on the couch with a stupid smile on his face when the drugs kicked in. It was obvious by his change of expression, he was smiling happily and in a second the expression dropped. His face literally dropped and his eyes drooped. He brought up a hand and rubbed it over his eyes, and then dropping his hand blinked rapidly. He shuffled to the edge of the couch and leaned forward, holding his head in hands, breathing deeply. He swayed back and forth on the couch and then stumbled to his feet. He swayed more on the spot and then stumbled off, down the hallway, obviously headed for the bathroom. Kanda watched, smiling the whole time, and when the Moyashi stumbled off, he drank the rest of his drink and followed.

The Moyashi was slumped against the wall, dragging himself along on unsteady feet, when Kanda caught up to him. He opened closed doors along the way, finding a closet and the laundry before he opened a door that revealed a messed up bed. He grabbed the Moyashi by his shoulders and pulled him into the room easily. He stumbled in the darkness, arms flailing and his hands opening and closing as if trying to grasp something. Kanda closed the door and turned to his Moyashi, who was still stumbling in the dark and mumbling incoherently. It was all to easy for Kanda to push him towards the bed. He stumbled over and crashed down on it, face first, and was still.

Kanda walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed. He ran his hand lightly over the boys body, relishing the feeling. It had been four months since he had touched that body and he didn't want to admit it freely but he really did miss the boy and not just his body. Mostly his body though, he slipped his hand under the sleeping boys shirt and kneaded his fingers into the soft white flesh beneath it. His whole body was completely smooth with only a small patch of pubic hair. The rest of his body however, was smooth and hairless. Although he was still young Kanda knew he would be like this his whole life, completely smooth, and he loved it. He felt himself become aroused and stood up, stripping off his shirt, quickly followed by his jeans.

"Fuck off, Tyki!" Lavi yelled, turning away from him.

He was sick of this bastard and wish he had never met him years ago. He had gone to the kitchen to grab his bottle of scotch and his jacket which he had shoved in a random kitchen cupboard when he had arrived. While he was leaning over and fishing for his belongings Tyki had come up and grabbed him from behind. Then he refused to fuck off, or to let Lavi leave.

"Come on Lavi," Tyki said, sliding his hands around Lavi's waist. "You can't say you never think about me."

"Only when I shudder in disgust." He said while slapping the older mans hands off of him.

His hands disappeared and Lavi started to walk away only for Tyki to link his arms around his chest, nuzzling into his neck.

"Don't you ever think about that one time?" He said, licking the edge of his ear lightly.

Lavi shuddered and elbowed him in the stomach, forcing him away.

"It was one measley blow job three years ago Tyki."

"And didn't it help you discover you sexuality." Tyki purred, grabbing Lavi's arse sharply. "You should thank me for that."

Lavi jumped and turned back to Tyki, pushing him away roughly.

"You're right, it did help me, it lead me to Allen, who I came here with and who I'm leaving with."

"Are you so sure about Allen? I mean he was in a relationship for almost three years, his first love, you don't think that he's forgotten about Kanda do you. I bet he aches for him constantly."

"You're wrong!" Lavi yelled, "Allen hates that bastard, he was an abusive, self centred arse hole."

"We'll see," Tyki said with a smirk before turning and walking away.

Lavi shuddered again, still feeling where those sleazy arms had wrapped around him. He shrugged on his jacket, shoving the bottle of scotch in a pocket, and making his way back to the lounge room where he had left Allen. He walked back to the couch but found it empty. He sat down with a sigh, figuring Allen had just gone off to the bathroom or to say good bye to someone. He cursed himself for taking so long, and being so easily distracted by Tyki. He pulled the bottle of scotch from his pocket and took a swig.

The last thing Allen could remember was feeling sick and getting up to go the bathroom. He came to slowly, fading in and out, the moment he thought he was conscious, he would slip back under again. He caught things in snatches, stumbling around, being pushed, falling over, and a long darkness. He woke up to distant pain, and rapid movements from behind. He then realised what was happening and tried to move. His body disobeyed him and refused to move. He let out a small whimper, the only thing he could manage. The thrusting only began to come faster and harder, the pain increasing, breaking through the fog.

He wondered briefly if it was Lavi thrusting into him. He doubted it however as he liked to think that Lavi wouldn't be so rough, and wouldn't do this to him while he was so obviously out of it. He whined again, trying to speak, to tell the person behind him to stop. He couldn't talk, let only scream like he wanted to. He managed to turn his head slightly, hoping to catch a glimpse of whoever it was that was behind him. He caught sight of a silhouette but it was too dark for him to make out the features. He squinted his eyes trying to focus, but the silhouette reached down and pushed a hand to the back of his head, forcing his face back down into the mattress. His body slid forward, the person behind him following him forward until his head started to bash against the wall. The thumping of his head against the wall matching the thrusts from behind him.

He felt himself start to cry, wishing that all of this would just go away, and turn out to be a bad dream. As his consciousness failed him once again, he clung to his hopes that it was all just a very bad dream.

It was better than he remembered. It could have been that it had been four months, or it could be the fact that he was so limp. Either way, Kanda was having some of the best sex he had had for the past three years. The only time he could think of that was better than this, was the first time he had taken Allen, when they had first gotten together.

"F-fuck." He stuttered out, gripping the boys hips and raising his lower half up more. The friction of the new position causing him to moan loudly.

He stopped thrusting and slipped out of the Moyashi's tight opening. He could feel himself coming close to his end, and he didn't want it to end so quickly. He shuddered at the cold air that touched his heated erection. He wiped his sweaty forehead, whilst trying to control his breathing. Leaning forward he rubbed his hands over his Moyashi's smooth and equally as sweaty skin. He hadn't realised how much he had missed this sensation, this friction, and the feel of his skin.

He was just about to push himself back in again when the door to the room flew open. Kanda jerked his head up and looked to the silhouette in the doorway. Leaning heavily in the doorway, with a half empty bottle of scotch in his hand was Lavi. He was half drunk and as he took in the scene before him, Kanda saw a number of emotions flash across his face. There was hurt, confusion, the look of betrayal and finally, anger. Kanda smirked at him whilst leaning down and planting a kiss on the bare back of the Moyashi, right between the shoulder blades. He flashed Lavi another smirk before pushing his way back into the Moyashi. Another whimper of pain escaped the boys lips, a noise that could easily be mistaken for pleasure.

Lavi obviously took it to be a whimper of pleasure, as he walked away, slamming the door behind him. Kanda grinned and began to thrust rapidly again. Just when he thought his night couldn't get any better, he was positive that he had just ruined the Moyashi's relationship with the idiotic redhead. He leaned forward and wrapped his arms around the Moyashi's chest, drawing him up and placing him on his lap. The Moyashi's eyes fluttered open for a moment, before closing again, another groan slipping from his lips.

Yes, to Kanda, this night really couldn't get any better.

He woke clouded in pain and shivering from the cold. There was a pounding in his head that seemed to be in rhythm to the throbbing in his lower half. He couldn't figure out what had happened, the last thing he remembered was lying on the couch with Lavi, suggesting that they make Kanda jealous. Shifting his position slightly he felt a sharp pain tear through his body, the motion leaving him shuddering and breathless. He closed his eyes and pushed his face into the mattress, trying to piece together what exactly had happened. He lay there for over an hour slowly piecing the night together. The sudden feeling of sickness he felt, the stumbling, and then, the assault, the rape by the unknown person. He pushed his head further into the mattress and started to cry.

He clawed at his head, his chest, his stomach, trying to scrub away the disgusting feeling he felt. His thighs rubbed together and he felt an unpleasantly familiar sticky feeling. He curled up, ignoring the pain it caused through his body. The smell of sex and blood invading his senses, blood that he knew had come from him. Shuddering he dragged his fingers over the skin of his arms, the skin tearing and adding the smell of fresh blood to the air. Pushing his head further into the mattress, he started to scream, tears pouring down his face. Lavi, he wanted Lavi, he wanted to fall into his embrace and cry his eyes out, letting Lavi comfort him like he knew he would. Lavi wouldn't judge him, think him dirty, he knew Lavi would comfort him in this time.

It was this thought that lead him to push his pain wracked body up from the bed. Standing he slowly shuffled around the room, locating his clothes and putting them on with a wince. Luckily his wallet was still in the back pocket of his jeans, meaning he still had his bus pass and could get home. When dressed, although dishevelled he slowly limped his way out of the room. Outside of the room it was bright, and it didn't help his already disorientated mind. Everything around him seemed distant and he knew that as he walked he was slumped and that his mouth hung open slightly. His head spun and he had to use to the wall to keep himself up right.

He made his way out into the living room, multiple figures were passed out on the floor. Doing a quick scan of the room he determined Lavi wasn't there and must have gone home. Making his way out of the room he had to wonder where Lavi had gone, and why he had left him. After piecing his thoughts together earlier, and remembering his moments with Lavi, he found it truly hard to believe that Lavi would have just left him. He pressed a hand to his head and let himself out of the house. Still limping he made his way up to the closest bus stop and waited, the thoughts of the previous night making his head pound. He tried his hardest to hold himself together, but it was twenty-five minutes until the next bus out of the suburb. Slumping against the bench at the bus stop, his head fell into his hands, and he let himself cry.

It had taken him almost two hours to get back to the house he shared with Lavi. He had to catch two different buses, waiting ten minutes for a connection, and then take a five minute walk to the house up a side street. However what was usually a five minute walk quickly tuned into fifteen as he was walking with a limp, and the pain of it made him stop, and pull himself together every few metres. When the house they shared came into sight he started to shuffle forward faster, he wanted nothing more than to fall into Lavi's arms and cry his eyes out. He wanted to cry for what had happened to him, and cry because of the strain it would now put on their relationship. He didn't want to loose Lavi, he was the one good thing that had happened in his fucked up life in a long time. He even managed to smile as he opened the front gate, craving the comfort to come.

When he reached the front door he fumbled in his pockets trying to find his keys. But when he looked down he saw a very familiar pair of bags sitting by the doorsteps. There were pieces of clothing sticking out every which way, some caught in the zipper. The bags belonged to him and he recognised the clothing as his own. He searched for his keys even more desperately, checking every pocket he had, more than once.

When the keys did not appear he shuffled towards the door and pounded on it.

"Lavi!" He called out, bashing the door with feeble fists once again. "LAVI!"

He leant his head against the door, feeling the tears force their way out once again. He bashed against the door continuously, sniffling, feeling like he was about to slump down against the door and pass out.

The door opened and he stumbled forward, crashing into someone who quickly pushed him away. Looking up through bleary eyes, he took in the sight of a very dishevelled Lavi.

"Lavi." He chocked.

"I can't believe you." Lavi slurred. He stumbled backwards, grabbing the edge of the door to stop himself from falling over.

"L-Lavi, I, can't… I can't remember everything. Something bad happened, and, I can't think straight, and… Lavi, please help me." Allen said pleading.

"That's bull shit, you knew exactly what you were doing." Lavi slurred.

"I don't, I don't know exactly…W-what h-happened. Please Lavi." He said reached out to embrace him, only to have his hands pushed away.

"How can you not remember, when you didn't have a drink all night!"

"I dunno, but I don't, Lavi please!" He pleaded crying once again.

"You were just using me weren't you? You just needed a place to stay didn't you. Fuck you, Allen!"

"Please." He chocked. "Please Lavi, it was really bad and… I… I need you, please."

Lavi simple stepped back, gripping the door tightly.

"I don't ever want to see you again." He whispered, looking down, and then, he shut the door.

Allen felt his whole world shatter as the door closed and locked in front of him. He leant forward letting his head thump against the wood. He cried out, shrieked, and bashed his head and hands against the wooden door. He screamed and begged, calling out for Lavi, the skin on his knuckles splitting open, spilling blood. He pounded at the door for what felt like hours, and still there was no response. Eventually he turned away from the door, leaving his bags exactly where they were.

Stumbling out onto the street he started to walk with no destination. He had no where to go, no where he wanted to go. He knew of only one place where he had a chance of being let in. Grudgingly he made his way back to the bus stop, back to the bus that would take him back to Kanda.

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