My only friend, the end.

With one finally shudder and a content sigh, Kanda let his body relax and fall forward. He let his head rest against his lovers chest as he regained his breath. He rubbed his cheek against the flesh he loved so much before forcing his exhausted body up. HIs Moyashi stared up at the ceiling and he didn't move even when Kanda leaned forward and kissed him. He didn't move when Kanda forced his tongue in, or even when he bit into the soft flesh of his lip. Kanda pulled back, his lip still clamped between his teeth. He let his lip go eventually which slapped back to it's rightful place.

Sitting back on his hunches he looked down at the Moyashi's motionless body and felt a small chuckle escape. He slapped him lightly across the face and watched as he head simple rolled to the side and rolled back again. He couldn't believe that the Moyashi had kept up his blank act for so long. Still it was fun for him, he found it fun figuring out new things to do to see if the Moyashi would react. He was constantly thinking up new things. His Moyashi had three new piercings in his left ear and he didn't even filch when Kanda pushed the pins through his ear. He took to randomly slapping and punching him, hoping to get some kind of response, but received nothing. He tried being rougher than usual during sex, and didn't even get a peep out of him. And that was just the tip of the ice berg.

Shuffling backwards, Kanda pulled out at lasted and then slid his arms underneath his Moyashi, pulling him up to embrace him. He wasn't too bothered that the others arms didn't reach up to embrace him back. He was sure he just needed to teach the Moyashi basic functions and it would all be alright. Drawing the body close, Kanda kissed the side of his neck before resting his head against his shoulder.

"I love you," he whispered, kissing him again.

Kanda gentle rearranged the body until he was sitting up and then removed himself from the bed.

"Are you hungry?" Kanda asked, getting himself dressed.

He laughed when he didn't receive a reply, but he didn't expect one. It had only been two days, but he was already getting use to the new silent Moyashi. He'd get him moving again eventually. But until then, he dressed himself and then dressed the Moyashi. Sliding his arms underneath the Moyashi's legs and back, he lifted him gently and made his way down the stairs. He was careful not to jostle him too much, but then wondered what the Moyashi would do if he dropped him down the stairs. Before he knew it he let his arms down and the Moyashi fell from his arms. He tumbled over and down before hitting the bottom and sliding across the floor.

His arm was folding across his back and one of his legs was twisted back so that his heel almost touched his buttocks. And still he did not make a noise.

Kanda scoffed and padded down the stairs. He picked his Moyashi back up and made he way to the kitchen.

He set the Moyashi down at the kitchen bench and set to get him a drink. Vodka, straight, in a tall glass. He set the glass in front of his Moyashi and turned back to the fridge. Opening it he stared at the contents trying to figure out whether he should cook something or just reheat some left overs. Picking through the fresh produce, Kanda decided that something fresh and light would be best for his Moyashi at the moment. He wasn't looking his best, and his stomach seemed a little bloated. Maybe a garden salad would be best.

"Salad sound good for you?" Kanda asked, grabbed some vegetables out of the fridge.

He went back and forth between the fridge and the counter a few times until he had everything he needed. He lay everything out and started cutting everything up, spreading everything out evenly into two bowls. When he was done, he covered what ever wasn't used and put it back in the fridge. He then picked up the two bowls, a fork in each, and headed over to the kitchen counter. Placing one of the bowls in front of the Moyashi he noticed he hadn't touched his drink.

"Not drinking any more?" Kanda asked, stabbing his fork into a cherry tomato.

He bit into the tomato and picked the glass up.

"I'm glad, the drinking isn't good for you, and I don't think you need it anymore."

He tipped the alcohol into the sink and rinsed the glass out before turning back to the Moyashi and the salad. He ate a few more mouthfuls and looked up.

"Not hungry?" Kanda asked, noticing the untouched second bowl, "I know it's not what you usually like to eat but I think it's best for you at the moment?

He reached over to the Moyashi's bowl and speared a stick of carrot, bringing it up to the Moyashi's lips. He pushed it against his lips and trying to force it into his mouth.

"Just one bite?" he asked, sounding almost sad.

He dropped the fork with a sigh and ate the carrot himself. He focused on his own salad for awhile, feeling a little miserable for the first time of the Moyashi's state. He liked the Moyashi compliant, but he didn't like it if he wouldn't eat. He'd have to figure something out soon, as the Moyashi refused to eat yesterday as well.

He was drawn from his thoughts by a knock at the door. With a growl he set his fork down and went to answer. He kissed the Moyashi briefly on the lips and whispered that he would be right back before he left though.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Kanda spat as he answered the door.

"Haven't seen you for awhile," Tyki said with a shrug, forcing his way in the door like he always did.

"I thought it was obvious I didn't want to see you again after what you did last time."

"Hey man, you dumped your problem on me and I just wasn't interested in watching your slave. Did you find him by the way?"

"Yes I did," he hissed, "And we're in the middle of lunch, so if you would just fuck off."

Kanda turned to walk away but Tyki followed and continued to talk.

"I was just wondering if you heard about what happened to Lavi, and what is that smell?" Tyki said, walking into the kitchen.

"No, what happened to that idiot? And I asked that because that's what you expect but I really don't give a shit."

"He was attacked in his house, stabbed."

"Good," Kanda huffed returning to his salad across from the Moyashi.

"He's alright, for now."

"Not good."

"Apparently there was someone else there, other than the person who stabbed him of course."

"Sure it wasn't you? Did you go there for a quick fuck and then run off when things got a bit rough?"

Tyki went to retort, but something else was bothering him.

"Seriously, what is that smell?"

"What smell?" Kanda said, stabbing his fork into his salad once again.

"It smells like road kill. Is there a dead mouse in here?"

"I keep a clean house, there are no mice. Now get out."

"Not yet, I was to ask you about Lavi."

"What about him?" Kanda spat.

"Did you have something to do with it?" Tyki asked moving further into the kitchen and apparently closer to the smell.

"No," Kanda said, and he said it so simple with out any hesitation that for a moment Tyki believed him.

He didn't know what to do so he observed Kanda for a moment, thinking on how to approach the subject. Kanda finished off his salad and took the bowl to the sink, rinsed it out and returned to his Moyashi. Seeing that he still had not eaten anything, Kanda tried once again to force in passed his lips. He kept trying to push the food in, but just managed to get the food all down the Moyashi's front. Grabbing a napkin, Kanda wiped down his chin and neck, and started again, with something different.

"What're you doing?" Tyki asked, eyeing the slumped figure from behind as Kanda seemingly mushed food into his face.

"The Moyashi wont eat, I'm trying to get him to eat something."

"Probable broke his jaw," Tyki mumbled to himself moving around the counter to stand beside Kanda.

Once he did he realised where the smell was coming from.

"Oh you poor creature," he whispered, "You poor pitiful creature."

"What the hell are you mumbled?" Kanda asked, still trying to force a tomato in his Moyashi's mouth.

"Kanda," Tyki said, stepping back in repulsion, "He's dead."


"Kanda, he's fucking dead, he's decomposing I can smell it."

"Are you retarded?" Kanda stated.

"How can you not see this he's dead!"

"Moyashi, tell this idiot how much of an idiot he is."

Of course the Moyashi said nothing, because he was as Tyki stated, dead.

"Go on, you can go back to being a mute once you tell him off."

Kanda dropped the fork and reached across the counter to cup the still and cold face.

"Come on Moyashi, just one peep," he said, starting to sound more and more desperate.

He shook the cold face from side to side, bring his own face forward to rest against his for head.

"Say something," he chocked.

"I came he to confront you about what you did to Lavi, "Tyki whispered, "Maybe even beat you up a little, but, you've hurt yourself more than anything I could do."

Kanda had managed to pull the body across the counter and was holding him close to his chest, his chin resting on dirty tangled locks.

"This isn't real," Kanda whispered as he rocked the body, tears slipping down his face, "This isn't real."

Tyki, not know what else to do, stepped forward a tried to lay a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"Don't touch him!" Kanda snarled, backing away from Tyki's touch.

"I wasn't going to, but Kanda…"

"Get out!"

"Kanda you can't just…"

"I said get you! Get out! Get out, get out, get out!"

Tyki scampered out of the house and slammed the door shut behind him, the sound of a mechanical lock ringing out. Once out side he was slightly surprised by just how normal everything outside was. The sun was out, it was a night day, people walked passed the house and looked so normal, not one stopping to give him a glance. Tyki reached a hand into his pocket and drew out a cigarette trying to calm his nerves, but at every second the vision of that dead body flashed across his mind.

Those eyes, slightly open with a sliver of pure white showing, that partially open mouth, Tyki could see the tip of his tongue poking out. It was the thought of the dry end of his tongue the make Tyki's stomach clench and for a moment he really thought he was going to throw up. He fought back the sickness by inhaling large amounts of nicotine, it helped a little, but not enough when he swore he could hear desperate sobs coming from inside the house. He walked away from the front door and tried to ignore the sounds.

Kanda was a dick, but he was still his friend, in a way. He had to do something for him.

There was nothing to do, but call the police, and tell them that his friend had a dead body in his house.

'How could this happen?' Kanda thought as he sobbed.

The Moyashi was fine when he brought him home, he was awake in the car, he was awake when he pulled him indoors. He remembered the way he cried when he showed him the new security on the door. After that… he had dragged him up to bed, and tried talking to him, but the Moyashi wouldn't talk to him, he didn't even cry any more. He didn't do anything, just stared up at the ceiling. And that… that angered him, he just wanted the Moyashi to look at him. But he wouldn't so he hit him, and then, he still wouldn't look at him. So he started to chock him, his hands were around his neck and squeezing and he just wanted a sound to escape his mouth. A chock, a cry, a gurgle, something! But nothing happened so he squeezed tighter, he squeezed until his arms were stiff and sore and his fingers had clamped. And then what?

He went to sleep, and when he woke up , the Moyashi was still ignoring him, but he found he didn't mind as much.

And that was it… he, he had killed him. It was his fault he had killed his Moyashi.

He did it, he killed the one he loved, he killed his reason for living.

With unrestrained tears he picked his Moyashi up from the kitchen counter and held him close. He slowly made his way back up stairs to their bedroom. He lay his Moyashi down on the bed and ran his fingers through his hair, along his cheeks and down his neck. His skin still felt so wonderful to him, but now that he knew, he could feel it wasn't right. This wasn't real, it wasn't right, there was no reason to live if his Moyashi wasn't with him.

He lay down beside him, and drew him close, burring his face into his lovers cold hard chest. His tears soaking into his clothes.

"Allen," he whispered.

Tyki was on his eleventh cigarette when the police turned up. And It only took them a few minutes. Of course he expected a quick response when he said he's friends had a decomposing body in his house that he was most likely the cause of. He was still in a small state of shock when an officer approached him from his seating position in the gutter. They asked him questions while the others approached the door. He felt sick, he wasn't to leave, why didn't he just didn't call and then leave.

He didn't know how long he sat there. However long it took him to smoke an entire packet of cigarettes.

When a different officer approached and lead him away, he knew it was bad news.

Cracking his eyes open, Lavi groaned at the light and shut them again. He tried to roll over to get away from the light but moving caused another groan as an even worse pain made itself known in his stomach. It hurt it really, really, hurt. So he groaned a bit more, trying to figure out why his stomach hurt so much. And then it came back to him.

He shot up and immediately regretted it as hot searing pain shot through his stomach. He wrapped his arms around his stomach and tried to focus. Where was he? Where was Allen?

"Lavi," someone called to him softly.

He recognised the voice, so Lavi forced himself to open his eyes.

"T-Tyki?" He groaned, his eyes almost focusing on the man seated beside him. "What're you doing here?" he asked through a hiss of pain. "No wait, I don't care, where's Allen?"

"You should lay back down, Lavi," Tyki said.

"No," Lavi said, still clenching his teeth, "Where's Allen, what happened."

He struggled to stay up right and even tried to get out of the bed. He was easily pushed back down when Tyki got up and pushed him back down. He hissed again at the force and the pain, he hated how weak he was at the moment. That didn't stop him from struggling.

"Let me go, you bastard!"

"Calm down!"

"NO! Let me go! Where is Allen?!"

"He's dead, Lavi!"

That stopped him instantly He fell back on the bed, his limbs all loose and his dwindling strength completely leaving him.

"W-what? When? How?"

"Kanda, he strangled him. The same night he stabbed you."

"That bastard," Lavi hissed, trying to force his way up again. In vain as Tyki easily held him down. "I'm going to kill him."

"He's dead too."

"Good! I hope he fucking suffered. How'd he die? I hope it was fucking painful."

"He killed himself. Stabbed himself in the heart."

"That's too good for him, he should have suffered more. That bastard, he killed Allen. Allen deserved to live, he deserved a better life. Shit.. he's dead… he's really fucking dead."

As Lavi started to cry, he let Tyki wrap his arms around him and comfort him.

"Shh," Tyki said, rocking the sobbing man, "I'm here for you."

He kissed the crown of Lavi's head and rocked him. He couldn't help the smile that broke out on his face, as Lavi let him comfort him. Maybe something good could come from the tragedy, maybe it was the final push Lavi needed to finally accept Tyki's feelings. After all, Tyki couldn't live without his Lavi.



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