Chapter 2- The worst day ever

By the time Harry, Ron and Hermione got to the Great Hall it was already half full. They sat down opposite Neville Longbottom, a fellow Gryffindor.

"Potions was tough today wasn't it" Neville told them. They nodded and Ron took a big spoonful of mashed potatoes and dumped it on his plate, Hermione gave him a strange look.

"What I'm hungry" Ron responded while eating a sausage. Harry shrugged as Ron looked at him; Harry had also taken a spoonful of mashed potatoes but not as much.

Lunch went far too quickly for their liking and was mostly spent in the library doing their extra-long essay Professor Snape had given them. Hermione had finished hers but Harry and Ron were struggling to get even two inches.

"Can't we just copy yours?" Ron asked Hermione with large puppy dog eyes.

"No you cannot" she replied "How would you learn? Besides Snape would know it was copied" She left the library without another word.

Harry and Ron left the library ten minutes later and walked over to the greenhouses for Herbology and saw Hermione already standing outside the door stiff with anger.

"Will you check my homework then" Ron asked her, Hermione agreed to Harry's amazement.

Professor Sprout came out of greenhouse three when the rest of the class joined them.

"Over to greenhouse three today" She told them all, "Careful of the tentacular they have just moved onto fresh meat and I haven't fed them yet. Now onto what you'll be doing today, you will be doing a little test today." Everybody moaned except Hermione. "Nothing to worry about it's just to see how much you've learnt. Everyone please get into groups of four please."

Harry, Ron and Hermione joined Neville and they went through the door Professor Sprout pointed to. For the next hour they had to dodge the venomous tentacular plants, open large flour leaves which when opened attracted a lot of unwanted attention from large brown bee likes creatures. Harry, by the end of the lesson was scratched, beaten and had a large puffy eye. Harry quickly went to the hospital wing along with a few others from his class who were looking just as bad.

Madam Pomfrey wasn't pleased when she saw how many people had been injured but quickly patched everyone up in the blink of an eye.