Arya pulled into an empty parking space in front of the clinic and turned the engine off. She checks her wrist watch. There is still 15 minutes before her appointment.

"Stupid Joffrey!" she steps out of the car with a groan. He is the reason I'm here. She pulls a cigarette and a lighter from her bag, wondering what Sansa sees in that twat.

There's a stone bench in front of a short hedge along the walk to the clinic and she sits herself there, placing the cigarette between her lips. She flicks at the lighter a few time, but it won't strike.

"Ugh!, Bloody hell! Come on!" she mutters through the cigarette, shaking the small plastic lighter and trying again.


"Screw you!" she tosses it on the floor, slamming her boot over it several times until she hears it break.

Get a fucking grip Arya. Her eyes fall close and she takes in several long, deeps breaths.

"Here." a male voice startles her. It's a guy; sat himself besides her on the bench, hand stretched towards her with a silver lighter resting on his palm.

She steals a quick glance over his face before she snatches the lighter. "Thanks." she mumbles as she lights her cigarette. Two deep drags and the tip of her cigarette lights to life. Arya closes her eyes and exhales.

When the guys pulls out his own pack, Arya tossed him the lighter. They sit in comfortable silence for a few minutes. Smoking a cigarette with a stranger has always been a silly wish of hers and it is as pleasant as she imagined it would be.

"So . . . why are you here, at the Anger and Stress Clinic?" he tapped the ashes off his cigarette, breaking the silence. A thin stream of smoke streams out of his lips, and he swats at it with his free hand.

Arya turns on the bench and straddles it, so that her body to faces him.

"I really had no choice. My father." she takes another deep drag before failing at a smoke ring. "You?"

"No choice either. My father as well." he declares sourly.

"Yeah... Dad's duck." she croaks, bringing a smile from the guy.

He puffs out a row of almost perfect smoke rings, shooting a small cocky smile her way. Arya rolls her eyes and shoves his shoulder playfully.

He chuckles. "So what did you do, to make your dad leave you no other choice?"

Arya's gaze falls and her foot starts toying with the plastic pieces of the broken lighter.

At first, Arya didn't want to tell him. Admitting she couldn't control herself, felt, in a way, as though she was admitting that everything everyone said was true.

But then she thought, this guy is here too. Were on the same boat. She finally raises her eyes to meet his and catches him staring at her face. He has very blue eyes; a nice contrast with his dark hair. For a second, he looks almost embarrassed to be caught staring.

"I... sort of almost beat my sister's boyfriend to death."

He huffs out, but Arya isn't sure if it is a chuckle or a gasp.

"He had it coming, I mean, you should have seen how he left my best mate Mycah."

Lighter guy raises an eyebrow with shock, but smiles. "Do you think it was right though, to take matters into your own hands?"

She was about to say yes, but then she thought about it. Actually thought about it.

"No." she admitted honestly.

He smiles and drops his cigarette to the floor.

"When you go in there, talk to them." he tells her. "Actually talk to them."

Arya grimaced. "What does that even mean?" she asks bitterly.

"A lot of people don't open up right away when it comes to places like this... cause, well, who wants to tell some random stranger their shit, right...but the sooner you admit your faults... the sooner you open up, the sooner you'll be done with this place. When you go in there, just open up to them, like you just did with me. Just . . . talk to them."

"They are random strangers! Pompous ones too. How can anyone expect you to open up to a stranger?"

"I'm a random stranger; you opened up to me."

Arya chuckles mirthlessly with a roll of her eyes and flicks her cigarette to the floor as she stands. "You're right." she snaps curtly. "You are a stranger." She twists her boot over the cigarette and spares him a last glance. "I guess I'll see ya."

With the she turns and makes her way to the clinic.

They give her some forms to fill out and ask her to wait until her name is called. When they finally call her, she is led down a hall and into a large, paneled office with a large window overlooking a garden.

There are a couple of sofas along the walls and a chair opposite the desk, where she sits to wait.

I'm only suppose to be here for one hour, she reminds herself as she checks the time on her wrist watch.

I can survive an hour.

A side door opens, and to her surprise, lighter guy walks in.

Arya's brows furrow. "What are you doing here?"

He seems only mildly surprised to see her as he crossed to her; a stupid smile stretched across his face, and holds his hand out for her to shake.

"I'm Gendry Baratheon." his smile turns into a grin. "Your doctor."


I'm already writing that Stark girl, and I'm nowhere near the end of that one, but i just had this crazy idea for this story, so here is a little preview. I'll probably start proper work on it when i finish that Stark girl.