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Draconis: You'll see, this is an idea I came up with virtually on the fly. This lemon takes place in an alternate universe and is neither from the MMA Kenshin storyline, or the Gangster one shot AU.

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Negima Springfield and Kuroshi Lemons

Chapter 26

The Lucky Locker.

Draconis: This is also a crossover chapter, if you know where one of the girls comes from. Begin!


In the afternoon at the Mahokai(1 ) High School. In the girl's locker room, locked behind one of the lockers stood one, resident target, Kuroshi Tsuki Kenshin. I say target because the jocks of the high school seemed to love fucking with him at every opportunity. He was by no means a weakling, but numbers always beat him when it came down to it. Which was the reason why he was currently crammed into one of the lockers.

You see Kenshin is a little bit popular with some of the ladies that the jocks wanted to date i.e. get into the pants of. Namely, Negi Springfield, His twin sister Yukari Tsuki, his little sister Miyuki Tsuki, as well as members of the various sports teams, such as the biathlon, kendo, and martial arts teams. While his friend whom people had often commented was his twin brother, Luka was popular with some of the others. Namely the purple haired martial artist regional champion, with a massive perverted streak Alma Elma, as well as the two time kendo champion, a girl named Granberia. Kenshin had long suspected that former of the two was rubbing off on his friend.

Kenshin had met them both. He thought Granberia was pretty cool, as he had seen her fight. Alma Elma made it a point to come on to him every time they met. Luka told him just to shrug it off, that she did that to everyone, boys and girls alike. He had also met a few of his other friends, a blue haired girl named Erubetie who mainly kept to herself, but had concerns about the environment. Tamamo, who was actually good friends with one of his best friends, Sheena. And lastly Alice who was supposedly related to the co-coach of the kendo team, alongside Eishun Konoe. A man who he didn't see eye to eye with from time to time, Shin Tatsu. Luka and the aforementioned five stuck together usually while Kenshin and his friends did their own thing.

But anyway. The jocks, hoping to get Kenshin into deep shit with both the principal and his parents crammed him into the girl's locker room locker and took off. It was already after school and he was sure someone would come looking for him eventually, right?...right?

Kenshin dusted off his black jacket and checked his pockets for the umpteenth time for his phone before realizing again that the jocks threw his phone in the trash. He sighed to himself as he kicked off his sneakers. He had been in this damn locker for over an hour now. He stuffed his hands into the pockets of his blue jeans. "Damn those assholes, what the hell did I do to them?" Kenshin froze as he heard someone coming in.

Peering through the holes in the locker door he saw someone walk in. She had long blonde hair, deep teal eyes, tan skin wearing a cheerleader's uniform. She had rather large breasts. She was accompanied by someone else who had long purple hair wearing a tight white short sleeved shirt and equally tight jeans. She had deep red eyes that reflected a lot of playfulness.

Kenshin gaped. "Oh...damn..I know these two, the blonde is Theodora, the tomboyish cheerleader, and head of the student council, and of course the purple haired bombshell is Alma Elma!" He thought. "Shit, cheerleaders usually side with jocks and Alma will just use this as teasing fodder."

"So Theo-Chan, you ready to make good on our little bet?" The flirtatious martial artist said.

Theodora shrugged. "A loss is a loss, I have to accept that, but still...why something so lewd?"

"Because that's just the way I like it." Alma Elma said with a wink. "Trust me, I'll make sure you love it."

Theodora sighed and they both stripped down, revealing their tight abs and asses to their secret audience. They grab the bottles of shampoo and lotion they had brought with them and walk into the shower hall and begin showering, letting the water hit their bodies.

Meanwhile Kenshin watched, unable to tear his eyes away from it. "Oh...my...god..." He whispered. "These two really are total babes..."

Alma walks over to Theodora and starts rubbing lotion into her arm. "Just getting you ready, OK?" She purred into Theodora's ear, giving it a long lick, making the tomboy cheerleader shiver. Alma then reached over and began squeezing Theodora's breasts before stepping in front of her and embracing her tightly. Their large breasts squished together as Alma Elma squirted lotion all over them, using her breasts to rub the lotion in.

Meanwhile it was starting to become very uncomfortable in Kenshin's jeans as he watched the show. "Are these two gay for each other? I mean I know Alma is at the very least bisexual, but Theodora? Nah, maybe they're just being playful with one another." "I don't really care though. I'll sleep in this damned locker if I can see more of this!" He thought.

Theodora went on the offensive, reaching down and pinching Alma Elma's ass before giving it a sharp, playful smack. Alma Elma responded by cupping Theodora's breasts and taking one of her nipples into her mouth, sucking hard on it. Theodora's other hand slipped down and started fingering around with Alma's clit.

"Fu fu fu..." Alma Elma giggled. "I thought you weren't into this?"

"Sh...Shut up.." Theodora whimpered. "Just think of it as me. Te...Eeeelling you that you're doing good." She said with a gasp as Alma's other hand pinched and twisted her other nipple.

To masturbate or not to masturbate was crossing Kenshin's mind at the moment as the two started pleasuring one another. His cock was standing at full mast in his jeans and it was getting to be painful. "Damn, I want to, but I'll blow my damn cover if I start fapping in here now." So he stayed as he was, but his resistance was already wearing thin.

Alma giggled again as Theodora fingered her more rapidly. "N-No fair! This is supposed to be me pleasuring you, not the other way around!" Alma reached behind Theodora and grabbed the tube shaped shampoo bottle and started teasing Theodora's nether lips with it. Kenshin watched as the water and light reflected off their huge breasts. Theodora gasped as she felt the shampoo bottle enter her. "Fuaah!"

"...fuck it." Kenshin whispered as he unsnapped his jeans, pulling them down slightly and began stroking himself at a relaxed pace.

"Oh you bitch." Theodora murmured in pleasure as she started groping and teasing the other girl's ass.

Alma moaned softly and shook her ass around, her mouth and hand working on the cheerleader's nipple while she thrust the upside down shampoo bottle in and out of her snatch.

"Mmnn!" Theodora threw her head back, moaning loudly. "Oh god!"

"Fu fu fu..." Alma Elma giggled to herself as her eyes glanced in Kenshin's general direction, but not at him.

Kenshin didn't pay it any mind though as he started stroking himself harder. Alma took out the shampoo bottle and slid her hand down to Theodora's pussy pushing her fingers inside after rubbing her lips for a few moments. She stabbed her index and middle fingers in and out of her, making sure to rub everywhere she could inside of the busty cheerleader's snatch, much to her pleasure.

"Aahn...mmn...nn!" Theodora moaned. She threw her head back and cried out. "Oh god! Right there! Rub there! Please!"

"Fu fu fu." Alma Elma giggled, knowing she had found the girl's G-Spot already. She shook her breasts from side to side, making her nipples rub against Theodora's. "Hmm? Does it feel that good Theo-Chan?" She asked, leaning forward to nibble on her ear.

"Oh...y-you have no idea...it feels amazing." Theodora whispered. "Naaahh!"

Alma Elma giggled as she pressed her thumb down on Theodora's clit and circled it around the swollen nub.

Kenshin leaned forward a bit to get a better look out of the holes in the locker. He absorbed the look of ecstasy on Theodora's face, as she squirmed and writhed from Alma's actions. He also glanced over at Alma Elma herself, taking in every curve of her body, the swaying of her breasts as she used them to tease the busty cheerleader, and the subtle shaking of her ass as Theodora still had her hands on it, squeezing it tightly. He unconsciously gripped himself and stroked himself harder, using his index finger to focus on the glans. He started panting, keeping his eyes glued to the two beauties before him.

Alma Elma bit down on Theodora's earlobe. "Mmm...I think it's time I had a taste, what do you think, Theo-Chan?"

"A taste?" Theodora asked as Alma Elma kneeled down in front of her. "W-Wait, A-Alma, I'm not rea-DY! !" She cried out loudly as the martial artist spread her legs apart and licked from the bottom to the top of her pussy.

"Mm hm hm...it doesn't matter if you were ready or not, I'm still doing it." Alma Elma said.

"..." Theodora's cheeks burned brightly as she nodded.

Alma nodded back, winking at the girl as she reinserted her index and middle fingers and started thrusting them in and out as her tongue poked and prodded her clitoris.

"Mmn! Aah...nnh!" Theodora gasped and moaned from her friend's ministrations.

"Tell me Theo-Chan, do you have a boy you're looking at right now?" Alma Elma asked.

"E-Eh?" Theodora said. "Y-You wanna t-talk about b-boys at a time like th-this?"

"Why not? We're both girls here." Alma Elma smiled as she nibbled on Theodora's clit. "We can talk about it if you like...or are you looking at a girl? That's good too."

"I-I'm not looking at a girl!" Theodora denied with a scarlet blush. "I-It's just, the guy I'm interested in doesn't really show a lot of interest in girls."

"Ah, a bicurious boy? Shame, he'd have to be gay to ignore you." Alma Elma giggled as she bit down on her clit. "Mmn, not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just a shame if he did turn out to be."

"Hya! A-Ahhh..I-I d-don't think he's bicurious, h-he's just not interested at this point in time." Theodora said.

"Well...have you tried going after him? That could work." Alma Elma said, hooking her fingers and finding Theodora's G-Spot again.

"Nnyaah!" Theodora cried out. "N-Not really, he's got other girls that are interested in him too, I don't feel like starting a competition."

"Well that's no good, some boys are dense, they won't know until you make it known." Alma Elma said as she latched her lips onto her friend's clit and sucking hard on it.

"Hah! Nnn! Aaah! A-Alma, I-I know y-you're enjoying this, but I'm gonna cum!" Theodora whined.

"Go ahead, I love it when my partner has an orgasm." Alma Elma said.

"Nn! Ah! Mm! Mmmaahhh! A-Ah...AAAHHHH! !" Theodora screamed as her orgasm hit her.

Alma Elma pulled her fingers out, finding them slick and covered in cum. She rose to her feet and extended her index finger toward Theodora and she took her middle finger into her mouth. "Here, have a taste, Theo-Chan." She offered.

"...M-Mmn." Theodora hesitated before leaning forward and licking Alma Elma's finger. Her eyes narrowed and she took the digit into her mouth, savoring the taste of her own cum.

"Hehehehehe." Alma Elma giggled. "Now then, wanna get out of this shower, and I'll grab something out of my locker and we'll start part two?"

"H-Hai." Theodora nodded.

Kenshin was still stroking it when he noticed the two leave the shower. "Aw they're done already?" He noticed something when Theodora stopped and Alma Elma kept walking. "W-Wait...why is Alma walking right toward me...OH FUCK! ! THIS IS HER LOCKER ISN'T IT? ! !" He thought in a panic.

It was too late for him to pull his pants up and hide his erection as Alma Elma already unlocked the door and swung the locker door open. "Oh?" She said with a curious look seeing Kenshin standing there, gaping, frozen in stiff shock.

"A...Ah...aahh..." Kenshin stammered out.

"Alma-Chan, what's taking so long?" Theodora said walking up to Alma's locker. "...E...E-EH? !"

Alma Elma winked with a teasing smile. "Well well well, what do we have here, a cute boy stuffed inside my locker, I do believe this is the best present I've ever gotten." She said.

"I...I...I...Uh I can explain!" Kenshin said in a frantic, panicked tone.

"You can explain why you were sitting her masturbating in her locker? !" Theodroa screeched. "I can't believe you would do something so lewd!"

"I would do something so...what about you? !" Kenshin shouts pointing the accusing finger at the two girls. "Couldn't you have taken this to Alma's house? ! She lives on her own!"

"Yeah, but it's so boring doing something like this at my place." Alma Elma giggled. "They put you in here didn't they?" Alma Elma asked.

"They?" Theodora asked.

"You know the jocks that keep trying to get in our pants?" Alma Elma asked. Theodora nodded with an annoyed glare off to the side, crossing her arms under her bust. "They have a problem with Kenshin-Chan and Luka-Chan, the latter has us around him usually to take the heat off him, but Kenshin and his friends do their own thing, and the idiots use that to gang up on Kenshin."

"Why were you masturbating then? !" Theodora questioned with a glare, while blushing at Kenshin.

"Well come on, Kenshin-Chan's a growing boy, who could resist playing with their 'lap rocket' while witnessing what we just did." Alma Elma said with a smile.

Kenshin bowed. "I'll forget it if you promise not to turn me in!"

"?" Alma Elma glanced curiously at Kenshin, then to Theodora who looked at Kenshin with longing eyes, even though he couldn't see. "Aahh...I see what's going on here...she's embarrassed that the 'apple of her eye' just saw her in all her natural glory...hehehehe...maybe I can give them a little push. They probably won't get together, but it will still be fun." She thought.

"Actually Kenshin that won't be necessary." Alma Elma said. "This wasn't what he had planned, but I'm sure he won't complain, Kenshin's a rare capture anyway." She thought.

"Eh?" Kenshin said looking up at her.

"E-Eh? !" Theodora blanched looking over at her friend.

"To be honest, I was just going to grab a toy and have some more fun with our darling tomboy cheerleader/student council president here." Alma Elma said. "But with you here...I don't really need to do that do I?"

"Alma-Chan, are you seriously suggesting that we...? !" Theodora said, her whole face dyed in a red hue.

"U-Umm..." Kenshin said.

Alma Elma crossed her arms behind Kenshin's head and pulled him to her, staring into her eyes, their lips, but a few inches apart. "Kenshin...are you seriously going to say that..." She placed her palm on the underside of Kenshin's cock and moved it up and down. "...after seeing what you just saw, that you'll turn me down again?"

"..." Kenshin gulped. It was already hard enough for him to deter the busty, perverted martial artist as it was. But now...it was impossible. He shook his head and Alma Elma narrowed her eyes, smiling. "Good...now come over here to the edge of this bench." She said giving him a short kiss on the lips, sending a jolt down his spine as he let her drag her where she wanted.

Alma pushed Kenshin onto the bench edge and pulled his pants and boxers off, before kissing him again, more deeply and sliding his jacket off with one hand while her other hand ripped his shirt upward, over his head. "There, now you're as nude as us." She said parting lips with him. "Now..." She kissed him one more time and moved down to the right side of his neck and latched her lips onto his collarbone, while her hands worked diligently over the shaft and head of his cock.

"N-Naahh..." Kenshin groaned. "A-Alma..."

Alma Elma giggled and looked over at Theodora. "Why don't you come over here and have a little fun Theo-Chan? There is plenty of Kenshin-Chan to go around."

"I-I'm...f-fine." Theodora said staring at the two.

"Well please then, come over here and get a better view...I love an audience." Alma Elma said with a smile as she went back to sucking on Kenshin's collar bone. Once she was satisfied at leaving an acceptable hickey she lowered herself down to Kenshin's cock and smiled. "Mm...you're really well endowed Ken-Shin-Cha-n..." Alma Elma said making sure her lips were next to his cock, so her breath would be felt on his head.

"Mmn..." Kenshin half grunted, half moaned.

"Mm...to be honest I was saving something like this for later, but...I think now will be good." Alma Elma said in playful, sultry tone. "You almost made a mess of yourself in my locker, so time for a little fun. "So...I think I'll use my breasts to finish you o-f-f..."

The look she gave Kenshin as she said that sent chills up and down Kenshin's spine. Before he could say anything Alma pressed her heaving chest against his crotch. "N...Nahh!" Kenshin moaned out, as her breasts pressed firmly against both sides of his cock, which sunk into her huge chest. "S-So soft...and warm..." He thought in a daze.

"Hehehehe...it feels good doesn't it? You and Theo over here are alike, if it feels good you won't hesitate to show it." Alma Elma giggled. "Hoora...your penis is just managing to poke itself out from my cleavage." She said.

Kenshin looked down, and sure enough his dick head was just barely managing to poke out from the martial artist's chest. She pressed her breasts together tightly and moved them up and down. "Ah...ahh..." Kenshin gasped softly.

"Ara? Is something wrong? You look like you're lost there Kenshin-Chan." Alma Elma teased. She looked over at Theodora who had taken a seat at the other bench, next to Kenshin. Her legs were spreadeagled and her hand was drifting close to her pussy, while her other hand massaged her left breast.

"It seems our audience is pleased with our little show here, now lets tease you with my breasts some more." Alma Elma said. "You must have already been close Kenshin-Chan, so when ever you're ready, I'll accept it all."

Pressing harder again Alma Elma increased the pressure surrounding Kenshin's cock. As if to slowly try to crush it between her two fleshy pillows. Kenshin groaned softly from her actions, his eyes drifting over to Theodora. "E-Eh? I-Is she masturbating now?" He thought as he watched the busty cheerleader's fingers thrust slowly in and out of her dripping snatch.

"Hmm? Are you so enamoured by the feeling of my chest that you're not speaking?" Alma Elma said.

"N-Not exactly...I'm...just watching someone." Kenshin whispered.

Alma glanced over at Theodora and smiled, seeing the girl openly masturbating with her eyes closed, so she couldn't know that Kenshin and she were watching. "Mm..hehehehe...she is really cute when she's needy." Alma Elma said. "But don't just ignore me Kenshin..." Alma started shaking her breasts side to side. Her unbearably soft skin, rubbing Kenshin's hard cock. He wasn't about to cum, but he did admit in his mind that this felt amazing.

"...Mmaah!" Theodora fell forward and crawled up to Kenshin. "M-Move over Alma, I want some...!" She whined.

"But I don't want to..." Alma Elma said latching her lips onto the head of Kenshin's cock and sucking hard on it.

"Nah...!" Kenshin gasped clenching his fists.

"Mm...you taste good Kenshin...alright Theo, now come over here and help me." Alma Elma said moving to Kenshin's right. Theodora took her place at Kenshin's left. The two pressed their breasts together and moved them up and down slowly. "There...does that feel better Kenshin...?" She said in an airy, lustful voice. "We'll send you to heaven like this..."

Kenshin watched as the two pushed their breasts against one another, their nipples rubbing together as his man meat was pressed in between them. Alma Elma narrowed her eyes. "I can feel Theo-Chan's nipples rubbing against mine...I've done this before, but...it feels so good now..." She thought.

Without warning Theodora leaned down and started licking the head of Kenshin's cock. Alma Elma glanced over at Kenshin with a smile. "Whenever you're ready Kenshin-Chan, just cum."

"J-Just shoot it out on my chest." Theodora said glaring half heartedly at Kenshin. "You know you want to, you pervert."

Alma leaned down taking Theodora's break as a chance to lick Kenshin herself. Theodora whined. "It's my turn Alma-Chan, butt out...!" She leaned back down and licked Kenshin's head. The two labored on Kenshin's head for a little while before thrusting their tongues into each other's mouths. The two sexy girls looked back at Kenshin while moving their breasts together in sync during their makeout session.

"Gaahh...can't take...anymore...!" Kenshin groaned loudly as he came showering both of them in cum, dirtying their faces and chests.

Alma Elma smiled as she scraped some of it out of her hair. "This is the first time you've come today, so of course there is a lot." She said licking it off her fingers, savoring the taste.

Theodora smiled lazily. "You really are the worst pervert." She said licking his cum off her fingers.

The two girls made out, cleaning themselves off, and allowing Kenshin to get hard again before Alma moved in and pushed him on his back and stood over him, her legs on either side of him. "Ok then...Kenshin, it's your turn to make me feel good." She threw her panties, which despite having been off for more than half an hour, had a wet spot on it, on his face. He inhaled the scent and brushed them off to see Alma Elma lowering herself onto his cock. It entered her easily.

"It's amazing how fast you've recovered, Kenshin." Theodora said glancing shyly at him, sitting back on the bench next to them, behind Alma Elma.

"Aaahhhn..." Alma Elma moaned. "It's good..."

Kenshin noticed Theodora had one of her hands in between her legs which were shuffling around as she kept her eye on the two.

"Oh yeah...it's so good..." Alma Elma said looking down at Kenshin as she rode his cock. "Come on Kenshin, massage my breasts, I don't wanna do all the work you know."

Kenshin nodded, reaching up and grabbing the martial artist's heaving breasts as they bounced up and down and massaged and caressed them lovingly. Alma Elma giggled. "Are you treating me like a girlfriend Kenshin?" She whispered.

"S-Sorry, I just like doing things like that, did you want it rougher?" Kenshin whispered back.

"This is fine." Alma Elma said. "We can get to the rough stuff later." She said. "Oh yeah! Just keep massaging them like that. Mmn! I can feel your cock growing bigger and bigger...!"

Kenshin glanced back over at Theodora, who now had her hand on her right breast, rubbing herself more vigorously, making herself pant from her own ministrations.

"Oh yeah..! Push it in deeper Kenshin..!" Alma Elma requested with a lustful whine. Kenshin nodded, complying with her wishes. "Oh yes..! Keep going, deeper and deeper!"

Kenshin kept his eyes on Theodora for a moment, while complying with Alma Elma's request. She spreadeagled her legs again showing Kenshin her pussy which her fingers were currently thrusting in and out of. He turned back to Alma Elma who smiled down in a mixture of sexiness and lust. "Harder Kenshin, do it harder...!" She leaned over, giving Kenshin a better angle, her breasts dangling in his face as he started thrusting into her, his hands on her ass, pushing her down onto him as well. He leaned up and latched his lips onto one of her nipples, nibbling and sucking on it.

"Mmn! Right there, just like that, don't stop! Don't stopppp!" Alma Elma whined. "Right there, just like that, do it faster...!"

Alma pushed him back down, detaching his lips from her nipple. Kenshin glanced at Theodora again seeing her rubbing herself like crazy, desperate to cum. Alma Elma meanwhile couldn't hold herself back. "I'm cumming...! F-For the first time in months I'm..cumminnnggg...!" "It's so good, it's so gooodddd...!"

At the same time, both girls came hard as did Kenshin. Alma Elma lifted herself off and let his seed drip from her pussy. "Theo, don't sit over there and play by yourself, come over here and join us, his cock is great, amazing even."

"I-I can't he's." Theodora was silenced by Alma's lips.

"He's the boy you have a crush on, I know, but look at him now, he'd certainly do it if you asked him to...besides, he was glancing over at you half the time anyway, not that I mind, they're are two girls here not just one." "He's obviously attracted to you, so why not take the chance hm?" Alma asked.

Theodora looked at her friend, then to Kenshin before shyly nodding. Alma Elma nodded smiling and went behind her, turning her friend toward Kenshin and making her spread her legs. "Hora, Kenshin...Theo-Chan's pussy has been waiting impatiently for your penis..." Kenshin rose up and stared at the suddenly shy tomboy's face. "Are you nervous Kenshin? Don't worry, Theo's pussy is really wet, see?" She reached down and spread Theodora's pussy open before thrusting two fingers inside. "See, I can even thrust two fingers inside her if I want, do you hear the naughty sounds she's making, or smell the dirty scent she's emitting?" Alma Elma asked.

"Haah...A-Alma..." Theodora whimpered.

"Hehehe...you seem like you're enjoying this again, Theo?" Alma Elma said leaning up and licking her left ear.

"Aaah...not my ears again." Theodora whined.

"Ne, my fingers won't be enough this time, will they Theo?" Alma Elma whispered into the cheerleader's ear.

"I..." Theodora said staring at Kenshin with lustful, needing eyes.

"Where do you want Kenshin to ram his long, thick meat spear, hm...?" Alma Elma whispered provocatively into Theodora's ear.

"M-My pussy.." She said quietly, a strand of saliva sliding down her chin.

"Ask him clearly, Theo-Chan, he could still be dense." Alma Elma said squeezing Theodora's right breast.

"Please, ram your hard cock inside my pussy Kenshin..." Theodora said. "Please!"

"Alright! Do you understand Kenshin?" Alma Elma asked.

Kenshin nodded. "Alright." He moved up to her and easily rammed his cock inside her wet glistening folds.

"Nnnaaahhh! !" Theodora cried out in lust as Kenshin thrust himself into her. "Oh..! You were right Alma, it's amazing, it's so hot and it feels good! It's so much different than doing it with a sex toy!"

Alma Elma rubbed her friend's breasts in rhythm with Kenshin's thrusts. "Will you cum, Theo?"

"Yes! I'll cum!" Theodora moaned out. "I'll cum from Kenshin's cock!"

Alma Elma giggled at how easily Theodora was losing it. "Yes, Theo, I want you to cum, cum as hard as you can." She said licking Theodora's ear.

"Yes! I'm cumming! I'm going to cum!" Theodora whined as she writhed from Kenshin's ministrations. Theodora narrowed her eyes as her pussy was violated. "Kenshin, kiss me...kiss me as I cum, Please!" "I can't hold it anymore, I want to be kissed, while I'm cumming!"

"Right..." Kenshin said leaning down and capturing her lips, picking up the pace of his thrusts.

"Hmm! Mmn! Aah! Nnn! Hah! Nnnn! !" Theodora moaned lustfully into Kenshin's mouth as he came inside her, sending her over the edge.

Alma Elma smiled as Theodora slumped in her arms. "This isn't the end."

Kenshin panted with a small grin. "Who...said I wanted it to end?"

Alma Elma giggled. "I knew there was a reason I liked you, other than being cute."

"Whatever." Kenshin said rolling his eyes.

Alma Elma turned Theodora around and pulled the cheerleader/student council president on top of her. Alma tilted her head over. "Pick the pussy you want, me, or Theodora, your choice."

Kenshin nodded and made his way over to them and buried himself up to the base inside Alma Elma's pussy. "Ah...Oooh...! I...It's good..." Alma panted, glancing up at Theodora. "Just like this, it's good..!"

Theodora glanced back at Kenshin. "Hey, come on, give it to me too..." She said.

"Hehehehe..." Alma Elma giggled. "Theo-Chan, you've already gotten addicted to Kenshin-Chan's cock." She said as she reached up and rubbed Theodora's breasts.

"But it's so good..." Theodora whined. She looked back at Kenshin. "Please cum inside me again, Kenshin..."

"Alright, but I still owe Alma one." Kenshin said.

"That's fine...I just want mine first." Theodora said.

Kenshin pulled himself from Alma Elma's pussy, a feat that was a lot harder than it sounded and buried himself inside Theodora. "Oh yeah! From behind! Hah..hah...hah..hah...ahh..mmm! Oh fuck, it's so goooooddd! You're penetrating into my womb!" "Again, I'm going to cum again!"

Alma smiled up at the two. "Hey Kenshin, if you want to help me out, you can pleasure me with your hand." "Until it's my turn anyway." Kenshin nodded and reached down, sliding his fingers into her pussy. "Nnah! There you go, it's kind of awkward to manage, but you're doing good." Alma Elma said.

Theodora whined. "It feels good everywhere on my body!

"Really? Then let me make it feel better then." Alma Elma said grasping Theodora's breasts and squeezing them tightly and kneading them around. She felt Kenshin's other hand reaching around and prodding her clitoris.

"Eh? Are you rubbing both of our clits at the same time?" Alma Elma said in a curious tone.

"Trying." Kenshin said with a smile.

"Keep going, it's working really well." Alma Elma said leaning up and kissing Kenshin on the lips.

"Mmph..." Kenshin wormed his tongue inside her mouth, seeing her do the same and tried to wrestle her tongue down for dominance. Of course it didn't work, as Alma had more experience.

"Oh god, I can't believe it feels better now...!" Theodora said.

"You look like you're about to cum Theo." Alma Elma said. "You heard her Kenshin-Chan, you can cum inside her, then we can do it."

"R-Right." Kenshin said pounding into Theodora's dripping snatch, faster and faster until he came inside her.

"NNNNAAAHHHH! !" Theodora cried out in lust.

Alma Elma giggled and let Kenshin extract himself from inside her. She looked over at the clock and cursed. "Huh?" Kenshin said.

"We've been in here too long, they'll start locking up any minute." Alma Elma said. "I'd love to continue this Kenshin, but I'd rather not get locked in here."

"I hear ya." Kenshin said. The group of three got dressed and were about to exit the locker room when Alma and Theodora wrapped their arms around Kenshin's arms and sandwiched his biceps in their cleavage. "Hey Kenshin..." Alma Elma said whispering into his ear.

"?" Kenshin said.

"Let's make..." Theodora whispered.

"Hot, dirty, sexy love again some time." The two both said, kissing him on the cheeks.

When the three got outside. Theodora offered to give Kenshin a ride home seeing as he didn't have a license yet. Alma Elma giggled, knowing Theodora was probably going to stop on the way there and let Kenshin drive, just for the sole purpose of giving him a blowjob while he was driving.

Alma Elma looked over, seeing someone approaching her. It was revealed to be someone who looked like Kenshin, but with purple hair. "Ah, Luka, did you get everything?"

"You better fuckin' believe it." Luka said with a chuckle.

"Good!" Alma Elma beamed.

"I gotta hand it to you." Luka said holding an expensive recording camera. "You are a genius. Not only did you get the student council president, but you also got my elusive friend Kenshin as well!" "I've been looking to cast a male in these and you got the best one!"

"Ha ha ha ha. Never underestimate the Succubus of Mahokai High!" Alma Elma boasted. "I can get anyone!"

"Alright then, after we show this to Kenshin and get him to sign off on it, we could get you a little help." Luka said. "He's pretty popular, despite his numerous targets from the male sports clubs."

"He is, and his penis is a plus too..." Alma Elma said with a semi-dreamy smile.

"Yeah...didn't need to hear about that." Luka said. "Anyway, I'm gonna head on home and edit this, say, what do you think the chances are of us getting his sisters on film? One of them is kind of an ice queen." Luka said.

"I think we can do it." Alma Elma said. "We'll need a different male, but it's possible."

"Ha ha, this'll get me a long way toward becoming a director." Luka laughed as he walked off.

Alma Elma shook her head and walked home herself. "Looking forward to finishing up our little encounter soon, Kenshin-Chan." She giggled to herself as she walked to her house, visions of her and her newest fuck buddy going at it.


The Next Day.

"So let me see if I got this right." Kenshin said. "You." Kenshin said pointing at Luka. "Want to be a porn director, and recorded what happened last night."

"You betcha." Luka said.

"And you, are helping him, mainly because you like the sex." Kenshin said pointing at Alma Elma.

"Yup!" Alma Elma chirped cheerfully.

"Ah, huh..." Kenshin said. "Are you doing anything with the videos?"

"Not really." Luka said. "I just have then sitting on my external hard drive at the house."

"Souka..." Kenshin shrugged. "Why not sell bootlegs? Y'know to the other schools? I know plenty of perverts around our age."

"Eh?" Luka and Alma Elma said.

"You can make DVDs of the videos. Either lump them together, or separately and sell them for a profit." Kenshin said. "Blank discs are easy to come by, you're looking to be a director, and Alma might as well be a pornstar."

"Dude!" Luka said jabbing Kenshin in the arm. "That's a great idea! Why didn't I think of that?"

Kenshin smirked. "Because you're not good with money, I am."

"So Kenshin-Chan, do you wanna help us out here, we could use a popular guy like you to drum up some more actresses, and doing it alone is boring sometimes." Alma Elma said with a wink.

"Eh, I guess I could help, besides." Kenshin turned his head toward her. "I don't believe we ever finished yesterday."

"Hehehehe..." Alma Elma giggled crossing her arms behind his head. "You name the place, I'll name the time."

"How's...your place sound?" Kenshin asked. "My parents are gonna have company."

"Then we do it at your place, after school." Alma Elma said, casting an unseen wink at Luka who grinned.

"This one won't be sold if we can get one or both of them, but the idea of it is just too hot to pass up." Luka thought.

"But wait a second." Alma Elma said. "Wouldn't selling them be bad?"

"I don't think so." Kenshin said. "If you're talking about cops, the police force around here is really lax. Seriously, my friend Daniel got busted with a pound of marijuana in his backpack and he just got a slap on the wrist and they confiscated it."

"Think they smoked it?" Luka asked.

"I know they did, I ran into a cop at the gas station the day after, who was so burnt out he could have given Daniel a run for his money." Kenshin said.

"Alright, anyway we need to get in before the principal rails on us." Luka said.

Kenshin nodded and they went their separate ways. Kenshin ran into the jocks who were standing close to his locker. The head of which was a guy Kenshin knew, named Consul. "So shrimpy Kenshin, did you have fun in your lockup last night?"

Kenshin glanced over at him. "Bout as much fun as you tend to have with that needle dick of yours."

"Grrh!" Consul scowled. "Keep it up and I'll cram you back into the locker."

"The same locker?" Kenshin asked. "Oh please dooo." He said in a mock begging voice.

"You have quite the mouth on you today Kuroshi." Consul said with an angry smirk. "You're still out numbered."

"And yet I'm probably still longer and wider than all of you combined." Kenshin said with a wiggle in his eyebrow.

This served to piss off the entire group. Before they could do anything a kendo stick put itself in between the two. Kenshin turned his head seeing the co-coach of the kendo club, Shin Tatsu. "Oh, Shin Tatsu-Sensei, how are you today?"

"I'm fine Kenshin, is there a problem here?" Shin Tatsu asked glancing at him.

"Not at all, these guys from the soccer club just decided to mess with me is all." Kenshin said.

"I see. My offer still stands if you ever want to join the kendo club." Shin Tatsu said. "Eishun and I'd like to have on the team."

"Eh, I'm getting the same offer from Alma Elma's martial arts club." Kenshin said. "I don't know which to choose."

"We can flex your schedules so you can make the practices and meets." Shin Tatsu said. "If that is all, I'll be going."

"Tell Iris and Alice I said hi." Kenshin said.

Shin Tatsu nodded and left. "You heard the guy, I'm not to be messed with." Kenshin said getting into his locker and hanging his jacket up.

Consul and his group watched as he met up with Alma Elma and Theodora. "What the?" Consul said seeing Kenshin drape his arms across their shoulders.

"Hey girls, the guys who stuffed me in that locker are right behind us. Mind if I do something just to piss 'em off?" Kenshin asked.

"Sure." Alma Elma said.

"I don't mind." Theodora said.

Kenshin lowered his hands down and gave both of their asses a palm grasp. Alma Elma giggled and laid her head on his shoulder, Theodora gasped and blushed for a second before doing the same. Kenshin raised his left head, making Alma Elma pout and flipped Consul and the jocks the bird.

"Bout as much fun as you have with that needle dick of yours." "The same locker? Oh please dooo." Kenshin's retorts rang loudly in Consul's head.

"That...bastard..." Consul said seeing exactly what went on the day before.

"E-Eh? You filmed every thing that went on last night Alma?" Theodora said.

"Yup." Kenshin said. "And we're gonna sell it to the perverts in this school."

"B-But I-I..." Theodora said.

"Don't worry, I'm sure if you ask Luka-Chan will be more than happy to alter the footage so no one knows it's you." Alma Elma said. "But if you ask me, some of these guys are already secretly fapping away to you, so why not use your sex appeal to your advantage."

"But I don't need the money." Theodora said.

"Then let us make a little cash off of it then, it's not just going to be you." Kenshin said. "I don't really mind it and I was filmed too."

"I-I guess..." Theodora said.

Kenshin leaned over. "Listen, I know what you're thinkin', but no one's gonna think any less of you for it, and you said last night that you weren't gonna follow in your retired father's footsteps and go into politics, so don't worry about it, if it's that big a deal we'll give him a cut, I know he's a friggin closet perv."

"..." Theodora leaned over and nibbled on Kenshin's ear. "I'll be fine, just so long as I get some more of you sometime, what do you say?"

"Hm...how's during lunch in the empty classroom sound?" Kenshin asked.

"Perfect." Theodora purred into his ear.

"Aww..." Alma Elma said.

"Alma, you're already getting me at my house, so knock it off." Kenshin said rolling his eyes. "Hell knowing you, you'll probably try to invite Luka."

"Oh OK." Alma Elma said. "By the way, Luka wanted your input on someone to go for next."

"Well...I have an in with the kendo club, and you've been pestering me to join the martial arts-hand to hand club." Kenshin said.

"I see...why don't we save my club for later?" Alma asked.

"Kendo club it is then." Kenshin said.

"Hey, I could talk a few of the cheerleaders into it, if you want." Theodora offered.

"Sounds good Theo-Chan, but we'll save that for later too." Alma Elma said.

"Alright, the offer's there if you want it." Theodora said.

And so the group of three continued on, two of them along with a nonpresent third, aiming to become Japanese pornographers and the other, just tagging along.

(chapter end)

Draconis: And that's that, I suppose.

Kenshin: So now I'm a wimp?

Draconis: Not necessarily, you're just in a universe where you're human and no magic exists. Makes you susceptible to being ganged up on.

Kenshin: Ah.

Alma: What about me then?

Kenshin: Yeegh! (jumps back)

Alma: Hmm? Didn't we just do something sexual together, why are you jumping back?

Kenshin: I'm from the actual story! I haven't met you yet!

Alma: Oh, but part of you has.

Kenshin: (question mark over head) What's that supposed to mean.

Draconis: Kenshin, just ignore her, Anyway, you're human in this as well Alma, so it kinda levels the sexual playing field. Hell I tried to keep you in character as best as I could and had you control the sex being had.

Alma: Ooohh...Ok I got ya.

Draconis: (laughs) Yeah, if you were your usual self, you'd have had both Theodora and Kenshin eating out of your cum drenched hands.

Alma: Hahahaha! Good one.

Alright, now to just explain the one footnote and go.

(1 ) Mahokai- The first part of Mahora and the last part of Makai smashed together. Kinda self explanatory.

Anyway, that's it for my on the fly idea, that I may or may not continue. See you around.

Draconis678 out.