This is the last chapter. And I promise to start keeping to schedule. An update a night. For any of my stories.

Danny was lying a table, eyes closed and breathing really slow, Mr Lancer was tied to a chair, a line of cellotape over his mouth and eyes wide at the sight of his class.

Sam and Tucker ran up to Danny while I and Dash went to Mr Lancer.
Dash, who looks for any reason to cause anyone pain, pulled off the gag as I untied the ropes.
"Is...he okay?" Mr Lancer asked, running towards to Danny, where Sam and Tucker were constantly trying to wake him up.
"What happened?" asked Sam through clenched teeth.
"I dunno, a ghost was threating Daniel. He said ,"give in or the human dies" and he just lay back and allowed that pysopath to just inject him with something. For hours, he screamed and ten minutes before you arrived, he just gave up and lay down."
"We need to get him of here" I said, Dash lifted up Danny and we ran. We opened a portal straight to our world. We landed right in the centre of the park.
We were a sight for blind eyes. Our clothes were dirty, a uncounciouss boy and a red mouthed teacher.
Then my Moma came running up to me and that got a flood of parents running to the children. What I noticed was, like myself, all the kids were looking at Danny.
When his mother came running over, Dash had stepped back and looked over her shoulder.

The Fentons stood there. Jazz, the daughter, screamed the name of her brother before she ran to Dash. Not even cringing when she brushed up against him, Jazz took Danny off him and started to look for life signs.
"Mum, phone an ambulance. SOMEONE CALL AN AMBULANCE!" Jazz started to scream. I took my Moma's phone and phoned.

An hour later, all the kids were wrapped up in blankets, sitting in the park, as well as Mr Lancer.
The Fentons were with Danny, who was at the hospital.
"Come on, Paulina, you need to some sleep" I heard my moma whisper in my ear before she dragged me away. I saw that other kids were being treated the same.
While we had sat in that circle, we all reached an agreement.
We tell nobody that Danny FENTON is Danny PHANTOM.

The next morning (we all had a day of school) I sat on the couch, with a cup of hot chocolate. Star was e-mailing me, when the news report came on.
"And an update on the missing class. Freshmen from Casper High were returned to us yesterday. They all refused to speak to the police and us, but Mrs Fenton gave an update on her son, the only one seriously injured " said the pretty newsreporter and then it went onto a clip on Maddie Fenton standing outside the hospital.
"Danny...erm...he woke up this morning. He (sob) he didn't know who we were. He woke up and didn't talk for hour, then when the Doctor asked him what's wrong, he asked who he was, who we were and what was going on. The Doctor explained to us that he has amnesia. That he might never remember us" and that was when Maddie broke down.
Our hero had amnesia.

Remember that idea I came up with, the one from Dash POV. However, instead of them getting taken to the ghost zone, they get locked up in the classroom and caring ghosts.

A sequel maybe?