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Slice of Love



Finally! She quickly answered back, "Hello, Hikari-nee? It's Aya."

She could felt that her Hikari-nee smiled from the other line, "Yes, Aya. What is it?"

"Nee, could I ask for your help?"

After some short conversation, Hikari-nee finally said, "Then this Sunday..?"

"Yes, yes!" Aya happily obliged, "10 AM on Habataki Station?"

"See you on Sunday, then."

"Later, Hikari-nee!"


That Sunday morning, she quickly made a dash to the assigned meeting spot.

"Ah, Aya, it's okay, you don't need to run!"

Aya looked up to see Hikari-nee looking at her worriedly from in front Habataki Station.

Without slowing her pace, she finally halted just right in front of the older girl, "Sorry for making you wait!"

"It's not like you're that late," Hikari-nee answered smiling, "Should we go now?"

"Okay!" Aya excitedly follow the lead.


"I hope we don't forget anything," Aya said carrying a bag.

"Eh?" Hikari-nee quickly held out some kind of notes and try to scan through it.

Aya sighed, "I'm just being paranoia, Nee."

"It's okay, I'll just check again while we're as well walking," the older girl laughed softly, "Oh, Aya, I could make it to your house at the very least around 1 PM next July 17, okay? Make sure you have everything prepared so we could begin immediately when I come."

"Ah, okay, Nee!" Aya answered while trying to calculate everything in her mind.

Hikari-nee glanced at her then said, "Should we go to your house now so we could talk about it?"

Aya beamed, "Waaa, Hikari-nee is the best!"


Today is July 17. Aya glanced at the clock on the wall as she was entering her house. Just got back from her uni, it's around 12 AM according to the clock. She didn't bother to check it down to the minutes. It was good that she has a loose schedule, though lots of assignments were no question. She quickly prepared everything before Hikari-nee arrived.

Now already prepared, she went again to check if everything is ready. Her Kaachan had told her everything she needs to know last time when Hikari-nee was visiting the house. But it was still nerve-wracking, waiting for Hikari-nee and hoping she could make it in time.

There was the sound of bell ringing. She quickly made her way to the doorway. Opening the door, she was grinning, "Welcome, Hikari-nee!"

They made their way inside. Putting on an apron, Aya gave another apron to Hikari-nee. Tying on her own apron, Hikari-nee commented, "I like the apron."

All the preparation took less than thirty minutes, including mixing. It all looked good. Now they were readying to bake.

"I.. kind of shocked that I did the batter without fail," Aya said in a tone of disbelief.

A soft laugh came from the older girl, "You did it."

Aya beamed, "Yeah, Hikari-nee! Hope it'll turn out as good!"

As the batter for the cake was being baked, Aya glanced at the clock, "Enough time, but I'll still need to call Ojiisan.."

"You could call him now. The cake is still being baked," Hikari-nee said putting away the equipment that has been used.

Aya turned to her and squeaked frantically, "Nee, let me be the one cleaning it!"

Hikari-nee just answered her with another laugh, "It's okay. I'm just making some space for the cake later. You have to make a call now and we still have things to do after the cake out before it's really ready."

"Thanks, Nee. Don't go cleaning, I'll do it later," Aya said before going out of the kitchen to make her call. It didn't take long for Ojiisan to pick up the call. After talking of her plan, she talked of casual things with him before ended the call.

Aya quickly made her way back to the kitchen only to be greeted by the sight of Hikari-nee facing all the mess in the sink. The older girl turned around though hearing Aya's hurried footsteps, "Done with the call?"

"Done!" she answered cheerily before taking Hikari-nee's place in front of the sink, "And don't do it. I will."

Hikari-nee laughed again. Now Aya started to think that her Hikari-nee is a really weird person. Aya remembered, Hikari-nee once said how Hazuki-kun always called her weird. Maybe Hikari-nee was a weird person after all? ...but she think they both knew better.

"Ah, it should be around this time. I'll go check the cake," Hikari-nee said glancing at the clock.

Aya was already sitting idly beside Hikari-nee in the living room. All the mess in the sink had been taken care of some time ago. Following Hikari-nee's eyes, she asked, "It is?"

"I'm checking it," answered Hikari-nee from the kitchen.

"Wah, Nee, that was fast," Aya quickly got up and went to the kitchen as well.

Watching Hikari-nee putting out the cake on the table, Aya rushed to her side.

"It looks nice.. Now we have to leave it cool completely," said Hikari-nee, "We could prepare for the…"

Hikari-nee haven't finished what she said when they heard a tone coming from her. Taking her cellphone from her skirt's pocket, she read the caller ID. Aya could see a hint of smile on Hikari-nee's lips.

As Hikari-nee turned to Aya, the latter said, "I can prepare the cream and the strawberries, Nee. Don't worry."

Hikari-nee nodded before answering the call, "Yes?"

Aya watched as Hikari-nee walking a little further in the kitchen. Caught Hikari-nee's eyes on her, Aya nodded and began to prepare the cream. Everything could be done quickly though so Aya began to watch Hikari-nee again.

The older girl now shook her head frantically. It seems like she was strongly refuse whatever the caller said. Some talks later and finally looking defeated, Hikari-nee nodded. Now Aya could see a hint of pink on the older girl's cheeks.

Closing her cellphone, Hikari-nee walked back to where Aya was. The cake was completely cool by now and Aya began to spread the cream as Hikari-nee instructing her. Placing the strawberries on top in the end, the cake was ready now.

"Wow, it looks nice.." Aya said admiring their hard work before glancing at the clock, "Ah, I need to get ready now! Nee, sorry, I'll leave you for a while."

When Aya finally emerged from her room in an aqua blue dress, Hikari-nee already put the cake in box. The older girl was eyeing a white ribbon near the box. Aya came to her side and Hikari-nee turned her eyes to taking in her appearance. Without word, the older girl smiled and gave a thumb up. Aya grinned back and take the white ribbon, tying it around the box with a simple bow on the top.

"Okay, you should go now," Hikari-nee patted the younger girl's shoulder, "Could you bring it on your own? Should I accompany you there?"

"It's fine, Nee. I could make it. Thanks for everything," she said nodded, "Are you going home now?"

"Actually, I…" Hikari-nee hadn't finish her sentence when a bell sound interrupting.

"I'll get it," Aya half running to the door. As she was opening it, she was greeted with a pair of sleepy green eyes under blonde locks. A little surprised, she managed to smile, "Hazuki-kun! Are you here for Hikari-nee?"

"Ah, yes…" Hazuki-kun answered.

"Do you want to come in first? I'll call Hikari-nee."

"No, I…" Hazuki-kun shifted his eyes and gazing pass her.

"Huh?" Aya turned to look behind her, "Hikari-nee! You even have removed the apron. That was fast."

"Ah, well, I already have a rough idea of who rang the bell.." Hikari-nee answered with a hint of pink on her cheeks.

"…should we go now?" Hazuki-kun asked.

"Umm, yes, okay," Hikari-nee mumbled then turned to Aya, "Then, Aya, I'm going now. Do your best with the cake. Say hello to Souichiro-jiisan and a happy birthday to Teru-kun from me."

"Eh? Leaving already? Okay. Take care," Aya waved, "I'll give them your regards."

Hikari-nee smiled and waved back before taking her leave. Hazuki-kun nodded to Aya before taking Hikari-nee's hand in his as they walked. Hikari-nee said nothing but when she turned to speak to him, pink still evident on her cheeks. Hazuki-kun smiled softly to her in answer. Sighed in defeat, Hikari-nee leans to his side tiredly. Now Hazuki-kun's cheeks gained more pinkish colour than that of Hikari-nee. As they walked farther, Aya realized she should've been hurried, too.


"I'm home."

"Welcome home!" Aya welcomed the young man coming.

"What the- Aya?" he was surprise to see her.

"Come on, come on, let's go in," Aya ushered him inside.

"Oh, Teru, welcome home," said an old man inside.

Teru looked around, "Jiichan, what is-"

Aya pushed him to sit before he even had a chance to finish his sentence. She took the bag that slung on his shoulder and put it away. Before Teru could even ask, she brought a cake with candles already lit in front of him, "Happy birthday!"

"Happy birthday, Teru," the old man that had resemblance to Teru smiled as well.

Teru sat there in silence for a while before muttering, "…thank you."

"Okay, blow the candles and don't forget to make a wish," Aya said putting the cake on the table in front of him.

Teru looked around before nodding to himself and finally blew the candles in one go. Aya clapped her hands happily before removing the candles. He was looking at the cake without candles now.

"Aya is making the cake herself, Teru," said the old man.

"Hoo.. Let's have a taste of it, then," Teru said in a teasing tone.

As she returned with utensils, Aya handed a knife to Teru, "Have fun slicing it."

He laughed and cut the cake. Putting one slice to the plate, he handed it to Aya, "Here, so I'll know if it's edible or not."

Aya frowned but she saw through his faint blush and smirked, "So the first slice goes to the love of your life, yeah?"

"Hah! It's not!" he blushed harder.

"…oh, so I'm not..?" Aya frowned not finishing her sentence.

"I mean, no! Yes, it is! Eh no, it's not that. It's yes. Err, it's not… I mean…"

"Which one is it?" she cut sharp.

"…It is," he said defeated.

Aya laughed, "Okay, accepted."

Teru already blushed hard. Ignoring her, he gave the second slice to his old man, "Jiichan, thank you for always taking care of me. And please don't die from the cake."

The old man laughed, "Thank you, Teru."

"Teru! You still doubt the credibility of this cake?" Aya said holding out her fork dangerously.

"Jiichan, if I die, don't eat the cake," Teru said before eating his own slice.

Aya was looking at him expectantly. Though she felt confidence, it was Teru she talking about. Nevertheless, he was making the cake in Sangosho himself…

"So..? How is it?" asked Aya.

Teru frowned and swallowed hard. Aya started to worry and about to try the cake herself. It's true she didn't know how it tastes either. Putting a fork of cake inside her mouth, she realized…

"The cake is good. Thank you for making it," Teru smiled his genuine smile to her.

She sighed in relieved. Looking at him now, she smiled. Teru shifted her gaze, his face a little red again.

A laughed could be heard, "Actually I already finished my slice."

"Ojiisan!" Aya laughed as she realized whose laugh it is, "Oh by the way, Hikari-nee say hello."

"Oh, your older cousin? Give my regards back," answered Ojiisan.

"And a happy birthday from her for you too, Teru," said Aya.

"Ah," he nodded, "Thank you."

"Actually I couldn't make today's cake without her help," Aya laughed.

"Hoo…" Teru and Ojiisan nodded in unison.


.Kazuya, July 17 2012

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