This story's Thor is a bit of a mix of Movieverse!Thor [Looks and basic history] but with some of 616 and the myth thrown in [powers and a few others I'll mention at a later date], just putting that out now because Movieverse!Thor seems to be far weaker than Comic!Thor and so I felt the need to boost him to let him fight on par with the League's two biggest hitters, Superman and Wonder Woman.

Another chapter, another attempt to entertain you all. I honestly do not have anything else to add, so on with the show!

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XX The Moon XX

On a barren mass of rock stood a figure. Garbed in robes of white and blue, he stood and observed the nearby planet. Long thought insignificant by the rest of the cosmos, this tiny world was slowly growing in importance as events that most be seen to believe unfold.. It was because of this the figure stood, alone, in silent observation.

"Greeting, humans of Earth. I am Uatu, the Watcher." The figure announced. "I observe the events that transpire on your planet. Below us is a world you know... This world lacks a true name, it is but a splinter of the world known as Earth-Prime. This world is slowly moving away from the old, the normal and the mundane as heroes and villains arise. Lead, unknowingly, by the Last Son of Krypton and the Dark Knight Detective the heroes here strive to be more than mere men or women... They aspire to be symbols of truth, of justice and of courage. They try and hold all sacred, refusing to kill whenever possible. This belief, this one rule is a great source of comfort and power for when one truly believes there is little they cannot achieve... But it is not shared by all!"

As the Watcher goes quiet, he turns his gaze to the world before him. He sees a group of children saved from a burning building by a man in red and blue. The flames have no effect on him as he descends with the children secure in his arms. In another city he sees the police discover a group of thugs. They are beaten and bound, evidence of their crimes scattered around them and watching from the shadows, unseen by the police, is their true capture. But the heroes are not all that draws his attention, a pale skinned woman freezes all unfortunate enough to come into view as she makes off with what she has stolen while on the far side of a country a deranged clown inflicts are slow and horrific death upon those he has stumbled across.

"We turn now to a world next door and see that it is different, so different that one could hardly call them linked at all." The Watcher spoke. "This is the world my people have designated Earth-199999. In this world, the heroes see that death is sometimes needed to ensure the safety of others. It's heroes are still discovering themselves, often the result of their own mistakes and seeking redemption or release."

Uatu gazes into this other world and sees an armoured warrior, encased in gold and red, battles along side a brother, not of blood but of bond, against the creations of a bitter counterpart. Their weapons shred their foes and their armour protects from all the machines can throw. As Uatu turns his gaze a fraction, he watches as two hulking abominations clash. One is primal, fuelled by rage and hate , while the other is calculating, driven by a lust for battle. As the brute proves himself the strongest there is, he spares the twisted soldier and shows that even as a beast he retains his humanity. With a challenging roar to the heavens, the victor flees those who would seek to control him.

"In this world, science triumphs over sorcery as machines and genetic engineering fuels it's potential heroes... All save one!" The Watcher comments before letting his gaze shift to a realm out of sync with the rest, a realm where the gods of old reside. He watches as a reckless son and his father argue. "And it is he that we shall watch, for this lifetime shall be different to all others!"

XX Asgard XX

"You are a vain, cruel, greedy boy!" Odin Borson, Allfather and leader of Asgard, roared.

"And you are an old man and a fool!" Yelled back Thor, son of Odin and heir to Asgard's throne.

"Yes, I was a fool... To think you where ready." Odin agreed, saddened that things had come to this.

"Father..." Began Loki, second son of Odin, in defence of his brother only to be silenced as Odin snapped at him.

"Thor Odinson... You have betrayed the express command of your king." Odin began, his voice wavering. "Through your arrogance and stupidity, you have opened these peaceful Realms and innocent lives to the horrors of war!"

Odin activated the Bifrost and moved to Thor, stripping him of his armour as he continued to speak, anger filling his voice as he did so.

" You are unworthy of this Realm...unworthy of your title... .unworthy of the loved ones you've betrayed. I hereby take from you your powers!" Odin snapped as Mjolnir shot into his hand. Odin used the power of Mjolnir to destroy Thor's armour and strip him of his own powers. "In the name of my father and of his father before I, Odin Allfather, cast you out!"

With that Thor was blasted back into the Bifrost. As Thor disappeared from Asgard Odin applied as rune to Mjolnir, so that no one save those worthy could wield the hammer or the vast power sealed within. With the rune in place, Odin cast the hammer through the Bifrost as well.

XX The Moon XX

"And so we see how Earth-199999 gained another protector but we wonder, could things have turned out differently?" The Watcher mused. "What if Thor Odinson was not the Norse God of Earth-199999, but of this splinter from Earth-Prime? What if an Old God has seen the birth of a different team? What if it was not the Avengers, but the Justice League that Thor helped form?"

XX Earth XX

The Bifrost spat out Thor who fell to the ground with a thud. Less than an hour ago such an impact would of harmed the very earth itself more than Thor, now as he lay there in pain Thor realised that Odin truly had taken his power.

"Damn." Thor groaned as he rose to his feet, the pain slowly fading. Throwing his head up to the stars, Thor searched for constellations he recognised in an effort to learn which Realm he was on.

"Father! Heimdall! I know you can hear me!" Thor shouts angrily at the sky. "Open the bridge!"

Then nothing happened Thor shouted again and again. Finally the Bifrost formed in the sky, but rather than return him home the bridge opened in the sky and released something that burned across the sky like a meteor.

"Mjolnir?" Thor gasped before setting off after it through the fields of stalks.

XX Road Near Smallville XX

"Did Clark call today?" Jonathan Kent asked his wife.

"He called this morning when you where out fixing the fences." Martha told him. "And keep your eyes on the road, it's gotten very dark!"

"Haha, it's fine Martha. There's no one out this way." Jonathan told her just before he was forced to swerve to avoid someone who ran out in front of their truck.

"Oh god Jonathan you hit him!" Martha gasped as the truck skidded to a halt.

"He... He came out of nowhere." Jonathan muttered in shock before undoing his seatbelt and getting out of the truck. "I-I check to see if he's okay."

"Oh my... He's almost as big as Clark." Martha noted when she caught up with Jonathan and got a look at the man they'd struck. "Is he... Is he okay?"

"Father... Hammer... Powers..." Thor murmured before passing out.

"I-I think so. Just dazed." Jonathan said before looking around "Where did he come from?"

"I don't know Jonathan but we can't leave him here." Martha said. "Lets take him home and we'll call the doctor in the morning."

"Good idea." Jonathan said as he tried to lift Thor to their truck. "I think he might be a bit bigger than Clark."

XX Kent Farm XX

Thor groaned as we awoke. He was lying on some kind of small and uncomfortable couch and was covered by a crude blanket. When he tried to sit up Thor's side ignited in pain and he collapsed back onto his back.

"Steady on there son, that was a bit of a blow you took last night." A voice said off to the side. It spoke in English, although it was quite different to how Thor remembered it being the last time he had visited.

"What?" Thor responded in English, his mind still clouded by pain and sleep.

"When you ran out in front of our truck." Came the voice again as the speaker moved into Thor's field of vision. The speaker was an old man in strange garb. By his language Thor was able to work out that he was on Midgard. "We called the doctor, he should be here within the hour... Say, what's your name?"

"Thor... Thor Odinson." Thor answered before trying to sit up again.

"Thor? Strange name. I'm Jonathan, Jonathan Kent." Jonathan said as he moved to help Thor sit up. "How did you end up so far from town last night?"

"Bifrost." Thor answered. "Banished... Father took... Mjolnir."

"I see." Jonathan said, wondering what on earth a 'Bifrost' or a 'Mjolnir' were. "Where are you from?"

"I am... I am Thor, Prince of Asgard." Thor told him, his mind starting to clear. "Where am I?"

"This is my farm just outside of Smallville." Jonathan told him. "I don't know where Asgard is from here though... Can you tell me where it is?"

"Away, far from here." Thor told him as he moved to get to his feet. "I need to find Mjolnir, it landed somewhere near the field I landed in."

"Landed in?" Jonathan repeated before coming to the conclusion that the main before him was some kind of alien that had arrived in that blast of light they'd seen earlier in the evening.

"Yes, the Bifrost left me in one of the fields nearby." Thor said as he finally managed to get to his feet. Checking himself for injuries, Thor found large bruises forming all along the left side of his body. "Where are my clothes?"

"Oh eh, they were covered in mud and bits of maize so Martha said she'd clean them." Jonathan said before moving towards the stairs. "Just wait right there and I'll go see if any of Clark's old clothing will fit you."

"Thank you." Thor told Jonathan.

"For what?" Jonathan asked.

"For your hospitality." Thor replied.

After dressing himself in some of the clothes Jonathan's son had left. Thor accepted the food they provided. While he consumed more food in one sitting than most humans consume in a day, Jonathan promised to help Thor find Mjolnir once some work on the farm was finished. Wishing to repay their kindness, and speed things up so he could find Mjolnir, Thor offered to help. He soon found that Humanity had some very strange equipment to aid in farming, which he had no idea how to operate, and so could only assist by mending some fences.

"Hey Pa!" Someone called out after a while. Turning Thor saw a man of impressive build, although the way he dressed and carried himself seemed meant to hide the fact, approach from the house. "Ma said you really killed a man last night."

"I did not nearly kill a man, he's here beside me isn't he?" Jonathan countered, a small smile on his face. "Clark, this is Thor. Thor this is my son Clark."

"Nice to meet you." Clark said as he extended a hand.

"And you." Thor replied, grasping the outstretched hand at the wrist. "Your father was kind enough to lend my clothing that once belonged to you, I hope you have no objections."

"No, it's fine." Clark said before turning to Jonathan. "What happened to Miller's Field? When I was on my way over it was all torn up and people where trying to move something out in the middle of it."

"I don't know son... While your here would you help me with the tractor?" Jonathan said, throwing a quick glance at Thor, who was staring off.

"Which way is this field?" Thor asked, trying to work out which direction it had been that Mjolnir had shot off in.

"Sure Pa." Clark said before turning and pointing off into the distance. "Miller's Field is a few miles that way."

"I see... Thank you." Thor said as the father and son moved off to the side. Thor set about storing the tools he'd been using away.

"Say Thor, I think we'll done enough for now. Lets go see it this thing is what you're looking for."Jonathan said once he and Clark finished over by the tractor.

XX Miller's Field XX

When Thor and the Kents arrived they found over a dozen locals trying to move Mjolnir, which was embedded in the earth at the end of a long trench it had carved into the ground when it landed. Not even waiting for Jonathan to stop the truck Thor was out and pushing his way through the small crowd to reclaim his hammer. Most complaints about pushing died when the locals saw just how big Thor was.

"Mjolnir." Thor muttered, a smile on his face as he grabs the handle and pulls. The hammer does not move. Thor pulls again, harder this time. He pulls with all his might but the hammer does not move an inch. Using both hands, Thor threatens to tear the muscles in his arms with strain as he tries to lift the hammer. When it still failed to move Thor let go, walked off to the side and just slumps down to the ground. Thor watched, dejected, as others tried to lift the hammer. As Clark, egged on the others, tried to lift it Thor noticed a set of runes appear. Reading them Thor understood why he could not lift the hammer. The truth made him feel even worse.

XX Kent Farm XX

With no other place to go, Thor had returned to the Kent farm. Loki's visit later that evening only served to drive Thor further into despair.

"B-But why do you worry? The Odinsleep lasts a day or so at most." Thor said once Loki finished explaining what had occurred on Asgard after his banishment.

"True, but the Allfather had been delaying the Odin Sleep for some time it seems... The healers do not know how long it shall last." Loki told him. "I think your coronation was brought forward so that the Allfather could relieve himself of the burden of leadership, even if you were not ready."

"What do you mean 'not ready'?" Thor snapped as he jumped to his feet. "Do you not think me fit to rule?"

"In wartime you would be the greatest leader, a general who enters the battlefield with the first charge and carries the last of the wounded off... But we are not at war!" Loki pointed out. "Your ways would only bring suffering to Asgard as you are, take this time to grow. Try and learn whatever lesson you were sent to learn."

"I-I can't come home with you?" Thor asked, pleaded really.

"I cannot act against the orders of Asgard's previous king, not so soon." Loki explained, moving to stand next to Thor who's slumped back to the ground. "And we cannot leave Mjolnir here, reclaim it Thor and then I can see about taking you back."

"I-I see... Thank you brother." Thor sobbed before shaking himself. "So tell me, what bothers you so?"

"What?" Loki asked with confusion on his face.

"You are my little brother, I like to think I can tell when something bothers you." Thor said.

"Empathy is not a power you possess Thor, but this time you are right..." Loki admitted. "I... I learned some news that distresses me, but it is nothing for you to concern yourself with. When you can return we shall deal with it."

"Very well, goodbye brother... Tell mother I'm sorry, will you?" Thor said as Loki prepared to return to Asgard.

"We shall speak soon Thor." Loki said ad Thor pulled him in close and hugged him. "And what am I apologising to mother for?"

"Because I've brought shame on her and our family." Thor said as they pulled apart.

"Mother will never be ashamed of either of us brother, she told me so not long before I came to see you." Loki said before fading away.

Thor stared at the spot Loki occupied for a moment before getting back to work, he had said he would clear out one of the sheds and sort it's tools. As he gave a sledgehammer a few swings visions of suffering, death and destruction exploded behind his eyes. As Thor collapsed under the weight of the mental assault, he had no idea that seven other's across the globe where seeing the very same thing.


How will Thor interact with the other founders? Why has Loki told the truth, what does that mean for Asgard? Keep your eyes peeled for the next chapter where questions will be answered and more will be raised.

Superman couldn't lift the hammer because; due to the actions he performed while under Darks Eid's control at the end of Superman: TAS, he subconsciously would not consider himself worthy.

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