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XX Metropolis XX

"So how are you fitting in, no trouble?" Clark asked as he and Thor stood atop the Daily Planet's globe and stared out across the, thankfully, peaceful city.

"Well enough." Thor shrugged. "Batman created 'cover identities' for J'onn, Diana and I. It took him some time to do so... Something called 'Arkham' was unable to hold someone called 'The Joker'... Batman sounded somewhat frustrated by it."

"Yeah, Arkham has a pretty bad track record on keeping crazies locked up." Clark sighed before his sensitive hearing detected a bank alarm sounding on the far side of the city. "Huh, and it was shaping up to be a nice day as well."

"Trouble?" Thor asked, plucking Mjolnir from his belt and searching for sign of trouble.

"Sounds like a bank robbery." Clark sighed as he rose into the air. "Want to come and help? I mean it's not like you're doing anything at the moment"

"Aye." Thor agreed before taking flight and joining Clark. "Lead on."

The pair arrived at the bank just in time to great a half dozen armed and armoured thugs as they burst through the doors. The men stared at the floating heroes for a second before opening fire.

"Is this how you are normally greeted?" Thor asked, raising Mjolnir to shield his face.

"Usually." Clark laughed as the bullets flattened on contact with his body and fell harmlessly to the ground beneath him. "As long as they don't break out the lasers, this'll be the easiest bank heist I'll have stopped this week."

"Sorry, no lasers." Came a woman's voice from inside the bank before two jolts of electricity shot out and struck them in the chest. "But I've got something even more shocking!"

"Aarrghh" Superman screamed as the current coursed through his body. "Dammit, it's Livewire."

"That's right 'Stupidman'! I'm back, all charged up and even stronger than ever." Livewire laughed as she emerged from the bank and fired off two more electrical charges. "You guys get the money out of here, I'll deal these idiots."

"Got it." One of the mooks yelled before they rushed to their escape vehicle and began to flee.

"Should I deal with her or would you rather I chase the men?" Thor asked as he blocked another of Livewire's blasts.

"Well, you're electric proof so I'll take the fleeing thieves." Clark replied before giving chase.

"So you think you're tough? Ha, I've beaten Superman and I'm stronger than I was then." Live wire laughed before unleashing the strongest electrical blast she could.

"I see." Thor deadpanned as he absorbed the energy. Levelling Mjolnir at Livewire, Thor magnified the power he'd absorbed from her attacks tenfold and returned all of it in a single burst. While the charge barely even stunned Livewire, the sheer force of the blast knocked her off her feet and sent her flying back into the bank.

"Whoa, what a rush." Livewire said weakly as she struggled to climb off the wreckage of the teller's count she'd smashed into. Stumbling to her feet, Livewire looked at her hands as arcs of electricity jumped between her fingers and all the electronics in the bank began to short. "Thanks for the boost, I've never felt this kind of power before."

"Think nothing of it." Joked Thor as he landed and entered the bank. Turning to look at the staff and patrons huddled off to the side, Thor inclined his head towards the door. "Go."

"No, have them stay." Livewire laughed as she rolled her shoulders and licked her lips. The power surge she got from his attack made her feel amazing and Livewire finally knew why Parasite loved to absorb Superman's power. The rush was intoxicating. "I love it when there's an audience."

The pair stared each other down for a moment, assessing the other and looking for an opening to exploit. Closing the distance between them in an instant, Thor backhanded Livewire through the door to the branch manager's office. Following her in, Thor grabbed Livewire be the neck and gave her a, relatively gentle, tap on the head with Mjolnir. Returning Mjolnir to its place on his belt, Thor hefted Livewire over his shoulder and left the back through the front door.

"Everything alright?" Clark called out from his position beside the police officer in charge.

"She withstood my attack." Thor told him, clearly impressed. "So I resorted to more tried and true methods."

"She's alive, right?" Clark asked nervously, remembering just how hard Thor hit him during their few friendly spars.

"She's fine, unconscious and in need of having a lot of power siphoned off but she'll live." Thor explained as he handed over the metahuman to a pair of specially trained Metropolis SWAT members. "So Superman, is this normal for a day in this city?"

"It's a slow day, not that I'm complaining." Clark laughed as he said goodbye to the police and took flight. When Thor joined him Clark decided to continue their conversation from before. "So Batman got you guys' secret identities. That's good, but what about accommodation? Are you all still using the rooms on the Watchtower?"

"Aye." Thor informed him. "Although, Jonathan and Martha Kent have offered to let me stay on the farm if I ever need shelter again."

"Yeah, Ma and Pa are like that... You met Kara yet?" Clark asked as they made their way back to the Daily planet.

"Kara?" Thor asked, having not met Clark's 'cousin' during his regular visits to the Kent Farm.

"She's my cousin, kind of… She's a survivor of Argo, my home world's sister planet." Clark explained as they reached the Planet. "After Krypton exploded, Argo was thrown from its orbit by the force of the blast. The surface of Argo was devastated by shock waves and having been knocked so far from Rao, the entire world froze. By the time I found Argo… No one else survived."

"A tragic tale... I am sorry to hear that." Thor said as he sat down against the Planet's globe. Clark was slow to share his past, and Thor respected that decision like Clark respected his, so Thor paid attention while the other man spoke.

"Well I'd better get to work, otherwise Lois will have my head over whatever great lead she'll have missed because I wasn't around to help her with it." Clark laughed before retrieving some clothing he'd stashed on the Planet's roof some time ago.

"I best be off then. Goodbye Clark." Thor said as he rose into the air.

"Bye Thor." Clark said as the thunder god departed.

XX America's Western Coast – Several Weeks Later XX

"You know, you still haven't said why you're here." Clark called out to Thor as the pair roared through the sky, returning from assisting with search-and-rescue operations in the wake of an earthquake

"I'm here because you asked for help with the earthquake." Thor yelled back over the sound of the wind.

"That's not what I meant." Clark clarified. "Why are you here, on Earth?"

"I told you, I made a mistake and I was sent to learn a lesson." Thor answered, clearly not wishing to discuss it any further.

"You did and I accept that you don't want to take about that mistake." Clark called as he dived slightly to avoid flying into a flock of birds. "But you said Mjolnir was tied to the lesson, that by being able to lift it you had learned your lesson... So, how come you're still here on earth?"

"It's complicated." Thor said flatly.

"More complicated than a friendship between an alien refugee and a pagan god?" Clark joked.

"Fine." Thor sighed after a moment's silence. "If I return now, while my brother serves as king, it is possible my father will order me exiled again when he retakes the throne for daring to return without his permission... If that happens then Asgard will appear divided and open to attack by its enemies. For now, it is better I remain here and act as a deterrent, discouraging those same enemies from attacking Midgard for slaves and territory."

"How strong are those enemies?" Clark asked, not liking the idea of Earth facing another invasion any time soon... Especially if the invaders worried Thor. "How worried should we be?"

"The Jotun are still weak from their defeat here on Midgard millennia ago be the forces of Asgard. Laufey's forces are a fragment of what he once controlled with the best of his troops dead or defected to other Jotun kings." Thor explained, working off the information Loki had provided the last time he'd spoken to his brother. "From him we would see small raiding parties at best... From Utgarda-Loki, should he decide to interfere, a full invasion could be possible."

"I see." Clark cursed. The two turned inland and slowed their speed. "Are these 'Jotun' the only risk?"

"No." Thor said, adding to Clark's worry. "The elves of Svartalfheim, at least those under the command of Malekith, may come here seeking slaves and resources to fuel his attempts to usurp control of Svartalfheim. As for Muspelheim and Surtur... Pray he does not turn his attention towards Midgard."

"This Surtur guy that bad?" Clark asked, wondering how he compared to the likes of Darkseid.

"From what I have heard said of him, he burned galaxies for amusement." Was Thor's reply.

"That doesn't sound good." Clark groaned before deciding to change topics. "So… What's your problem with Diana?"

"I have no problem with the princess." Thor said dismissively before picking up speed.

"Could of fooled me." Clark yelled before accelerating to match. "You watch her whenever you're in the same room; you're always on guard when she's around… It's like you expect her to attack you at any moment or something."

"I… Asgard has dealt with Themyscira before." Thor admitted. "Let us leave it at that.

"If it means you can't work with Diana we need to get to the bottom of it." Clark began before receiving a message through his League communicator. "Dammit, we got trouble."

"What kind?" Thor asked, grateful for the interruption.

"Flash, Hawkgirl and Martian Manhunter are battling red robots." Clark yelled as he accelerated.

"That... is not very clear." Thor joked.

"Just hit anything big and red and made of metal, okay?" Clark sighed.

"Can do." Thor smirked before the pair went supersonic.

XX City Centre XX

"Back off." Clark ordered as he stopped the lead Manhunter from finishing off Hawkgirl. Charging the machine, Clark forced it back while Thor dropped down between the other two and let fly with Mjolnir.

While focusing on one of them, the other blasted Clark in the back to free its commander. Turning, Thor shattered the Manhunter robot's staff before knocking it off its feet. As the other members of the League recovered the two forces squared off only to be interrupted Green Lantern.

"Stop!" He ordered.

"Better late than never." The Flash joked as the Green lantern landed between them.

"You are the Lantern known as John Stewart?" The Manhunter commander asked when John walked up to him.

"I am." Green Lantern admitted.

"Your ring." The Manhunter demanded, extending its hand.

"What are you doing?" Flash demanded to know when Green Lantern actually handed over his ring.

"Stay out of this." Green lantern snapped.

"You will come with us." Ordered the Manhunter Commander as the other two restrained Green Lantern. Once he was secure, the three Manhunters and Green Lantern warped away in a pillar of gold light.

"Why did he go?" Flash asked dumbfounded.

"I don't know." Superman admitted. "But we're gonna find out."

XX The Watchtower XX

"I do not like this." Thor objected when Clark told him he had to remain behind.

"If you come too, it leaves Wonder woman and Batman to defend all of the earth alone." Clark pointed out. "Batman doesn't like to leave Gotham and that leaves Diana with the entire planet to watch over on her own, she needs backup."

"Fine." Thor spat. "But I am not happy with it."

"We'll find out what's going on and get John back." Clark promised before leaving the control room.

"Relax big guy. Watch the monitors, have some coffee... Hell, listen to some music." Flash laughed as he handed Thor as steaming mug of coffee and he typed something into the Watchtower computer and speeding off.

"I don't like this." Thor grumbled as he sipped the coffee. Sitting in one of the chairs and turning to face the monitors, Thor paid no mind when music began playing throughout the Watchtower.


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