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The beginning

Logan POV

This can't be he's smells so like me and well I don't know he looks about 13 14. Black hair that comes just under his neck and his closes were baggie I didn't know if he was small for his age or not but I couldn't leave him there I picked him he whimpered in my arms. I smelled blood on him I growled that someone dared hurt my cub, wait my cub I don't know him and my beast is calling him my cub. I took him to the manor to Storm I said "I found him in the woods near the house I don't know who he is or if he's a mutant or not" I paced him down gently she checked him over having some harsh cuts she took some much needed blood for test 50 miners I sour the elf and that kitty girl

Kitty asked, "Hello mister Logan Rogue said you found a boy"

Knowing were she was going with I said flatly "No"

Kitty wined "But Logan we really want to meet him"

Being stickered with the kids instead of making them bratty I sticked with the nice word of "No"

I knew the boy woke up I said to the elf and kitty "I got to go"

When I got back to the cub I found my self staring in his eyes the were green glitter some of the little bits of glitter were shining in the sun light I knew now he was some kind of mutant I said "Bub what's your name?"

Green eyes said "I don't know I was hoping you could tell me" Green eyes was doomed this was like naming a new born but worse because the kid cares what you name him Chuck came in and asked "How is every one in here?"

Greens eyes "Were am I?"

Chuck expanded "Your at our institute a school for young gifted students"

Green eyes seemed after the world school he didn't care he asked "well umm okay do any of you know my name or anything about me I can't remember anything"

Chuck said "Okay well you see" I could see the kid just wanted to get on with him like me when I cut in saying "This is a school for mutants like you and me if you can't remember anything maybe chuck there" He smirked and said "Okay lets do it just do it" Chuck said "Just try to relax" of cause he just tenses after a minter or 2 he came back in ponder "It seems that I can not to in to mind at all, completely purple it all so seems that your powers are not stable just all most as if it is the middle of your becoming one"

The kid said "Oh ok than well I need a name any ideas?" Strom said "what about Varden" green eyes said name the kind of look that said he liked but not for me chuck said "Zev" Green eyes said "No still doesn't feel right"

Chuck asked "what about Faolan" Green eyes shock his I don't blame him the name were vary bad maybe Pooky meaning Little Cute Person nan he'll hate me just for saying it I said " how about Haru bub?" He thinking about it Haru was a man in Japan we were close he was a good man I vowed to myself if I ever had a son I'll name him after that man the kid said "Haru hmm Haru yeah okay if feels good" Chuck smiles at me all knowing Storm's looked surprized not thinking that I name him something nice and not so tuff or meaning wolf or green hell maybe glitter Now the boy name Haru said "Okay well now that out of the way anything else I should know?"

Strom said "Yes this man over here is your father his name is Logan"

Haru didn't even flinch that is never a good sine I asked, "You okay bub?"

Haru said calmly "Yes I am Dad" he slammed the dad part all most as it were a horrendous Haru got up and said "Well I'm going go look for umm people umm my own age k see you" he ran out of the room before anyone could say anything I inquired "did anyone tell him about his eyes"

Chuck said "No but don't worry I'll get Scott to take him out as a friend so he will not hurt anyone or anything he is like you he'll come back"

I chortled under my breath.

Haru POV

I have to get out of this funny farm well at lest I got a name out of it. I fell to the ground finding a handsome man with red, bronze hair and red sunglasses blue jumper yellow under shirt and track pants. He said "I'm sorry my flout I'm Scott" he offer his hand and I took it I could use him I said "Don't worry bout it Scott hey can you tell me were the town is?" he looked surprised he agreeing with me "Yeah I could take you there if you want" I didn't know about that I needed to be sure that I can ditch him some were along the way I said unsurely "I don't know I just need a map or something"

He said "Don't worry about it I'm going there anyway really no problem" I said now knowing I can bump him I said "yeah ok" he took me to the carport to a lot oh cars and bikes he asked "okay the car or the bike?"

I all most yelled "Bike!" he smiled grabbing two helmets and a pare of goggles he said "Right helmet for me helmet and goggles for you

I asked "Goggles?" his face soften he said "It windy but it also covers you eyes"

I stutter "Why would I cover up my eyes" Scott face soften even more if that were possible He said "Oh I thought you knew your eyes they shine I mean like really shine just look in the mirror" turning finding my eye were shining, sparkly the green was the colour and notable but once you got past that you would the black no were near as vibrant as the green but the glimmers in the light there were not line in my eye it was all most as if I put contact in with glitter instead of a different colour I took the goggles the made the sine go away but the look of powder but no shine that's good I guess I said "right lets go" he asked concerned "You all right"

I said "Yeah just going to have to use to being different to every one ease"

Scott said "Hey no worries you got I mean people like me has to be carful or we'll blow up the place so your setting on a petty sweet deal here what your name anyway never court it" I said "My name is Haru" he took of riding the bike

Don't mind me I'm just a page brake

Scott said when we parked he said in a after thought "Okay we need to get you some shades as well all so some new close as well" I thought my own closes I don't want to in slot him I disagreed "I don't need anything" Scott rise his eye brows "Haru look at what your wearing there should not even be consider closes anymore and you need sunglasses so you don't attack any attention" he dragged me to a nick knack shop buying me some Roxy Minx Sunglasses with dark green frames when I put them on Scott said "Your eyes make them greener I knew to get you green sonnies now time for closes"

He'd pick out a green jersey yellow under shirt and black and green track pants it paned me so I said "No way in hell" Scott tied to covens me by saying "Oh what come on this is cool and you good in them as well" I walked to the over end the shop I grasped the look and I liked it. Changing to skinny grey faded jeans a blood red shirt and a black jacket Scott found me asking "Ware were you?" he put his hands on his hips as if I were a bad little boy who walked away from his mummy I said "I got closes and there not a carbon copy of you" giving up he said "Fine but you need gym close they will be good for that" in the end we got me a hole new wardrobe we were eating lunch at a café he said "So Haru you living at the institute" I said "No" having a all knowing smirk he said "Oh I was under the impassion you were"

I said "And who told you that?"

He alleged "Your father"

I chuckled out cruelly "Oh I should had known this is all a set up isn't it someone told you to keep a eye on me and maybe even befriend me and take me back to that nuttier house" Scott said "Whit there is more I mean you seen your eyes is it really hard to believe that there are such things?"

I said "No it not that really it just I lost my past and here a guy doesn't even know my name and saying my he's my Dad like I would believe that"

Scott defend his 'Dad' saying "He didn't know the only reason why he know now is because of a bio test if you come back you can look at them" I was going to say something until a cat bit me I yelped on my ankle but then I notes that I it was healed I supposed "Okay I'm healed"

Scott said, "Think we should head back"

I said "Yeah Scotty" I put on the helmet riding back to the mad house

Page brake

Logon POV

The kid came back with Summers Chuck was so sure that he'll come back he put the kid in the room with the elf that kid is going to secured for life. I'm glad that Chuck gave Scott money to buy him new closes I will have to pay him back. That kid was going to ditch Summers not that I can blame him I bet you he was going to go to some old motel judging from his old closes who would put them on a kid even if they are a mutant or not. It was diner time Kitty said, "So I'm Kitty and you all ready Kurt and Scott this is Rogue and Spike" Haru alleged them "Hey I'm Haru"

Rogue said, "Hey I like your stile" with a black jacket red top grey jeans and bots

Haru said "Yeah you should had seen what Scotty tried to get me in it was a copy of what he is waring" they all laughed it was good to see he has good people skills I wounder what he is like Kitty asked "How old are you" oh no there is no way he could answer that he. I decided that it was time to step in he said before I could step in "How old do I look?" he was smart Kitty wonder before saying "hmm you look 13 to me" Rouge thought about "I would say 13 but because of what you said that I think 12"

Elf said "Maybe he's older 14" Spike guessed "I'd say 13" He yelled "you all lose I'm 15 I know I look so young" very smart kid he asked them and chose the older age no one can say anything. At the table Haru asked me "So what do you do?" I said "I teach self deafens and survival" Elf said "Never go on his camps Haru he hard to keep up with doesn't give us brakes or anything you will not survive" everyone nodded he looked so surprised "Is it really that bad?" he looked so young with that look and the question. He said "Maybe I should go on a camp see what everyone complaining about" He had a detriment look heh so this kid wants to go camping I warned him "It real camping not the wimpy stuff there selling out there and no powers unless I say and do as I say"

He grinned "Well doesn't that sound like fun learn real life skills" cocky little brat I grunted "You think you can handle my camping do ya bub? Fine next weekend you go camping" kitty said "Haru you are not going to be able to move for a week" Elf groused "If you want me to get you out of there just call no one will blame you" Scott purported "Hey come on guys don't discourage him if Logon has someone else to pick on and leave us alone" Spike shouted "Yeah go on Haru have a blast on your camping trip" Rogue said "That's the spirit go Haru you won't die" Haru was looking amused. They just have the misfortune of being unfit. Hopefully Haru is not like that so annoying winging like 'I'm tired it's, too early, I'm hungry, I want to go home' well he's my kid so maybe he'll be different Chuck said, "Time for bed" all but Haru gowned. They got up to go to their rooms we'll see how he fails out at wolverine's camp.

Haru POV

I was so sleepy I punk down on the bed just waiting to see what's to wait tomorrow.

Page brake

I groggily stumble to the mirror I started to brush my teeth my toothbrush snapped in two with the broken toothbrush in my mouth seeing the person in the glass had black cat ears sparkly cat like eyes and vampire fangs that came over my lips I looked at my nails and they were like claws I looked to see if I had tail and thank witch ever god was there I didn't. I darted to Kurt I yelled shaking him "Kurt, Kurt you got to wake up" still out I clapped it will get him up nope. I go to my last resort I jumped on him Kurt jerked coursing me to full hiding my new fetchers up screamed "What the hell man?" I got up and said "I need your help you look like a blue elf you got to know what to do" I was a little panicked he holding his hands and said drowsily "Okay, okay Haru just relax I know what to do just go see your Papa he'll know what to do" he held my arm then the next thing I know I was in front of a door. Kurt beat the door down and poof away I shrieked, "Dam you Elf!" Logon arose out of the door he said "Haru" no turning back now I whispered "Um I need some help I didn't go to bed with cat ears" he mutter "Come on in kid" I walked expecting knives, daggers, guns and more, not a nice king size bed two bed side tables one blue lamped on one and clock saying 3:00 oh god I didn't even know it was that early. There was a lounge he sat on the lounge I followed knowing were he were jesting we both sat down he said "Okay you woke me up at a godly hour because you change into a cat. Well the elf was right to bring you to me" I said "Why? How would he even know" Dad said all-knowing "He has a strong scenes of smell he knows your mine and he could tell you are a small and believe me if he weren't so tired he would had jumped you bones he knew to take you here even people with out the smell will be fancy after you everyone you're the type of person that can may a striate man gay and girls just want to be your best friend but still possesses when it come to over friends and such now I can't let you back to the elf's room so you just have to sleep here I'll go get things to sleep" I nodded I didn't trust my voice or him really I mean he has been good not hovering and all but I don't know him or me.

Logon POV

I got the blacken and pillows coming back I said "Here" he'd said "Thanks you know you smell of wolf" well he defiantly takes after me in the power the more animal like insekes I stuffed "Yeah well you smell like cat now in bed you are not going to be taking naps in the day if I have anything to say about it" kid I hope you like attention because your going to get a lot of it. I gone to bed it's going to be one long day Chuck going to make me help him not that I mind helping he is my son after all. I deil with it in the morning for now just sleep.


The kid was still sleeping I howled "Get up" he jumped up all the to the roof he screamed, "What you go that for you mislabel old man" showing me his fangs yep this was going to be fun. I said "Calm down Haru now just come down" he looked down getting closer too the sling he yelled "No" this was annoying I yelled "What you can't get down" Haru looked down he let his right leg down then let other his leg dangling from his claws letting go and landing on his feet I said "Just like a cat" Haru said "Year well it's not my fault anyway how am I meant go out looking like this the elf just took me here with nothing but the close on my back" Haru cat like ears were flat agents his head I said "We'll just go to your room there's no way your going to be staying in his room" the look on the cat-boy face was ire but not leaving room to argue "Lets go" we walked to the in quiet noiseless sound before I open the door I said "Get dressed in some gym closes" he asked "Why?" pulling back his ears to the unknown he got dressed in track pants and a black t-shirt his eyes were gaming darkly I guess it not going to be the best time to chat that's okay we walked to the gym I gave the speech "I will not toluate wimpy I'm sleepy or this is to hard you're my son so I will expect you to know self deafens" stopping to look at that panicked face and those perky ears drupe I knew then and there he didn't know self deafens I said "I know you may not know self deafens but that ends now 2 warm up laps now start" 2 warm up laps 3 shadowed laps 10 push up 10 sit ups all with in looking more and more dement now we're starting self deafens 50 minters then five minters of streaking and two cool down laps this is grate he is fit I said "Go hit the showers you smell like a foul cat" he screamed at me and said "You work out that much then I can tell you smell like a stinky mutt" he ran off before I could say anything rotten kid.

Normal POV

In the sowers Haru was wondering what he was like what did he like? He new now that he like sports but what else did he like art or did he like weighting did he like music or not did he have friends or didn't he? Did he have a family that was looking for him? He did know all he knew is that he was a new Haru his new beginning.

Chapter 2

Kitty so happy Haru was coming to school he walked out in black ripped jeans a brown tea-shirt and a lather jacket in Scott's she said "Haru are you coming with us?"