Of machetes and razors.

"Hey, momma's boy, get your dead ass over here!" hollered Freddy, smirking at Jason, who was about to grab a blonde girl in a red dress.

Jason stared at Freddy with his head tilted to the side, confused.

He had just interrupted Jason from killing a teenage girl in Camp Crystal Lake and the girl had turned around and seen them both, and was now running away from them, screaming bloody murder.

He shrugged at Freddy in a 'what do you want' way, and Freddy waved his razor gloved hand threateningly in the air above his head.

"Just get the fuck over here!"

Jason sighed, his huge shoulders heaving up and down as he stomped moodily over to Freddy, his machete raised up ready in case Freddy decided to attack him.

He crossed his large arms across his chest, waiting for Freddy to explain what the hell he wanted now.

Freddy scowled, hating Pinhead for doing this to him.

"Pinhead's breathing flames down my neck after what happened back in 2003, so I have to 'help you' to make up for...oh for fucks sake, this is so fucking-"

"So what, Frederick?"

A man with pale white skin and pins sticking out all over his bald head appeared from behind a tree, looking amused at Freddy.

Freddy, looking startled, back-pedalled, "I mean, he's given me a great other option than fighting with you in hell in an arena for eternity, which would mean no slaughtering my piglets in their dreams and no slaughtering teenagers for you at Camp Crystal Lake..."

"Which is?" prompted Pinhead, enjoying himself.

"Which is," growled Freddy, struggling to control his temper, "to help you and to be your friend. Ugh! There! I fucking said it!"

"There, that wasn't so hard, now was it?" smirked Pinhead.

Jason scratched the top of his head in thought as Pinhead and Freddy stared at him, waiting for his response.

Jason stared into Pinhead's black eyes, and Pinhead smiled a small smile as he nodded in response to Jason's thought request of a chalkboard and chalk, and passed him a chalkboard and chalk from Freddy, who had grudgingly brought a chalkboard and chalk from the dream world with him before going to Camp Crystal Lake to talk to Jason.

Freddy waited impatiently for Jason to write down his answer, messing around with his razors by spreading them out and then in again repeatedly, which was beginning to irritate Pinhead.

Pinhead glared coldly at him, and Freddy grinned, still messing around with his razors.

Preventing a fight breaking out between Pinhead and Freddy, Jason had finally finished writing, and poked Pinhead on the shoulder to get his attention.

What if I don't want to be friends with Freddy? He's mean.

Freddy snorted.

"You've got no choice, you big ba-"

"Yes, unfortunately, it's true. You have no choice but to be friends with Frederick."

Now it was Jason who was struggling to control his temper.

He wrote angrily in big capital letters on the chalkboard.


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