The next day, Freddy heard something knock repeatedly on the window of his room, and he growled in frustration as he got out of his bed and slammed the window wide open.


Before he could finish his sentence, a rusty chain zoomed into his mouth, successfully silencing him before he said something stupid.

Truth be told, the chain just wanted to throttle Freddy for being such a moody bastard.

With Freddy gagging violently for air, he yanked the chain out of his mouth, glaring ferociously at the faceless chain.

"Fucking chain's more annoying than that retarded zombie! What the fuck do you want, anyway?"

The chain shook its head in mock disbelief, then revealed the piece of paper that was attached to its back.

"Like a fucking postman..." muttered Freddy as he ripped the paper off of the chain.

Frederick, you should be making friends with Jason. Do you really want to end up fighting him in an arena in hell forever?

Oh, and I'm not a goth, Candle man.

"Fuckin' goth!"


HIN was minding her own business as she randomly walked down a deserted corridor, following a spider, when she heard an outraged growl come from Freddy's room.

"Fuckin' goth!"

Curious to find out who the 'fuckin' goth' was, she walked over to Freddy's room, grinning.

"Who's the goth?"

Freddy turned around from the direction of the open window to face HIN, rolling his eyes at the piece of paper.

"Pincushion is."

"Don't ya mean Elliot?"

Freddy looked at her suspiciously.

"You know that he's British and you are too...are you two related?"

HIN frowned.

"No! Just because we have the same accent doesn't mean we're related!"

Walking over to stand directly in front of him, she snatched the piece of paper out of his burnt hands to read what Elliot had said to annoy Freddy.

Snorting with laughter, she spluttered in between cackles, "Candle man! Hahahahaha!"

Freddy glared at her, and then muttered, "Bitch..."


Ghostface wandered around the hotel, with Tina behind him, looking for Jason so that he could get rid of Tina.

Now wandering around the ground floor, Ghostface looked at the leaflets that were on top of the desk in the reception area, and grinned stupidly in glee at the name of the hotel, acting like Christmas had come early.

Overlook Hotel.

"Hey, Zombina! We're at that hotel that's in The Shining!"


Jason was still having the time of his life in the elevator.

This is much more fun than trying to be friends with Freddy. Wonder if he's looking for me...?

He pressed the button to go down to the bottom floor of the hotel.

Unfortunately, Jason had pressed one too many buttons, and the elevator came screeching to a halt.

Oh crap...I killed the elevator.


Being incredibly bored, Chucky decided to cut some wires with his knife.

Wires that happened to be connected to the elevator that Jason was now trapped in.


HIN, after getting bored of making fun of Freddy 'the candle man' Krueger, decided to go wander around the hotel to see what Jason was doing.

Remembering that the last place she had seen Jason was in the elevator, she made her way over to the elevator, and noticed that it had stopped working.

"The button light isn't on anymore..."

HIN rolled her eyes and sighed, and then exclaimed, "Who's messed with the fucking electrics?!"


Freddy, when he heard HIN exclaim something in her whiny little teenage girl voice, creeped up behind her.


"Haha, very funny..."

"Anyone in the elevator?" asked Freddy.


A pounding of fists answered Freddy's question.

"I'm guessing that Jason's stuck in the elevator."

"No shit."

HIN smacked Freddy on the arm, "Shut up..." she muttered, annoyed.

Freddy snickered annoyingly, making HIN glare at him.

A sound of something slithering on the floor came into Freddy's range of hearing, and he looked at HIN in horror.

"You didn't."

HIN just grinned in response.

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