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I was laughing SO hard I felt like I was going to explode. My attitude had gone, and it was replaced with sheer excitement. Jorge and Six were just frozen there.

"I'll repeat the question, who ARE you?" Six said with more force in it. Jorge was standing there like he was stupid. I stopped laughing and went to serious. I had heard from various stories that women had to have their hair short…I was plonked here by Destiny, so I didn't count. So I took my Air Assault variant helmet off and my brownish-blond hair fell to my shoulders. It had apparently been done in a bun and the 'do was done by Destiny I believe…Damn, she's good too.

"Me, I'm Chelsea. But you can call me SkyStar if you want." I chuckled. Six was stunned into silence. I believe it was the hair. "Destiny has brought me here to stop you from dying." I stated. I was so very happy in my head and thanking Destiny mentally.

"If you have been helping us, how come we didn't see you or hear you? You're saying you came here by destiny but you're referring to it as a real person. Why?" Jorge asked. Finally! He's talking!

First, Destiny is a she," I started with force on she. "And she brought me here to save each and every one of you. I have seen…"I trailed off there and started the answer to the other questions. "You don't need to know. Anyway, most of the time I was using my active camo ability and as for the hearing, I don't think my loudest shout could pierce that thick head of yours Jorge!" I chuckled and wished another helmet for him. It was exactly the same as the last one and I tossed it to him. He caught it and put it on.

Six, recovering from shock, spoke again. "How'd you do that? And if you were using camo how'd it not run out? Also, what DID you see?" Six questioned. Wow, so many questions! In fact there were too many for me to handle!

"I'll tell you once we meet back up with Kat and the others. I think it's going to be a LONG walk. Come on boys!" I called and led the way to New Alexandria aka Exodus. It was going to take a while…and I couldn't use my ULTIMATE SPRINT! Sorry for that, as I said, I'm a kid at heart.

A long…LONG walk later…

"Well, what's the matter with you men? Can't you keep up?" I taunted the boys. Of course they could keep up. They were just lagging behind…it annoyed me. "Come on! Just over this hill!" I called to them and saw the beginning of the game level Exodus. My helmet was off and the wind blew through my hair. I put I helmet back on and waited for the boys.

"So what do we do?" Six asked. Jeez, I was just thinking of that! Six turned his head to the high walks or whatever you call them and looked back at me. "We going up then jumping down?" He asked.

"Hell yea!" I shouted and switched to Jetpack and flew over to the high rise walkway and landed, Six and Jorge were climbing…they were about as fast as a snail. And, as I stated before, was annoying me. I took out my magnum and shot near Jorge as he was climbing. THEN they started going faster. I jumped down as soon as Jorge and Six got up there, and they followed me down.

A DMR bullet came and landed in front of me. "HEY! We're friends!" I called and a Spartan came out of hiding. He had wings on his helmet sort of like Emile and had his scythe-like combat knife. He was wearing black and gold armour. What was his problem? Oh, wait, I wear cyan amour so he probably thought I was an elite or something.

"Sorry, didn't know! You look like and elite!" He laughed. "Call me DJ." He stated and held out his hand. I swatted it away. Six and Jorge came up next to me and were probably checking their mental states, because seeing two OTHER Spartans in one day. One who had been helping them from the start, and another who popped out from almost nowhere!

"Who's this guy?" Jorge asked. I bet he was confused…very, VERY confused. Oh, and I just noticed something…EVERYONE HAS BEEN ASKING QUESTIONS! I took my helmet off, knowing we didn't have much time when falcons flew over us and broad casted a message. They mustn't have known we were there, and it sounded in our helmets, I heard it from the Falcons radio. I put my helmet back on.

"UGH!" I exclaimed. I knew it was going to happen sometime but I wanted to take my helmet off and keep it off for a bit. "Damn it." I muttered and looked at the other Spartan. "You want to come?" I asked him which he immediately shook his head up and down really fast. It was really bizarre.

"Sure." He replied and came to my side immediately. Wow. He was fast. As we found the door where we had to go and all four of us moved in when over the radio came the update and said that the Suicide Squad grunts were coming. They came waddling/running with the plasma grenades in their…claws? DJ took two down with a headshot from his DMR, and I killed the last one as it came through, shouting at us in its own language.

"That was easier than I thought." I chuckled and looked at my teammates for now. Six, Jorge, DJ and me, all together like a find and destroy squad.

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