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The setting takes place after Prince of Tennis Another Story II - Ano Toki no Bokura Episode 4

If you haven't watched it, copy paste the name and search and watch. You'll love me for it afterwards.

Marui lied down on his bed and covered his eyes with his arm. He tried to remember the excitement of the game he played earlier. He smiled then giggled, then laughed uncontrollably. Oh my God, can't that guy Jiroh get any weirder? Imagine! Falling asleep in the middle of a winning hit! Hilarious! Marui is definitely never letting that one go! He'll be laughing for days!

He clutched his stomach, still laughing at himself, then stopped. No matter how he looked at it, if it wasn't for Jiroh's narcolepsy issue, he would have lost. He sighed then he shook his head. Him? Marui Bunta the genius of Rikkaidai? I don't think so. But he was close.

Marui noted to himself that next time he plays against the child-like Jiroh he should be very careful. Not that Jiroh scares him or anything of course.

He giggled to himself once more. Seriously, what's up with those wristbands! That guy can be such a weirdo! Blue wristbands with little hearts? Haha!

Oh and by the way, he should take note to buy a new set of wristbands. He gave his last remaining pair to Jiroh…again. But it was worth it.

He got up from his bed, took his racket and began practicing his swings. He's not going to let Jiroh get a game from him again next time. He grinned.

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