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Tony pulled out two jars cherries from the fridge as Loki grabbed some bowls fromt he cupboard. Leo sitting on the couch while Katherine fussed over him, using her excuse as a Doctor to do so, while Bruce was picking out a movie with Zoe and Tonya.

"What are we going to do about Khaaz?" Tony asked opening another cupboard to search for some sprinkles.

"I was under the impression that now that we have broken his spell on Leo, and we have forcibly ejected him from your body that it was taken care of," Loki said casually, stealing a cherry from the jar he had just opened.

"We kind of just left him in an empty building, you don't think that we shold do something?" Tony raised an eyebrow before pulling himself into the cupboard, reaching for the back.

"My spell will hold for quite a while," Loki assured him, pulling out the cherry stem from his mouth, three knots in it. He grinned a little, saving it for Tony. "Hela has informed me though that she will send some of her wraiths to pick him up, keep him in Helheim."

"How long were you going to wait to tell me all of this?" Tony muttered inside the cupboard. "Ah ha!" He slipped out, two containers of sprinkles in his hand. "And how long are you going to wait to tell Fury? I'm sure- Did you just tie those three stems together?" He looked at the string of cherry stems in Loki's hand. Loki grinned, showing some teeth, and Tony swallowed a little. "How dare you tempt me before the movie has even started?"

"I think that we need to start getting back into a somewhat normal routine again," Loki told him, dropping the stems in the trash can.

"I have a few ideas," Tony swept past Loki, his hand lingering a little on Loki's lower hip. Loki growled slightly before Tony called the others for ice cream.

"I don't know why we didn't do this in the first place," Tony said as he looked out over the railing to the water. "Italy always was a great place for new beginnings." Tony laughed when Loki hit his side.

Tony had rented out half of a restaurant, taking all the seats that overlooked the water. He had paid off some officials, and gondoliers to put up lights along the waterways as well. Soft music played from the restaurants personal musicians as Bruce and Katherine slowly turned on the space meant to be a dance floor. She wore the white dress with purple crystals that Loki had made for her over a year ago.

Almost thirteen months later the couple had decided that they were finally ready to try the marriage thing again, and this time without SHIELD, or any other higher ups, having a say in it. Tony had instantly offered his help.

Clint was trying to pull Natasha up from her chair to the dance floor and Steve and Thor sat at a table as Leo tried to demonstrate his latest trick, this time involving several decks of cards. Zoe and Tonya were under Tony and Loki's table, giggling as they played with the flowers that had been sitting on the tables.

"You are a very deluded mortal," Loki leaned back, his leg crossed over his knee, foot rocking back and forth as one of the girls tried to tie flowers into his shoe.

"I'm your very deluded demi-god," Tony corrected and grinned. "Come on, let's have a dance, we don't dance enough."

"We don't dance," Loki told him. "I don't dance." Loki took a sip of his wine glass and glanced over at the happy couple.

"Not even if I asked nicely?" Tony whispered, his lips dotting kissed along the back of his neck. Loki shivered a little and leaned back slightly. Tony's fingers slid over his wrist, entangling with Loki's fingers.

"Maybe a dance could be negotiated," Loki responded, lifting his hand up, holding onto Tony's fingers. "The price may be high, are you willing to accept?"

Tony grinned and brought Loki's knuckled up and he brushed his lips against his hand. "When aren't I?" Loki smirked and set his glass down, letting Tony pull his up from his chair. "I lead?"

"Not on your life." Loki pulled Tony back and wrapped an arm around his waist.