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Doctor What?

Sarah was approached by a very alarmed Erica as she was gathering books at her locker.

"Sarah, I have a problem." Erica said, her voice shaky.

"What, boys drooling over you?" Sarah chuckled, digging around for her math textbook.

"Yeah," Erica said, and looked around. "Benny's been acting kinda... weird lately."

Sarah dropped her book.

"Weird?" Sarah said, rubbing her toe. "Has there ever been a time when that dork has been completely normal?"

"Um, yeah! Like, right now!" she said, now in a hushed whisper. She looked around again. "He's just... acting all... I don't know! He doesn't make random nerd references anymore, he looks like he shops at David's Bridal and I think he's picking up some sort of weird British accent!" She was now hyperventilating. Sarah was getting concerned.

"Uh, okay, I'll talk to him for you..." Sarah said, and just barely heard "Yeahthanksbye!" from Erica before she began speed-walking down the hall and peeking over her shoulder like some kind of assassin was coming after her.

-One Week Earlier-

Ethan, Benny, and Rory stared, jaws wide open as the credits of their favorite show rolled off the screen.

"Man, the Doctor is so lucky he gets reincarnated into such hot guys," Rory said quietly.

Ethan and Benny stared at him.

"What? You can't deny it, man. Matt Smith has got it going on."

Ethan scoffed. "Right. Everything but eyebrows."

Rory glared.

"Never mind his extremely good looks, what I'm interested in is his ability to just... pick up girls!" Benny said. "I mean, seriously! The moment any right-minded woman lays eyes on him, it's like universal panties be droppin'!"

Ethan facepalmed. "Benny, that's..."

"Absolutely true. Even works on me."

"Rory, just because you share a name with a character on the show doesn't mean-"

"HEY. It's the only thing that keeps me connected with the Doctor... other than my love for outer space..."

"I swear, you're all crazy," Ethan shook his head. "Seriously, if you start acting like the Doctor just to get girls..."


"Okay, I really shouldn't have put that idea in your head."

Benny was already out the door. He was already mounting his bike when Ethan called after him.



"WHAT FOR?!" Rory yelled at him too.


-Present Day-

"'Ello, love. What can I do ya for?" Benny leaned against the wall. Sarah groaned.

"Okay, let's just take this really freaking easy. One, please get rid of the accent. You sound like drunk Simon Cowell."

"Wha'? What are you talking about? It's just how I speak!" Benny looked offended.

Sarah rolled her eyes. "Well then, two, why are you dressed like that? You're not Barney Stinson, you know."

Benny straightened his tie. "Can't save the world without looking absolutely gorgeous."

"Well, who are you?"

"I'm the Doc-"

"JUST... okay I think that's enough. Maybe you should talk to Erica now."

"Why, do I make you nervous?" He waggled his eyebrows. Sarah was now coming up with 50 ways to kill him with that tie.

She dragged him by his hand ("Oi! Careful with the hands, ya timorous beastie!") to where Erica stood outside, looking like she was about to face death.

Or a very close equal.

"Erica, Benny. Benny, Erica. Now, turn him back to normal!" she pleaded Erica before she quickly left, leaving the two outside.

Benny stood there, waiting for Erica to make the first move. "Well don't just stand and stare like some sort of zombie, get on with it!"

Erica snapped back to consciousness. "Oh, um... yeah, sorry. Benny."

He got a dark look in his eye. "Doctor."

"BENNY! LOOK! YOU'RE NOT 'THE DOCTOR', YOU'RE BENNY!" she screamed at him.

He stepped back, blinking and looking concerned like he had just woken up from a bad dream.

"ONE, your cosplay is horrible and your walking is off, TWO, pointing a screwdriver at a door lock and whistling does NOT unlock the door, and three..."

She got a bit quiet.

"Benny, if this is some kind of weird theory you're testing about getting girls, then just please stop. You don't need to act all British and alien just to impress us." She smiled and hugged him. "I don't want Matt Smith, I want Benny."

She kissed him on the cheek. "Nice tux, but I love your nerdy polo shirts much better."

Benny laughed. "It was worth a shot. Ever since I was a kid, I've always wanted to be the Doctor, you know. It was just fun to live that dream for a bit."

Erica took his hand and began walking to her car. "So do you want to go somewhere? We could always go shopping for more polo shirts. Or ties, if you're really into that kinda thing."

"Yeah, sure. Your ride or mine?"

"My ride, of course. You don't have a car yet."

"Nope, but I've got a TARDIS, and that's much much better."

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