"Let it go! Nothing's like before, at least since you starting believing this! Overcome yourself! It's impossible… There's no way you can stay on that board for more than an hour." said Siarrah. Her friend, Simian was on Galactic Adventures, and his mission was to stay on a surfboard for at least 90 minutes. Surprisingly, Simian wasn't frightened a bit by Siarrah's shouting. "I wouldn't make myself do it if I couldn't do it." Simian said, relaxing. It was true. His character, a strong, red beast with many weapons and six eyes, had avoided the waters of a body of water called Fellowship Bay for 18 whole minutes. "I'll show you that it's impossible!" Siarrah said, getting onto another computer. Soon, her character, a pink, big-headed thing with fins for a sea creature, was cruising on the waves. It stayed on the board for one minute, then two, which was strange. Siarrah's creature was a practical person. It was high in brain power but low on fighting stats. How could it survive even a minute of board-cruising?

"See? I told I could do it. Even you can!" Simian chuckled. "You cannot!" Siarrah shrieked. "I just… Got a bit of practice that's all…"

Oh, Siarrah, Simian thought, If only you could understand that there is some kind of magic in you that can make you do it. After all, this isn't just a game. There's more to it, I can feel it. You just have to accept that.

Simian, a brown haired teenager with big brown eyes and a secret love for Siarrah, was a game fanatic. He had SPORE, SPORE Creature Creator Trial Addition, Creepy and Cute, and Galactic Adventures. He played them all the time, and always assumed there was some magic in them.

Siarrah, a red haired genius with teal eyes who loved Simian as equally as he did her, was different. She, too, loved the games, as long as she was playing them with Simian. However, she believed that a game was just a game, and zero magic.

"You can do it!" Simian was exclaiming now, but Siarrah didn't want to hear about it.

Suddenly, a portal opened in both computers. The waves on the screens became choppy, and the two teenagers slowly started turning into their monster forms. Siarrah's skin went all pink, and her hair became grass and things from the back of her character's head that looked like noodles. Simian gained a red complexion, and he became taller, muscular, and more animalistic. As the transformations became complete, the portal sucked the two in.