Title: Marauder

Character: Remus Lupin

Summary: Re-mus Lu-pin. Noun. A creature or being who knows only hate or suffering. Synonyms: ghost, puppet, werewolf, corpse... Marauder. One-shot.

Notes: This has been sitting in my word documents for a few months, so I finally decided to get it up here and add that delicious little summary. I hope you enjoy!

The world must have really hated Remus Lupin.

In the beginning, James Potter lived; Lily Evans lived; Peter Pettigrew survived; Sirius Black was better than alive. And Remus Lupin - well. Who was he to say he lived at all?

They were the Marauders; and dammit, they were invincible.

And then Remus survived, and James and Lily and Peter died, and guess who killed them?

On the 31st of October, 1981, the Wizarding World rejoiced. Voldemort was dead - long live Harry Potter! But imagine being in the last Marauder's shoes that night. He lost everything.

Imagine being in Remus Lupin's shoes that night, and every night after for the next 12 years.

Sirius Black must have really hated Remus Lupin.

Because why would you leave him? Why would you leave a lonely man alive, with no friends, no family, no future? Why should Remus Lupin have to survive?

Though no one in the world knew it - because James and Lily lived on in Harry, and Peter was a martyr, and Sirius was alive, barely, and Remus should have been grateful - all of the Marauders died on that night of 31st October, 1981.

And why would you keep alive a corpse?

Albus Dumbledore must have really hated Remus Lupin.

To bring him back, back to Hogwarts and Harry and memories and nightmares and the corridors where Remus Lupin lived, Albus must've hated Remus.

Walking to the DADA classroom - remember when they stuck all the furniture to the ceiling? - to the Great Hall - remember when Lily first kissed James? - to the courtyard - remember when Sirius turned all the cobbles to water? - to the grounds - remember when Moony played here? - to Hogsmeade - remember when Remus Lupin walked here?

Remember when the Marauders lived?

In the end, James was dead; Lily was dead; Peter was dead to him; and Sirius was... better off dead.

And Remus was left as a ghost.

Peter Pettigrew must have really hated Remus Lupin.

There was no reason, no reason, to keep him alive. He could've been disposed of easily, much more easily than his other friends who were dead and buried six feet underground or trapped in a house too big and too reminiscent of the past 12 years.

Did Peter really wish that fate for him?

Did he wish Remus to not only die, but live a half life, wishing for death around every corner and never having the bravery to walk those few more steps? Then Peter, poor Peter; he was dead, dead like the others, turned traitor and turncoat and cold, so cold.

Was Remus always destined to be the last of the Marauders?

But in the end, James Potter spun; Lily Potter protected; Peter Pettigrew dodged; Sirius Black fought. And Remus Lupin; well, he died.

Was he destined to die in battle, admist flame and glory? Because, in those final moments, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs lived and burned through Moony once more. The Marauders, destined to be together again. Who was Remus to cheat destiny?

And really, in the end, Remus Lupin only hated himself.