Disclaimer: Don't own Bones or the Alphabet. I don't know who owns the Alphabet to be honest. The Ancient Greeks maybe.

This does exactly what it says on the tin. It is the Alphabet of Bones. So each chapter will be based on one word starting with A, B, C, D ect.

So first up is A for Arithmetic. I have a piece of work for Maths to hand in and it is really frustrating me. It isn't basic third grade stuff.

January 2022

Isabel Booth was getting really frustrated with her third grade math homework and so was Katherine Hodgins. Despite being the daughters of two of the world's most brilliant scientists and being extremely bright themselves, math was not their strong point. At subjects like English and Art was.

"Hey girls, how are you getting on?" Hodgins asked when he walked into the kitchen.

"I've decided that Miss Lovey hates us." Kathy replied.

"How can she hate you if her name is Miss Lovey?" Hodgins asked his daughter.

"The homework she has given us for math is really hard." Izzie answered. Hodgins walked over and took the sheet of paper from the table and looked at it closely. Division and multiplications. This should be a cinch for him.

425 divided by 5=

216 divided by 12=

120 divided by 8=

"Doesn't look that hard." Hodgins commented.

"That is because you are a grownup and grownups are supposed to be smart." Kathy said.

"Can't you use a calculator?"

"No." the girls said in unison.

"Not allowed." Izzie said. "We're supposed to do this in our heads."

"Ok, I'll take you both through it and we'll see where we get to." Hodgins said grabbing one of the pink glittery pencils. First of all you draw a box with the big number inside and the smaller one at the side." he said drawing the box and wrote 425 on the inside and 5 beside it. "So you girls know your five times tables?"

"Yes." Kathy answered. "But four isn't in the five times table."

"Ah, but your dad has a special trick." Hodgins said tapping his nose. "What is eight multiplied by five?"

He watched as the girls counted their fingers. "Forty." they both answered.

"So that is the answer for the first part is eight because, like you said eight fives are forty." Hodgins said writing an eight above the four in the box.

"But what do we do with the two?" Izzie asked looking intrigued at the process that her Uncle Hodgins was doing.

"Now we carry that over and put it next to the five." he said drawing a small two next to the bigger five in the box. "So do you know what twenty-five divided by five is?"

"Five." they both answered again. "Oh. I get it now."

"So the answer is?"

"Eighty five." the girls answered happily.

"Thank you Dad." Kathy said.

"No problem Kath, however, where is Damon, isn't he supposed to be doing his homework as well?"

"I saw him and Michael with a fire extinguisher going up towards the bedroom." Kathy answered.

"Oh no." he said running out of his seat to stop his sons from setting the house on fire.