This was so much fun to write! I don't own Horton or Sour Kangaroo. I just own the plot and the poo! ;)

On the 15th of May, in the jungle of Nool, in the heat of the day, in the cool of the pool; he was splashing, enjoying the jungle's great joys when Horton the elephant, heard a loud noise.

"What a peculiar noise! I think I know what it is! Elephants are very smart!" Horton said as smelled.

"Yes, I was right, it was a fart!" Horton yelled.

So, the elephant splashed around, thinking the smell would go away, but when the wind blew he curled his nose up in dismay.

"It is still there! The scent, in the air! I must see if the person who made the sound is still there!"

Horton came to shore. He still smelled the stench, in fact, perhaps more.

He then came to a brown thing. A very large brown thing.

"Disgusting! Gross! Ew! It seems I have come across a very large poo!"

Horton inspected the poo, but was noticed by the Sour Kangaroo.

"What are you doing, inspecting a plant?"

"A plant? No, it just can't! It is a very large poo! Come and inspect Kangaroo!"

"You are crazy! Inspecting a poo? Gosh, Horton! What's wrong with you? We must lock you up! You've gone insane! That particular poo has done something to your brain!"

Sour Kangaroo called the police. They said they didn't know when Horton will be released.

Horton now knows who made the noise, the poo. It was made by none other then the Sour Kangaroo. He saw her dig a whole and bury, too.

This story is about to end. What happens next is up to you my friend.