This was so fun to make! I don't own... well I own most of this. If there's something I don't own well I don't own it! :D

"I'm your beloved bat in the hat! I'm quite sure everyone knows that! Today, we're going to have fun! But not for everyone!"

The Bat opened up a box and out came a flesh eating fox.

"He's a flesh eating fox! He's already been fed, but if he wasn't you would be dead!"

He opens up another box. This, was, in fact, even worse that the fox.

"Turn that frown upside down upside down, but please not in front of this clown! He hates smiling! He will suck out your soul and eat your organs if you do. So, please refrain from doing so or it will be the end of you!"

The Bat takes off his hat.

What scurries out, but an eyeball eating rat.

"An eyeball eating rat! Now, look at that! At least, while you can. I'm really, truly, deeply sorry young man!"

The boy smiled. He imagined a cat eating the rat.

The clown sucked out his soul and ate his organs, flesh eating fox became hungry, and the rat ate his eyeballs after that.

The Bat smiled for his mouth was too tiny to see. He was joyed, for the boy was whiny.

The Bat put his helpers back into their boxes. He then went home and fed his other hungry foxes.

He takes off his hat and out runs the eyeball eating rat.

He remembered the boy's cries and screams. The Bat was glad they were not dreams.

The Bat perches on a hook that is on a bloodstained wall. Dreaming about children, dieing and all.