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Everyone has their secrets; that is something she learned at a very young age. She stared out the car window as her father drove through the city, she was tired after a very long flight from her home in California, and now they were in her father's birth-country… Japan. To their car there was a moving trailer attached with most of their things, everything else had been shipped a week ago.

Her mother, an American, turned in her seat to look at her with bright blue eyes. "Kari, please try not to make so much trouble here…" She said. "We moved here so you can have a fresh start…"

She rolled her eyes as she stared out. New start meant moving to a place people wouldn't find out about you being able to see ghosts so you can have a normal life. New start meant maybe you'll stop making problems and you'll actually make friends this time off… A new start meant it's time to get over that childhood you forgot thanks to some freak accident.

"Don't worry mom, I won't freak kids out with my ghost friends." She said dryly.

"Kari, you know that isn't what I meant." Miranda Hiroyuki said. "You know that isn't what I mean… We just want to see you happy again."

Her father, Jack Hiroyuki, looked up through the rear-view mirror. "C'mon Hikari-Can -" He said.

"Dad, you're a third generation Japanese-American, your mom is from Iowa… you don't need to start the Chan Kun thing." She stated.

Jack chuckled. "Oh my Kari, I promise you, you will like it here… You can enroll in a Karate club or something here… You'll make friends." He promised.

She let out a sigh. "Whatever you say dad." She said.

The pulled up to an old house, it looked like some sort of Shinto temple of something. "What is this place?" She asked.

"It belonged to my great-great Grandfather Hiro Hiroyuki." Jack explained. "He was a Samurai, and this is what is left of his estate. He was the Shogun of this area… Karakura." He said as they got out of the car.

Hikari secretly wondered if she was supposed to be staying in this old place, spirits tended to linger in old places like that. She grabbed her backpack from the back seat before going to the back with her mother and father as she grabbed a box. She followed her dad into the yard; it was big and overgrown with weeds, a tree stood in a corner it had pink blossoms on it, petals drifted lazily to the ground.

"A Sakura tree." He said. "It's very old, as old as my great-great grandfather. They say it has spiritual powers."

She grinned up at him. Out of her two parents her father didn't mind her spiritual ability, her mother – being the American she was, was often worried for her. She walked down the path that needed to be redone as she walked to the front doors, they were made of heavy wood, she looked at her father and he nodded with a small smile. She put down her box as she opened the door and she walked inside.

The foyer was covered in a thick layer of dust, on the walls there were long rice-paper hangings with black Kanji on them, out of everything they were dust-free. She walked further into the house and saw it went length-wise. There was a kitchen, a massive room with Tatami mats, on one wall there was a replica painting of the Great Wave off Kanagawa by Hokusai. She gently walked to it and she put her hand on the blues and greens, the oil-paints were perfect, their colors fresh and bright. To her left there was a sliding door, she walked to it and she tried to open it, at first it would not budge, she gave it a tug and it flew open, sending her flying to the ground.

She coughed as her tumble stirred the dust up around her. She wiped at her streaming eyes before she got up again, she walked out to a deck that needed a good wash, when she looked up her eyes widened. There was a long pool; the water gleamed in the sunlight in an enticingly inviting way. There were at least two more Sakura trees at each end of the backyard, and a gazebo beside the pool. Jack stood beside her. "I see this survived." He said with a smile.

She looked up at him. "Dad?"

"Welcome to the Hiroyuki version of Eden." He said with a chuckle as he gestured to the garden.

"And that's a swimming pool?" She asked.

"Oh yeah, once I spent a summer here with my dad – that pool is the best in the world." He said. "And I have been to a lot of pools in my lifetime."

She looked at the pool again. "I guess I'm willing to give this place a chance." She said.

"I knew you would." He said as he kissed the top of her head.

They spent the rest of the day bringing in boxes and they cleaned up the bedrooms and the main room so they could settle down. "Tomorrow I'm going to have workers come in to set up the Electricity." He said. "This place was mostly a vacation house so we found the charm in never using electricity."

"Dad?" Hikari said. "Don't let them tear down the painting."

"Wouldn't even dream of it." He said. "You should get some sleep, tomorrow you start school."

She groaned and nodded. "Fine." She said.

Miranda and Jack smiled gently as they watched her go out of the main room. Hikari walked down the dark hallway as she used her cell phone to guide her, once she got to her room she lit a fluorescent lamp that ran on batteries as she changed into her pajamas. The house wasn't full of spirits – or none that made themselves apparent just yet. On a chair her school uniform was laid out, her dad had already enrolled her in the local high school, she scowled at it lightly before she unrolled her sleeping bag, her bed was with the things that were being shipped to Karakura so she would not have it for a shirt while. She slid into the sleeping bag before she turned off the lamp, she rummaged through her bag and pulled out a worn out tiger plush she usually slept with. She didn't care if she was almost 16; it gave her comfort when she didn't know how to sleep.

She began to imagine how her first day at school might be like, she knew enough Japanese to get by, but she wasn't fluent enough, she hoped she could get by.