"King of the Fox" (Star Propane)

chapter 1: "A rough beginning"

It is after the battle of andross many have fallen all that is left over is Fox and Krystal but it would never be the same with out Falco constanly bickering at Fox in middle of a dogfight also the numerous others now all deceased.

as time past Fox and Krystal started noticed each other more besides they we're only ones on the ship, slowy the two start letting gard down on each other "Fox." Krystal talking to him for the first time since the battle "yeah Krystal?" he asked curiously "I found this in storage bay. Is this your's?" she asked "...yes it is and I am trying to forget about it..." he said in a soft tone. "oh okay...what exactly is this?" she replied. Fox then said in a quiet but upset tone "a book with pictures of the...team."

chapter 2:"crash landing"

an hour later Krystal and Fox are asleep the ship is on autopilot,ever thig is quiet...too quiet the two are unware of a high risk,they are entering a undetected cosmic ray storm.

the radiation of the rays crippled the ship's navigation system shaking the entire ship also waking the two up "WHAT'S HAPPENING?" Krystal shouted. Fox yells back "I DON'T KNOW!" Fox ran for the control birdge to investigate the disturbance when he arrived he saw nothing he tried every thing he could but the ship continued it's course to a unknown planet.

"CAN YOU STOP IT?" Krystal asked loudly "NO! LOOKS LIKE WE'ER IN FOR A CRASH LANDING!" Fox replied. anonymus to them they'er new destination:Earth,Arlen,Texas.

chapter 3:"Dale's UFO hunt"

On earth a few minutes before the crash,a man with a camera is walking in the woods as he whispered "My name is Dale Girbble...I am looking for proof of extraterrestrial life but I thought it would be easier then this...all the videos I've saw the aliens aren't so hard to find...but don't worry I'll catch one...eventually w...what's that?" he looked up,ducked and,shrieked to see a large fire ball in the sky. After the crash Dale ran for the strange object before he could get any closer someting moved Dale hide behind a tree.

he then peeped his camera out a little bit to get some footaege of the crash sight Dale heard more movement he was frighted of the sound Dale turned his camera back to replay the video it revealed a battered up space craft with two living pilots crawling out of wreckage. Dale thougt for a split secant he concluded that the aliens must be scouts for an invasion squad.

Dale picked up a branch he began to swing it yelling at the top of his lungs "DIE YOU DAMN SPACE FREAKS!" hittig one in the head and pinned it to the ground getting a better look it, "Foxs! my hated adversary! prepare to meet you maker!" Fox kicking Dale off him "what the hell is wong with you ?" Fox shouted at Dale.

Dale then screamed "AAHH! I AM SORRY DON'T KILL ME!" "what? don't kill you? you tried to kill me!" Fox said in a angred tone "are you alright fox?" Krystal asked worrying, Fox rubbing his head replied "yeah I'm okay" Fox look at Dale and said "why did you attack me?" "because I know your scouting for an invasion to take over the earth!" Dale yealled at Fox ,Krystal backing up Fox "we're not trying to take over the planet."

Dale shocked trying let words out "...you'er not evil space invaders! I am so sorry about attacking you! By the way my name is Dale Girbble." Fox accepting the apology "well Dale,I am Fox and this is Krstal. do you Know where we can get some supplies for our ship?" Dale then said "sorry I don't. I not even sure if Our technology is able replace prats of you're it's worth a try can you get some componets? also you two can stay at my houes if you want." Fox noned,he began to help Krystal salvage prats of the ship.