Skipper had really done it this time. He had broke Marlene's heart beyond repair, or so he thought. It all started with the whole white otter incident in "The Otter Woman" episode. You see, this began right after the episode, with Marlene and the penguins sunbathing on the false iceberg. Here's what happened:

"So Skipper", began Marlene, "Technically, you did call me a beautiful damsel."

"No, I called Arlene that, not you.", said Skipper.

"So you don't think I'm beautiful.", said Marlene as her eyes began to tear up.

"No Marlene, I didn't mean it like that.", said Skipper as he tried to explain what he'd said, but Marlene had already ran back to her habitat, crying her eyes out.

"Team, I need some time to think.", said Skipper as he started to climb down the hatch to the HQ, "Don't disturb me."

[5 hours later]

Private slowly descended down the hatch followed by Kowalski and Rico. They found skipper lying in his bunk staring at the wall.

"Skippah'", began Private, "We're worried about you. You need to come get some fresh air."

"Leave me alone Private.", said Skipper.

"No, not until you come outside.", said Private. That was when Skipper became absolutely furious.

"God dammit Private, I don't want to go the fuck outside, okay. I don't want to show my face outside ever again. I ruined the life of my only true love, so just leave me the fuck alone.", he yelled. Private slowly backed away. That's when Kowalski took the stage.

"Listen Skipper, I think you're just too afraid to admit you truly think Marlene's beautiful to yourself. What you need to do is do something nice for Marlene. Might I suggest using your hidden singing talent to your advantage.", he said.

"Well I think, that you're right Kowalski.", said Skipper as he broke down and began to cry into his flippers.

"Okay boys, what do I do?", asked Skipper as he regained his composure.

"Well Skipper, I have a few song suggestions already prepared.", said Kowalski as he produced a clipboard with the names of songs written on it. Skipper scanned the selections and finally chose a song.

"I'll sing this one.", he said as he pointed halfway down the list.