A/N: So this is my first ever set of drabbles, or if they're considered too long to be drabbles, a collection of oneshots that I wrote about my favorite couple on Parks and Recreation: Ron and Tammy 2. Yes, I know any sane rational person would think that those two together is sick, but for the record: I am not a sane rational person. So for those who don't like the pairing, don't read. But if you're feeling adventurous, please enjoy!

Oh and I got this idea based off a cute little story I found on Tumblr, from someone who has an even more fanatical love for the pairing than me: Ron and Tammy secretly get back together at the end of the 'Ron and Tammys' episode in season four, and this first oneshot takes place after 'The Trial of Leslie Knope' which takes place roughly four months later. So at this point, they've been seeing each other for four months, but the rest of the Parks Department doesn't know yet. Of course some things with timeline will make it a bit AU. I obviously do not own the genius Parks and Recreation, but I'm sure that's obvious.

The title of this oneshot comes from the song You & I by Lady Gaga. Not sure if it's the most appropriate title, but it is what I was listening to when I wrote this so, in a way I have to acknowledge the inspiration. Okay. I'll shut up now.

You & I

Tammy paced back and forth through her living room nervously, absentmindedly popping her knuckles as she did so. It had always been one of her stranger habits, something she couldn't break no matter how hard she tried. She soon stopped in mid-pace, one hand firmly gripping the other, when she saw her front door jiggle open and she breathed a sigh of relief when Ron walked in. He looked exhausted, and she immediately went to console him. She knew he had had one of those aggravatingly long days.

"Hey," She said, kissing him softly. "How did the trial go? Is Leslie-"

"She only got a two week suspension. With pay. Everything turned out fine." Tammy's hazel eyes grew wide.

"Wha- I mean that's good for her but . . .how?"

"Ben quit his job. So Leslie could keep hers and they could stay together."

"Well that's good, I'm happy for her."

"I guess, but I'm glad it's all over." He leaned down and kissed her sweetly. She responded eagerly opening her mouth to him and wound her arms around his neck as his snaked around her waist. It was tender moments like these that they both had deep gratitude for; the moments they had been savoring for the past four months.

"I have to say," She said when they finally pulled away, him still holding her tightly; "It was pretty impressive the way you split from that courtroom. I never even saw you."

"I had to keep up with appearances," He replied simply, pushing a few strands of brown hair behind her ear. "Besides, I don't think it would have been pretty if we were in the same room together."

"Why?" Tammy asked laughing, "I doubt it would have gotten too crazy."

"That's the problem. They expect us to tear each other apart."

"Or tear each other's clothes off," She added after thinking about it logically. "And if we didn't they might catch on to what we're doing. I get it." Her eyes darted around nervously. "Okay this is a really stupid question but . . .we really wouldn't – we wouldn't act like that, would we?" He answered her question by kissing her deeply, using one hand to hold her cheek. She held onto him tightly, returning the kiss, not able to get enough of him. She was just so grateful to be in this situation with him: no fighting (at least not the violent screaming matches it had been before, which in itself was a huge achievement), no mind games, just an honest almost completely healthy relationship. It had honestly been the best four months of her life. The only real problem it posed was that people didn't, or couldn't, know about their relationship. Neither believed it would be taken well.

"You know we can't keep this a secret forever." She finally said upon reluctantly pulling away. "People are going to know eventually."

"I know." He sighed, holding her tighter. "I just-I just don't think we should yet. With all the Leslie and Ben stuff that's been happening-" She nodded understandingly. "Let's just not worry about that now, okay?" Tammy temporarily unwound her arms from around him to hold them up in defeat.

"Okay, consider it forgotten." This time she was the one who instigated the kiss, and when it grew more passionate he began to back her up towards her bedroom. Her hands fumbled with his shirt while his tugged at the fabric of her dress.

"I love you." He said once they reached the door.

"I love you too." She replied softly, meaning every word, before pressing her mouth to his again.

So? How was that? R&R and let me know. :) Constructive criticism is always appreciated, but please, no flames. I'd like to add that this is literally my first real time writing romance, so I apologize for any possibly sappiness or OOCness, I'm still learning. I don't think this is my very best, but I think it's a good starting spot, and will establish what's going on.