A/N: I found this one stored away in my documents somewhere, it's one of the first things I wrote about my favorite couple after I finished watching Ron and Tammy Part 2 and having a dream about it afterwards. This is probably my favorite piece of fluff I wrote about the two and so far I think my best work. One of the reasons why I wrote it is because I kind of wondered if Ron ever got any closure after his relationship with Wendy Haverford ended when she left for Canada (because it really did end kind of abruptly). For the record I actually really liked Wendy, I thought she was very nice and sweet. She just needed a different boyfriend. So this is my take on what might have happened to Wendy after Ron and Tammy Part 2. Oh and this takes place about five years after my first two sets of drabbles.

Old Reunions

Rae bounced around excitedly in her cart seat, an absent minded cheeky grin spread across her little round face. She was swinging her little legs back and forth, accidentally kicking her father slightly in the chest. Ron was not at all bothered by this and instead ruffled the little girl's dark curls affectionately.

"What do you say we go find your mom, huh Squirt?" He asked her, pushing the cart forward and Rae giggled and reached for her bright pink sippy-cup in response. Ron normally didn't run errands during the week; it was more Tammy's domain, but because the Parks department needed an excessive amount of items from the grocery store, Ron and his fiancé decided things would get done faster if they both went. Of course, Tammy always brought Rae with her whenever she ran errands and Ron completely understood why. He found her so entertaining to watch in her little seat with the way she was so fascinated and excited about everything around her, and the way her eyes brightened whenever she saw or heard 'bananas'.

"Ron?" A strangely familiar feminine voice asked. Ron reluctantly focused his attention away from his daughter and looked up to see who the familiar voice belonged to. His eyes widened when he discovered who it was.

"Wendy," It wasn't said as a question, but more as a statement as an acknowledgement as to who she was.

"Oh my god," Wendy said, pulling Ron into an awkward hug. "How are you?"

"Uh, great." He stammered, technically telling the truth. He snapped himself out of the shock of his ex girlfriend's presence. "Not to be rude . . . but. . . why aren't you in Canada?"

"Wha-Oh!" Her eyes glanced around the store, probably not looking for anything in particular. "I moved back here after my parents died."

"Oh," Ron said taken slightly aback. "I'm so sorry." His words were surprisingly genuine. There was an uncomfortable pause between the two of them. He noticed Wendy's attention go to Rae, who was happily drinking juice out of her sippy cup, and he instinctively placed a protective arm around the little girl.

"Is this . . . your daughter?" She seemed just as taken aback by Rae's presence as Ron was with Wendy's. He nodded.

"This is Rae." He told her proudly. Wendy raised her eyebrows.


"Leslie Rae," He explained, "But her mother and I are calling her by her middle name." Her mother, Wendy felt her heart sink a little when he said this. Of course, it had been five years, and deep down she knew that by now he would most likely not be single. He'd made a life for himself, something she hadn't had a chance to do. And she most certainly didn't expect to ever see Ron with a baby.

"She's beautiful, Ron." Wendy told him sincerely. "How old is she-"

"Eighteen months." He answered abruptly.

"Oh." She looked down at the curly dark haired, hazel eyed, she realized, baby. "She looks a lot like you."

"Thanks, she-" He felt a cool hand on his shoulder, and never before had he been more relieved to see Tammy.

"Sorry I'm late; the guy in front of me took forever-" Tammy stopped dead in her tracks at the sight of Wendy and Ron could've sworn her eyes momentarily went black. "Oh, hi," Tammy's eye's narrowed in confusion, and she looked over to Ron for some sort of answer. "You must be a friend of Ron's." Ron mouthed 'ex' to her and she just nodded understandingly.

"Yeah," Wendy said slowly, "And you're his-"

"Fiancé," Tammy answered extending out her hand, Ron entwining his in the other, "And technically ex-wife. I'm Tammy." This was probably what surprised Wendy more than anything. She had remembered all the horror stories Ron had told her about his ex wives and as far as she knew, he basically hated them both. Rae simply continued to drink out of her sippy cup, happily oblivious to the obvious tension around her.

Wendy couldn't think of anything else to say. She was seeing Ron with something she didn't have yet: a family.

"Uh well, it was really good to see you, Ron." She said, backing away, trying to smile, "I'll uh-see you around I guess." She soon walked out of sight, Ron and Tammy watching her go. Trying to break the still awkward silence by turning her attention to Rae, who was holding out her little arms.

"Mama up." The little girl said in her tiny pixie voice, and Tammy didn't hesitate to scoop up Rae in her arms. Ron took his hand in hers again and the two continued to walk.

"You okay?" Tammy asked, looking up at Ron with concern.

"You know what? Yeah." He said with a smile. "You should have seen her face when she saw Rae."

"I'm glad. And . . . I would have loved to have seen that." She reached up and kissed his cheek affectionately. "So . . . I'm gonna guess that ex flame was. . . Tom's ex-wife? Wendy?" Ron nodded.

"Yeah, that's her."

"Huh. She's pretty." Tammy thought for a moment. "Didn't you say she's the one who left like right before we got remarried?"

"Uh-huh," He stopped and looked down at her. "But don't worry about it, okay? I wouldn't change anything that happened, you know that." She smiled and leaned into his shoulder.

"Yeah, I do." They exchanged some quick 'I love you's' and continued walking, Rae emitting joyful babblings in her mother's arms.

Thanks to the very kind Guest (I'm pretty sure I know who you are) for reviewing: I too am really sad that Ron and Tammy may never happen, but thankfully, I can dream. If I did own Parks and Rec, I'd have them get married, have a daughter and name her after Leslie. (and special thanks to Filmfanatic29 for letting me use a variation of an idea from her story 'Love, Laughter, and Everything in Between' where Ben and Leslie have a daughter and name her after Ann)