Only When You're Engaged to Bruce Wayne

One ~ The Engagement of Gotham Century


Either hell froze over or Gotham's own Bruce Wayne is really engaged.

Shockingly, hell is still the same.

It is indeed true that Bruce Wayne, who is famous for his party boy antics and womanizing behavior is settling down. The blushing bride is Darcie Rosewood, a thirty year old television executive for GCN and also the cousin of District Attorney Harvey Dent ( their mothers are sisters ). Wayne and Rosewood met through mutual friend Rachel Dawes and the two dated for five months in secrecy.

This past Friday, Wayne and Rosewood were seen at Gotham's new restaurant, Two Rivers, and while seated in the private rooms, a waiter saw Wayne get one one knee and propose to Rosewood. The waiter claims he saw tears coming out of her eyes and that she happily agreed yes.

No wedding date is set and Harvey released a statement through his publicist yesterday stating " I'm so thrilled for Darcie and I wish her and Bruce a life of love, health, and happiness".

Congrats Bruce and Darcie - here's hoping for a lifetime marriage and not 72 days (unlike someone we all know).


Darcie Rosewood rolled her eyes at the paper and threw it in the trash can next to the bed. Of course knowing Bruce's past dating behavior only the media would challenge Darcie and Bruce's future marriage to that Kardashian chick's. Darcie shook her head in disgust and Bruce poked his head from the bathroom.

" It's just press," he assured her, flashing that boyish yet charming smile," Don't get too upset."

" You're used to it," Darcie reminded him as she stretched up in bed. She yawned and lied back down on the warm king size bed. She and Bruce had spent a lot of times ( and nights ) in this bed and it held a special place in Darcie's heart. She curled up and closed her eyes when she heard," Come on Sleeping Beauty get up!"

She lifted her head up and saw Bruce sitting on the bed with dress pants on, but no shirt. Darcie smirked and responded," What are you gonna do about it?" Bruce raised an eyebrow.

" Miss Rosewood is that a challenge?"

" It is what it is Mr. Wayne." Bruce pounced on top of her and began tickling her. Darcie laughed loudly and squirmed as Bruce began tickling her every place he knew she was ticklish which was pretty much everywhere on her body.

" Come on Miss Rosewood, get up!" Bruce exclaimed.

" Bruce stop!"

" Get up!"

" Bruce-."

" Say it!"

" ALRIGHT I'M GETTING UP FOR CHRISTSAKE!" Darcie yelled in defeat. Bruce stopped and Darcie leaned up, shaking her head.

" You son of a bitch," she muttered smirking.

" Hey, I'm your son of a bitch now,'' Bruce replied pecking her lips. " Now get up."

Darcie rolled her eyes and finally got up. She then turned to Bruce and asked," Where were you last night? You were out pretty late." Bruce turned to her and said," Wayne Enterprises was having some computer troubles and I was needed to help give out some information to the electric people."

" So in other words, the new Playmate of the Year was in town?" Darcie asked jokingly. Bruce turned to her and she held up the paper regarding their engagement. Bruce took the paper and said," I have the Playmate of the Century standing in front of me. I'm all set."

At this point, the press could kiss our ass, Darcie thought to herself.


Darcie had a hard time getting into the GCN studio due to a swarm of sleazy and loud paparazzis and newscasters. They had questions flying everywhere.




Darcie rolled her eyes, which thankfully was covered by sunglasses, and a security guard led her in the studio. The sleazy reporters and paparazzis were not welcomed.

" Morning everyone!" Darcie called out when she reached her office area. Everyone yelled back " Good morning!" and Darcie entered her office to see Mike Engle, the GCN reporter, sitting in her leather chair with champagne in his hand.

" Surprise! Congrats!" he greeted smirking. He put the bottle down and Darcie chuckled.

" Thank you Mike," Darcie thanked as she hung up her coat and purse. " Now all I need is a pitcher filled with that and I'm set for the day." Mike laughed and said," Hey, try to keep the Wayne man stable for Gotham City."

Darcie put her thumb up and Mike left the office. As Darcie began opening files, the phone rang and Darcie picked it up.

" Darcie Rosewood."

" Way to sound pleased Mrs. Wayne." Darcie smiled and put her pen down.

" Harvey, need I remind you of your cheesy statement released in this morning's paper?" This was the thing about Darcie and Harvey - they got along very well, but challenged each other from time to time.

Harvey laughed and Darcie asked," What's going on?"

" Not much, just putting some ice on my hand," Harvey responded. Darcie, taken back, asked," Should I be concerned?"

" I punched one of Maroni's men today in court." Darcie sighed and leaned back in her chair.

" Are you calling me from court jail Harvey? Do I have to bail you out yet again like I did after Senior Prom?"

There was a silence.

" I'm not in court jail, but Maroni's little friend is. He pulled a gun out on me and I punched him across the face and grabbed the gun."

Darcie nodded and smiled to herself.

" And one more thing," Harvey added," Senior Year Prom is still a secret between us."

" I know, I know. Listen I have to go but I'll talk to you later. Take care of that hand."

" Thanks, but I quickly need you to do something for me."

" And that is?"

" I know you and Rachel are going to lunch today. Ask her how know...about me?" Darcie leaned her head back and bit her soft lips to prevent herself from frustration. Harvey had been dating Rachel Dawes, Bruce's childhood friend, and was insecure about dating her even though he was always smooth girls.

" Harvey, we're not in middle school anymore," Darcie responded sharply.

" Darcie, I'm a big deal now. I have ways of making you regret this." Darcie leaned up in her chair and ran her fingers through her brunette hair. She nodded and sighed," Fine you fucking panzy."

" I love you too Darcie."

" Bye Harvey." She hung up and shook her head at the phone. She continued working for some odd hours when her eleven o'clock meeting began.

In the conference room was Mike Engle, her boss and GCN creator Harold Marshal, and a bunch of executives. Everyone had coffees to go around except for Darcie who was more of a tea drinker than a coffee person. As sassy as Darcie was, she had a firey temper you never wanted to mess with her when it was in action. Tea kept her from going insane and cooled her fire.

" So this Batman fellow was in action last night," one of the executives reported looking at the paper. Mike rolled his eyes and responded," We might as well change GCN to BN, Batman Network. All I ever do is report on the prick. People are getting sick of it Marshal." Harold nodded and said," But we have to let Gotham know he's still in action Mike. Sorry."

" Darcie has Harvey told you any news recently?" Harold asked. " We need something from him." Darcie raised an eyebrow and smirked.

" If we're discussing his relationship with Rachel Dawes, my lips are and will remained sealed Harold," Darcie responded.

" No Darcie, we mean with the Maroni Case. Anything on that?"

" Yeah, I can get something."

" Great. Anything else?"

" I'm still thinking we should stop all Batman news," Mike chimed in frustrated. Darcie turned to Mike as did Harold and everyone else. Darcie leaned up in her chair and said," Hey Mike?"

Mike turned to her and Darcie went on," If it weren't for the Batman, your ass would be ripped to shreds in the nighttime." Everyone looked at Darcie and Harold said," Go on Darcie. You have me interested."

" Look, he works with the police so it's not as though he's some criminal," Darcie pointed out," I mean, if he was, would the police really have his back?"

Harold shrugged and said," And that is why I'm glad you're marrying Wayne Darcie. Gotham needs a good minded girl." Darcie gave a nod and said,'' Well thank you Harold but I find Bruce is doing a fine enough job himself."

Mike let out a chuckle and Darcie whipped to him. He stopped and cleared his throat and Darcie smirked in glory. She leaned back in chair and Harold asked," Anymore news?"

" Do we have anymore clues on who the suspect was from the bank shooting yesterday?" an executive asked. Harold shook his head and Mike added," Well actually, one victim at the scene claimed the guy was a clown."

Darcie shivered and everyone looked at her. " Clowns," she said," Ehhk. Hate 'em."

" Well they need to realize Gotham's not a circus," another executive commented. Darcie scoffed and replied," We have a Batman and an evil clown and ninety-nine other problems. If we're not a circus then what are we?"

Everyone was quiet and Darcie said," Excuse me, I have a lunch." She got up and she heard Harold exclaim as she left the meeting," Bruce Wayne is a lucky guy."

[ Ok, so it wasn't that great of a first chapter, but it sets the story of Darcie and who she is and the whole Dark Knight storyline. Let me know what you think of Darcie and the story and if you want more, let me know! Thanks for reading! ~ Danielle ]