It's much better at home now. David has been here for a week. Peter and Kermit stayed as long as they could be, they had to go home and take Marilyn with them. I look at my beloved husband lying on the sofa and am so grateful to the Tao for answering my prayers. David plans to return to the precinct in another week and has already told his Captain that his undercover days are over. I'm glad. I know the danger in being a Homicide Detective but at least with that, I'll know. The not knowing when he was undercover is what almost killed me. Now however, I can live my life with him.

Seeing Peter was definitely a suprise but, it was tinged with sadness knowing that Father wasn't coming back. I miss him so much. I wonder, would he be proud of me, of what I'm doing to carry on the family tradition? I asked David what he thought about taking the kids to St Louis this Christmas to see Marilyn, her kids and the old family house. He said he loved the idea and that we would do it so, I called Marilyn and she agreed to open the house two weeks before we come up there.

I called Peter to let him know and he sound pleased. He said he would try to spend part of his Christmas vacation with us as he had never seen the old place and, it would give him more time to get reacquainted with me and learn more about David. I told Peter when we would be there and he said he would mark his calendar accordingly. I smiled as I hung up. Seeing him again would be good for me.

David got up and stretched and came over to me. After we kissed, he looked at me. "Lee-Lee, I'm hungry, you mind?" I laughed. "Of course I don't mind. Your usual?" He smiled, "You know me so well, my love." We went into the kitchen where I made some beef stir fry and rice for him. It was so good to just be able to make dinner again, for two.

It was also good to see that his appetite was back, with a vengenance. After he had dinner, I got him a mug of coffee and a slice of the apple pie I had baked a few days before. He looked at me and I smiled as I got the ice cream out of the freezer and placed a scoop on top of his pie. David smiled and began to eat. I sat down and had some pie as well. It was lovely just being with him again.

Later, we went to bed and just held on to each other. It was go good to have him in my arms again and was afraid to let him go. I laid awake for quite awhile just to make sure he wasn't going to disappear on me. Finally, safe in my beloved's arms, I finally fell asleep with my head on his chest.

I woke early the next morning and looked, just to be sure I wasn't dreaming. I wasn't. David was sound asleep, his laughing eyes closed and his hair tousled. I smiled as I slipped out of bed to begin breakfast. The children were going to pre school and I had patients coming in later that day.

As I was frying the eggs, David walked in, dropped a kiss on the back of my neck and got himself a mug of coffee. Little Micheal ran in and pounced his father and a tickling match ensued. I smiled as Micheal finally climbed into his chair for his bowl of cereal and milk. After laying breakfast, I went to get our daughter.

It was a typical family meal and I reveled in every second of it. David was returning to his precint in a couple of weeks and he told me he would look after our daughter while I saw my patients. He smiled as he looked at me, "I'll love taking care of her. About time I did anyway." His grin was as engaging as it was the day I had first met him.

Later, we saw Micheal off to pre-school with his friends and I went into my apothecary to prepare for my first patient. I looked in on David and little Raven and smiled. He was lying on his back on the floor of her nursery with her on his chest. As I went back, I knew my daughter was in the safest hands possible, her father's.

End Journal Entry