I have never written about Embry. I think everyone knows my favorite wolf boy from Twilight is Paul. I've done a Jared story, a Quil story and even a couple of Jake stories. This is my first attempt at an Embry story! I hope you all enjoy it!


Chapter 1 – Anna's Honor

His eyes scanned the hallways of La Push High. He was looking for her. He was looking for the girl who haunted his dreams at night and plagued his mind during the day. He wanted to ask her out or ask her to come over and do homework together. He wanted to ask her anything and everything and he wanted her to say yes. But he'd never even spoken more than five words to her. She was quiet as a mouse and he was shy around people who he wasn't close with. Then he saw her. Anna Fuller. His brown eyes lit up when he saw her walking down the hallway. She was so tiny compared to him. She was a good foot shorter then he was which placed her at about 5'6", everything about her was tiny. He was scrawny but she was petit. But she was so breathtakingly beautiful.

Embry felt someone nudge his right shoulder and then felt someone nudge his left shoulder. He was taken from his thoughts as his eyes broke from her tiny form as she was getting into her locker which was directly across from his. He looked to his right and left and saw Jake and Quil standing there with knowing smirks on their faces. Embry groaned audibly. "Shut up."

Jake and Quil both couldn't help chuckling. They knew Embry had imprinted on the tiny beauty but he was so shy he'd yet to make a move on her. No one else in the pack knew about his imprinting and Jake and Quil were his best friends of course he'd tell them they could keep her out of their thoughts when everyone was phased.

Embry couldn't stop his eyes as they went up and down her body and sort of glued to her jean covered rear. His super hearing had him hearing unimaginable things when she walked down the hall. He swore when her jean covered thigh rubbed together they were calling his name. Embry – Embry – Embry.


Embry snapped out of his delusion once again as he glared at Jake. "Can you guys just leave me alone?"

Jake shook his head. "Man, just go ask her for her number or something. You do realize she's gone to school with us her whole life right?"

Embry rolled his eyes as he huffed out a sigh. They had every class together as juniors and he'd imprinted on her a few weeks ago. She was so beautiful her tanned skin and her waist length jet black hair looked like spun silk as it hung like curtains down her back. She had the most amazing grey eyes and the cutest smile and laugh. He just wished it was him making her laugh.

Embry watched as she closed her locker and started to walk down the hallway. Naturally Paul had to screw with her and knock her books out of her hands. "Watch it short shit!"

Embry growled quietly under his breath.

Jake gripped his shoulder and squeezed tightly. "Easy man, remember Paul doesn't know you imprinted on her."

If he wasn't a pack member he would've ripped his throat out a long time ago. Paul was arrogant and rude and would continue to be an ass until he imprinted. Most of the pack was certain he would be the same even after he imprinted, but only time would tell; since he hadn't actually done it yet.

Embry walked over and squatted down and helped her grab her books. She looked up at him with those big grey eyes and he nodded slightly. "Hey Anna, I'm sorry about Paul. I wish he'd grow up."

Anna was almost surprised to see Embry Call squatting down in front of her in his black jeans and black Green Day t-shirt on. His shaggy hair was partially in his eyes when he would look down but he was always so nice to her. "It's okay Embry. It's not your fault Paul's a dick – I mean jerk." Her cheeks tinged pink slightly when she said a dirty word in front of him. "Thanks for the help. I'll see you in Algebra." She watched as he nodded and she stood up and walked towards class.

She had always liked Embry. He was always so sweet and always had the best timing when it came to rescuing her from Paul Lahote. Paul Lahote had officially picked on her since they were in fifth grade. He was the biggest jerk and once he had his growth spurt six months ago he was a bigger jerk. The girls fawned and fell all over him because along with his growth spurt; came muscles and whatever he happened to be packing in his pants. He was with a different girl every week practically he probably changed girlfriends more than he changed underwear.

Anna shook her head as she walked into Algebra and took her seat. Her grey eyes roamed over to the door of the classroom as Embry walked in a few minutes after she's sat down and he took his seat which was directly to her right. He always smelled so good like a rough woodsy scent; it had to be the cologne he was wearing. Her eyes would sneak glances at him and she noticed he had a habit of bouncing his left leg a lot. Every once in a while he would switch and bounce the right leg, but nine times out of ten it was his left knee bouncing up and hitting the underside of the desk he was sitting at.

Anna could see Embry was looking for something out of the corner of her eye and then noticed he didn't have a pen to write with. She slipped her hand in her back pocket and pulled out a pen and held it out for him. She watched as he reached out to take it. As their fingers brushed against each other Anna felt butterflies rolling and tumbling in her stomach.

"Uh - Thanks Anna." Embry smiled softly. She nodded at him and went back to writing the problems down from the board. His insides did a complete flip flop when her fingers touched his. God he was a wuss. He wrote all the problems down and spent the remainder of class inhaling Anna's scent; trying to memorize it. Lilacs; she always smelled like lilacs. It was a light scent but he could never get enough of it.

Once class was finally over Embry jogged to catch up with Anna, but before he could even get to her Paul was right there messing with her again. He was walking by and stuck his arm out as she passed him and hit her in the nose. He laughed loudly and it echoed down the hallway. "Maybe if you were a little taller you wouldn't be running into people, short shit."

Anna felt the smack on her nose and it hurt slightly not as much as she thought it would; but her vision got blurry. She didn't have a chance to duck. She touched her nose and looked down and noticed her hand had blood on it. Anna suddenly felt someone behind her and looked up and saw Embry standing there.

Embry looked down and his eyes widened at the blood coming from Anna's nose. He turned into the first class room and pulled some tissue from the desk and was back at Anna's side within seconds. He carefully put the tissue against Anna's nose. "Sorry." He mumbled when she winced.

Anna nodded as Embry moved her over and held onto her upper arms as she slid down the lockers and sat down. "I'm okay Embry. I don't think it's broken; he didn't get me that hard. He just hit it just right and made it bleed."

"I'm sorry Anna." Embry sighed heavily. "I guess I'm always apologizing for Paul." He blinked when she touched his hand. He didn't realize he was still holding the tissue on her nose. Embry felt torn inside. Why should he have to apologize for the dumb shit Paul does? He shouldn't be treating any girl this way; especially not his imprint! "Tilt your head back a little, it will clot and then stop bleeding in a few minutes." He could feel his temper suddenly spiraling out of control, Paul was still just laughing it up thinking everything was a big fat joke.

Embry stood up with his hands balled into fists at his sides as he fixed Paul with a death glare. He couldn't help but let out an audible growl as he stalked over to Paul.

Paul had been laughing his ass off and suddenly stopped as he heard the low growl and then noticed the look on Embry's face. Paul's eyes danced between Embry and Anna and he was suddenly becoming aware of what was going on. Before he knew what was happening Embry lunged at Paul and his right fist plowed into Paul's nose.

Before anymore fist could fly Embry was unceremoniously yanked back by two sets of hands and drug down the hallway and jerked through the door leading to the outside.

Anna's eyes were wide. What the hell had just happened?

Did Embry Call just defend her honor?