This is the end. I hope you enjoyed it! :) This story was inspired by Jewels song: Again and Again.


Chapter 20 – If You Will

"I CAN'T FUCKIN BELIEVE YOU; YOU LITTLE BITCH!" Embry's shaky voice snarled out.

Embry's face was pure anger. He was so angry that every Cullen had filled the doc's office and made a wall between him and Gabriella; as Quil and Jake each firmly gripped one of his arms and held him back from pummeling the girl in question.

Gabriella coward away from Embry, she'd never heard him raise his voice let alone cuss at anyone before; though she had just dropped the biggest bomb on him known to man.

They had been at the Cullen's practically all night long as Carlisle went over the blood test results for Embry, and then Gabriella finally coming clean that she had something to do with his memory loss. Jake and Quil had shown up sometime in the early morning hours, which was good because she wasn't sure the Cullen's would be able to hold Embry off if he'd phased in the medium sized office.

"Embry, you've got to know I didn't mean…"

"You did to Gabriella." Embry cut her off before she could even finish her statement. "Don't lie about it. Please show me a little respect by not talking to me like I'm some kind of moron. You don't do something like this with another person and not have it planned perfectly. It was executed easily and worked like a charm. You got what you wanted." Embry shook his head as he jerked his arms from his pack brother's hands as he sent a growl to each of them. "You have no idea what you've done to me and Anna both. And yea she might seem happy but in the back of her head she knows she will never love anyone as much as she loves me because of the imprint. You ruined everything. You ruined our relationship, her trust in me; my trust in everyone else. She was pushed into the arms of another man. She's getting married today. She's supposed to be getting married to me."

Gabriella's crocodile tears were doing nothing to soften Embry's anger. Jake had never; ever seen Embry as pissed off as he was. Once Embry calmed down long enough to tell them what she'd just confessed to they could fully understand where all the anger was coming from. Jake gripped Embry's shoulder. "The only way you're going to stop the wedding is to go and see Anna before it's too late. You can't lose her forever to Paul. She can't love him the way she loves you and she will never be able to either; no matter how much both of them want it."

Quil cleared his throat. "Embry if you want her back let's go to the chapel. We'll stand behind you bro. You've been one of my best friends since we were kids and I know if it was me or Jake going through this you'd be right here telling both of us the same damn thing."

Anna breathed in deeply as she tried to calm her nerves. She couldn't believe she was actually getting married; to Paul of all people. She was sitting in the bathroom at the small chapel as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. She closed her eyes and all she could see behind her eyelids was Embry. As her eyes opened she suddenly didn't recognize the girl staring back at her. Tears started pricking her blue eyes as she continued to stare at herself in the mirror.

The white taffeta dress with spaghetti straps was knee length, the skirt was an a-line and slightly full it was plain but beautiful and she felt like a princess in it. Paul was in a black suit and an actual tie and was standing at the altar with Jared. Somehow everyone had thrown the small wedding together in twelve hours. Her hair was full of big curls as her hair was left down. She had a small white rose bouquet and a pair of white open toe two inch heels.

Embry looked at Gabriella. "Why are you suddenly coming clean with this? It's because of Edward isn't it?"

Gabriella nodded. "Yea, he confronted me at the store. I was trying to avoid him but I couldn't he started guilt tripping me. I was there for a pregnancy test; but don't freak or anything it's not yours." She frowned. "There's more I need to tell you. It's really important Embry. If you really love Anna and want her back."

"Get in the damn car Gabriella." Embry growled as the pissed off expression deepened across his usually impassive facial expression; once in the car Embry's vibrating body and scowl spoke volumes. "Start talking NOW!"

Anna suddenly couldn't stop the few tears that leaked from her eyes. This wasn't right. None of it was right. She wasn't supposed to be marrying Paul. She was supposed to be with her soul mate, with Embry. But he didn't want her. He didn't want her as much as she had wanted him. Somewhere in her heart she'd hoped this had all been one gigantic nightmare. She would wake up any second and be wrapped in Embry's arms like the night after they first made love.

In the year and a half that they'd been apart it was just a chore to try and keep herself busy from letting her mind wonder back and forth between Embry and Paul. Obviously Paul had won out and here she was about to marry someone she couldn't and wouldn't fully give her heart to. Embry owned it first and he would always have 85% of it with him; Paul would have to settle with the 15% that was left over.

"Anna, come on its time." Emily's voice said through the bathroom door.

Anna breathed deeply as she wiped her eyes carefully as she removed any traces of the good cry she'd just had with herself before her own wedding. It was supposed to be a happy day damn it and she was going to make it that way come hell or high water. Anna stood at the back of the church her brother in a nice navy blue suit as he was ready to walk her down the aisle.

Brady had given her no opinion on the marriage or anything else, because what did he know? He was just still barely a kid himself. He held his elbow out for her and watched as she looped her arm through it. He chuckled when she asked that he not let her fall. "Don't worry sis, I'd never let you fall. I got you always."

Anna's heart soared and was sore at the same time; as she walked down the aisle. Paul looked so happy but she felt so apprehensive about the whole wedding. It was too soon and with the wrong person and everything just felt erroneous. No! No! She was going through with it. Paul had been there for her when Embry let her down and broke her in half; he had killed her insides and Paul brought her back and healed her heart. Paul deserved to be her husband since she already viewed him as her knight in shining armor. He had turned out to be everything Embry wasn't and had proved it time and time again.

Anna stopped in front of Paul as he smiled softly down at her. There was a sweet twinkle in his onyx eyes as he mouthed 'you look beautiful' and winked at her. He took her hands in his as she breathed deeply once more. They both took a deep breath and exhaled heavily; as they turned to face the priest.

"STOP! Anna Wait…" A voice yelled as the doors in the back of the chapel burst open and Embry, Jake, Quil and Gabriella came running up to the front of the church.

"JAKE!" Paul growled out.

Anna's eyes widened. "What the hell is going on?"

Jake held up his hands as to try and keep everyone calm. "Just hold on a minute."

Embry stepped up. "Anna, don't do it. Don't marry him. I told you he was using you, he doesn't love you..." Embry looked at Gabriella. "Tell her; tell her everything you told me NOW."

Gabriella took a few steps towards the nearly wedded couple and she could FEEL Paul's angry eyes boring into her. "The night you caught us in bed, I drugged Embry. The amount and the medications I used were strong enough to get him to do exactly what I wanted him to do and the bonus of it all was he has zero memory for those few hours that we were together. I was jealous of you two. I'd actually had the hugest crush on Embry growing up but never had the guts to tell him, when Paul imprinted on me and I suddenly had knowledge of the pack and that Embry had imprinted on you; I knew I needed a plan to just make you doubt him, which was when I started leaving the notes all over and then someone started helping me."

A deep growl came from behind Anna. Gabriella shook her head. "I'm sorry Paul, but she needs to know. I screwed up Anna and Embry's relationship so bad that they almost ended up with people they didn't even love. I screwed up my life just as much as I screwed up theirs." She sniffled as silent tears slid down her cheeks. "The only difference is, I can't fix my life, but I can damn sure fix theirs."

"YOU'RE A LYING WHORE!" Paul snapped in Gabriella's direction, Sam jumped up from the pew as he grabbed Paul's arm and jerked him back.

Gabriella shook her head negatively again. "It was Paul's idea for you to catch Embry having sex with me. He knew something so extreme would push you to leave Embry and then he would swoop in like the conquering hero and save you from your heartache. The truth is we've still been having sex even though we gave the appearance to be broken up. The last time we had sex was a few weeks ago when he said we had to stop because he was going to ask you to marry him. He's been having protected sex with you, but not with me; as a result I'm pregnant. Anna, don't stay mad at Embry, forgive him because I was the heartless bitch. I'm sorry I didn't see how happy you two were until it was almost too late. If you're going to marry someone, marry Embry you belong together. He's your soul mate. It's been you he's wanted all along, not me; never me." She wiped her eyes as her eyes finally met Anna's. "I'm moving away. I won't be coming back to La Push. There's no way I want my child to ever know what kind of monster its father truly is."

All eyes watched as Gabriella turned and left the chapel. Then all eyes suddenly turned and looked at Paul.

Anna frowned as she looked down at the engagement ring on her finger. She slowly slipped it off and handed it back to Paul. "I knew you were too good to be true. Shame on me for even thinking you were my knight in shining armor. You're nothing to me. You will always be nothing to me." Anna turned and walked up the aisle and out the doors of the church. Her face turned skyward as she felt the rain falling down around her and soaking through her dress.

A vicious growl rumbled through a chest. Paul looked around when he noticed it wasn't him. He looked over and saw the murderous look on Brady's face. "Don't even think about it pup…" Paul spit out.

Brady slowly began stalking forward towards Paul. "SHUT UP!" Nearly everyone jumped at the sound of Brady's voice as it echoed through the small chapel. "You nearly ended my sister by pulling that stupid stunt all because you couldn't have her? She wasn't your imprint to have Paul. You had the perfect imprint who loved you, she may have not loved you enough but you didn't give her a chance to fully love you because you were too hung up on Anna. If I were you I'd leave…for good."

"Are you really trying to tell me what to do?" Paul asked with a smirk on his face. "I'm still part of this pack."

"No you're not." Two separate deep voices said from behind Paul. He turned to see Sam and Jake standing there.

Jake shook his head. "If you think we're going to let you stay after what you've done from hurting Anna to hurting Embry your own pack brother to dividing the pack almost in half, then you've seriously got another thing coming."

"Paul, do yourself a favor and do what you do best; save your own ass. I'll alpha order the pack to leave you alone, but you've got exactly twenty-four hours to get your shit and get out of La Push. If you're not gone, then you will be alone in defending yourself against half your pack brothers. And I refuse to stop them from that, because they deserve a little revenge after what you've put all of them through." Sam's deep voice said matter of factly.

Embry took off after Anna as soon as he got outside he saw her standing in the rain. He jogged over to her as he noticed she was drenched from head to toe. He stood in front of her as she opened her eyes and stared at him.

"I owe you an apology. I should've never thought for a second that you'd ever cheat on me willingly." Anna all but whispered.

Embry shook his head. "You don't owe me anything. I know what it looked like." Embry gripped her hand in his. "Anna, I just want you back. We can start all over again or take up where we left off, but I need you in my life. I love you so much and I don't care to remember what the last eighteen months were like for either of us. Just tell me you still want to be with me. Tell me you still love me. Tell me you want to marry me. I'll marry you right now if you just tell me."

Anna eyes danced between his mocha brown eyes. She nodded. "Yes."

Embry heard the yes, but she dropped her head and looked at the ground. Embry's head bent down. "Yes?" He questioned as his hands gripped her hips.

Anna looked up as she nodded and sniffled. She couldn't help the tears. "Yes, if you will, I will."

Embry's lips crashed down on Anna's; suddenly everything they'd been through was meant to happen to lead them to this one perfect moment.

The End.