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The year was 2704 or, as the people of my humble church call it, 'The Year of Our Lord 700,' yes. Our Lord Kira emerged exactly 700 years ago in a time so dark, one could barely see the difference of right and wrong. But he showed us the Light! He showed us who was to be punished, He showed us that criminals are to be killed! And just a mere six years later His reign was wrongfully ended, by cops dreaming of past glories! They were jealous that Kira had become the new light of justice, but fifty years after Kira was martyred at the Warehouse, the government began to see. The Death Penalty was reinstated in all places that had eliminated it, and the Disciples were now encouraged to kill suspects. The Disciples are what the people in 8th Century of Kira's reign call what was once known as the police. But Ours is an enlightened time, and all those who seek justice are worthy Disciples of our Lord.

Every year, when we mourn the marking of our Lord's killing at the hands of moronic, and lesser police, there are always a few who wrongfully speak out. They say that our time is dark and imprisoned. But we Followers know that Kira saved us. He showed us the way until he was unable to do so, and we know that He is looking down on us from His celestial home in approval!
And today was the day marking 694 years since the Great Sacrifice. I sat in my pew, humbly reading 'The Book of His Lover," speaking of our Lord's significant Other who was also gifted with the power to Judge. She went by the name of A. A tear fell from my eye as I read of A's sorrow at her lover's Great Sacrifice and how she nobly ended her own life when she learned of the death of Kira. A was the leader of Kira's original Disciples, all of whom were gifted with Judging. A, K, T, and H were the four saints. In fact, they were all given their own books in the Holy Register. As previously stated, A had 'The Book of His Lover.' K had 'The Book of His Representation' as she was the person who spread his word. And herself had died along with several anti-Kira fools when she lit the building she was being held captive in on fire so that her captors would be dead and no longer causing trouble for her Lord. H had 'The Book of His Stand In' H was the one who acted when our Lord was unable to and died at the hands of police brutality. T had 'The Book of His Successor.' T was meant to succeed Kira, but he was felled only a few weeks after Kira was Sacrificed. T starved to death, left unfed by his captors. These original Disciples were known as 'The Friends.'

Anyway back to what I was saying. It was December 21st and therefore the 694th anniversary of the Great Sacrifice and I was reading (for the thousandth time) the end of The Book of His Lover, and was beginning to cry when the service began. Shoving away my copy of the Holy Register, I began to listen to the familiar tones of my wonderful pastor. His voice was rich, deep, and passionate. He had studied real texts from the beginning of Kira's reign such as diaries and letters. It was fascinating! He knew so much. He was just getting to the part of Kira's capture and how, even cornered and held up with a gun in the Warehouse, he wished to resolve the conflict with peace. It was then that the unthinkable happened. A girl stood.
That's bullshit and you know it!" I jumped from my seat, "Oh come on!" she exclaimed to the rest of the congregation, "Kira is no god, or Demi-god or messenger of god! He was only ever just a deluded killer! Murder is murder, can't you see that? Or are all of your heads stuck too far up my father's ass?" Then I realized who it was. Namikawa Mariko. Pastor Namikawa's daughter. I stared at her. It was the deepest form of betrayal. Mariko marched up to the podium clutching her four month old baby to her chest.
"How could you perpetuate a world where no one gets second chances, Dad? A world where Hikari will never be able to make a mistake?" She said gesturing wildly to her baby with her free hand. Tears were flooding her eyes and now I realized. It must be the postpartum hormones. Mariko was just on a hormonal overload. She didn't believe what she was saying. But then, her fiancée stood too.
"Mariko's right! I don't want my son growing up in a world governed by such sick beliefs!" Okay. So it wasn't just postpartum hormones. Mariko's fiancee, Eli Fox- an actor from America- must have corrupted her. I gasped when Mariko was promptly slapped.
"Do you want a world where your son could be murdered, conned or stolen from?"
"It's damn well better then a world where he will never experience freedom!" Mariko glared and stomped from the church, angry tears flooding her eyes. Eli shot a dirty glare at Pastor Namikawa and followed his fiancée right out of the door.

The church was in silence, "I see now that my daughter has chosen a path of Evil You may all leave..." Namikawa-sensei bowing his head in sadness. I ran from the room, tears streaming down my face. I was crying not for myself, but for Pastor Namikawa, Mariko and Eli- who would spend easily a year in prison for their act of blasphemy, but mostly for Hikari, who would have to grow up with such horribly misguided parents. I climbed a tree, ruining my best kimono. It was a coral pink gown with a white obi, embroidered blue fish swimming across it. I had sewed it myself without the aid of a machine three years ago, a few months before my twenty first birthday. I loved it, but I was sobbing so hard I didn't care. Tucked between the highest branches, I didn't expect to have a notebook fall neatly into my lap. I looked at the cover.
"Death Note," it read. Inside there were extensive rules and a seemingly endless supply of blank (though lined with thin blue and red lines) pages behind an equal number of pages that had been written on. All names, minus the ones that had numerous scenarios following them. There had to be millions.
"What a sickening joke," I said aloud, "How appalled Lord Kira would be to lean of a joke such as this,"
"Would you be appalled to learn that this is what Kira used to carry out his murders?"
"Who's there?" I whipped around and there it was. An over large male form clad in the formal clothing of 'The Age Before Our Lord' and many years following it's beginning. He had ugly black wings protruding from his back and short brown hair that was meticulously combed.
"W-who are you... How would you know something like that?"
"I am him."
"W-what? But Lord Kira dons a human appearance!"
"I was human, once. This body is the punishment for my crimes, and I must stay in it, until I do something about the terrible effects from the things I've done,"
"But, Lord Kira is our savior, our God! He freed us from fear!"
"If only that was true. But look at this place. Still more technologically advanced from seven hundred years ago, but not by much. And look around you! It's sexist as all hell! Look at what you're wearing!"
"What's wrong with what I'm wearing?"
"The fact that most females of your time wear such clothing is a fairly obvious marker in a downward spiral of misogynistic society!"
"What is 'misogynistic?"
"Woman hating. The fact that you don't know the meaning of the word shows that-"
"Women HATING? Are you kidding? In my society. women are highly respected individuals!"
"Where they are kept at home, cooking, cleaning, and raising children!" I glared at the monster, "But that is no matter. It will simply be a whole hell of a lot harder for me to return this absolute dump to how it was before I touched it." the creature sighed and hung his head. "Go to the front of the book and look at the name written there."
"Misami Shirami... But that's the First Judging!"
"Exactly. Believe me now?"
"Give me more time..."
"Don't take too long. I want to rest in peace, but I can't until all is fixed," I looked at him and bit my lip. In his red eyes, I could see a hint of despair. And then I started to believe him. Almost.