Chapter 1

Hey. I know you've been dying for me to write this since in 'Friend or Betrayer?' I left it on a cliffy! If you haven't read 'Friend or Betrayer?' I suggest you do since this follows straight after it. I am going to do a 'Previously' though so I hope you enjoy and please review!


"Hi. Welcome to Briar Ridge. What's your name?" she asked.

"Thanks, I'm Ty Borden." The boy replied.

"What do you have next then?" she waited as Ty fumbled around in his bag and bought out his timetable.

"English with Mr. Briggs." he replied.

"Same, we can walk down there together!" Amy replied. They started walking down to their next lesson when Amy saw Ashley Grant walking towards them. "Here comes Ashley, good luck!"

"Oh. Well we could go riding soon! I could give you a personal tour of the school if you like." Ashley said stepping right in front of Amy so they couldn't see each other, forcing Amy to take a step back. Amy waited patiently behind Ashley and listened as Ty said,

"No thanks, I'm sure Amy can do a good job of it!" He stepped around Ashley and joined Amy. They carried on walking. Ashley stared after them as her 2 friends came and stood by her, one either side.

"Well, the reason I didn't stand up for myself is because, 1. I'm used to it now, and 2. because you have to be really careful about what you say to her." Amy answered.

"Why?" Ty asked looking at Amy .

"Well, because, Ashley Grant is our headmistress, Ms. Grant's, daughter!"

After maths, Amy and Ty walked out the room and Amy asked Ty what he had once again. He answered with art with Mr. Clark.

"no way. Can I borrow your timetable?" Ty handed it to her. "you have exactly the same subjects as me at exactly the same time."

"good. That means I can spend more time with you and get to know you more." Ty smiled at Amy. She blushed.

They were happily talking about going for a ride when Ty just burst out with, "do you want to go to the movies tonight? We can go out for dinner too!" Amy could hear the nervousness in his voice.

"I would love to Ty." Amy said softly.

After a few days of hanging out with Soraya too, Ty realised he was starting to crush on her too. Maybe he could get away with going out with both. But then they both might dump him and then he'd be stuck with Ashley. He debated with himself for ages and then decided to risk it so when Amy wasn't around Ty asked Soraya out and she said yes.

"where were you last night?" Soraya asked Ty.

"at the family get together, like I said yesterday." Ty replied.

"that's funny. I called you last night and your mum picked up. She said you were out." Soraya replied, looking hurt.

"He was with me." she said, puzzled and then she leaned up on her tip toes and kissed Ty's cheek.

"yes, it's just that... it's just that... well... I've been going out with Ty too." Soraya said.

He realised that Amy was the one he loved.

"Amy!" he called. She spun around. "Your the one I want. Please forgive me. I was an idiot. We all make mistakes. Please, Amy."

"no Ty. I can't forgive you for this. I know and understand we all make mistakes, I've made loads, but not mistakes like these. Not mistakes that have been pushed this far. Why didn't you just tell me Ty? I'm not sure I can trust you now anyway." And with that, she spun back around and continued running to the toilets, tears starting to spill down her cheeks.

"OK Ames, I know we've had a few problems but I miss you so would you go out with me... again? Amy turned to Ty and looked shocked. Her grey eyes wide and her mouth wide open.

When she walked back up she felt the tears again but this time she couldn't hold them in. she started crying.

"Amy! What's wrong?" Soraya exclaimed, looking at her friend as she opened her arms and Amy fell into them.

"I don't know." Amy sobbed. "I think it's Ty."

"Why? What's he done now?" Soraya asked, startled.

"nothing. I think I just miss him. I miss going out with him. I want to be more than friends with him!" Amy sobbed, pulling away to look at Soraya.

"why don't you just tell him?" Soraya asked.

"because I can't. I rejected him!"

"Hey Soraya. Do you think I should ask Amy out again? I mean, I really miss her but I'm not sure she misses me back.

"Hey Ty, I'm not sure. If you want to get yelled at again then be my guest! Just don't expect us not to play another prank on you! Now, I really have to finish this homework. I just started it and have loads to do and it needs to be in next period!" Soraya said in a rush, scribbling some things down on a blank piece of paper.

"OK. Thanks." Ty said and walked off. Suddenly, Soraya remembered what had happened a few nights before.

'Oh great! I just blew their chance! I can't go after him now that I said that, can I? Stupid Homework!' Soraya thought to herself.

They were getting closer to Heartland and Ty slowed Harley down. Amy looked at him.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

"Amy. I need to ask you something. I know and understand if you reject but please Ames, go out with me again?" Ty said. He looked at Amy's shocked face. Her grey eyes wide and her mouth wide open. The exact expression she had had on her face before she had a go at him and Ty knew instantly that it was a bad, bad idea.