Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Amy walked over to her locker. She didn't have any homework that day so she could leave her books there. She was getting them out her bag when Soraya walked over.

"Good lesson?"

"Unless you count boring as good, no."
"Ooo. Someone's in a bad mood."

"Sorry. Today's been dragging to much."

"Does Amy want to go home to her Blainey?" Soraya cooed, earning her a playful shove from Amy.

"No. I do want to go home though."

"So you don't want to see Blaine?"

"Of course I want to see him."

"Ah ha!"

"Soraya. It isn't like that." Amy whined.

"But you do like him?"

"Yes." Amy mumbled.

"What's that?" I didn't hear."

"YES. Alright?"

"Fine. Lets go. I got a load of homework today and I need to get on with it. 3 pieces need to be in tomorrow."

On their way out, they saw Ashley standing around one of the doors. They were about to go out when Ashley stopped them.

"Hey Amy. Soraya."

"What do you want Ashley?" Amy asked.

"Why don't you use another door?"

"Because we're closer to this one." Amy rolled her eyes and went to walk out but something tripped her up. She looked up to see a piece of string. Another prank. She saw Ty walking over to her.

"Amy. Are you OK?" he asked, helping her up.

"Get off." she snapped, swatting his hands away. "I'm fine."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm fine." she spat. "Come on Soraya. I do actually want to go see Blaine now." she added, knowing that would annoy Ty and make him jealous. Soraya hurried past Ashley and Ty and joined Amy. They walked to their trucks.

"See you tomorrow." Soraya said, before hurrying over to Amy. Amy started sobbing again.

"Why am I crying? Nothing terrible just happened." Amy asked Soraya.

"Hey. You've had quite a long day, you've been through quite a bit lately, you have those painkillers which make you super sensitive and you have to look at Ty and Ashley everyday." Soraya said, counting them of on her fingers. Amy laughed at the last reason.

"Thanks. I should go."

"Yeah. You don't want to keep Blaine waiting." that earned Soraya a small punch on the arm from Amy. They got in their trucks and drove away from each other, going their own way home.

Amy pulled into the Heartland drive to see Amora in a paddock with Spartan. She grinned. Baline must already be there. He must've ridden Amora up to Heartland. So he could be bothered to go and ride Amora! HA! She pulled her bag out of the passenger seat before walking up to the house, stopping quickly by the gate to sneak Spartan a horse biscuit.

She found Blaine and Lou at the kitchen table, talking. Blaine was picking at a muffin Lou must've given him.

"Hey Amy. Good day?" Lou asked.

"Awful day. Stupid Ty and Ashley and their stupid pranks and stupid boring lessons but yeah, apart from that, it wasn't bad!"

"Awwwwwwwwwww. Poor Ames." Lou said, sympathetically.

"Hey Blaine. I'm just gonna get changed and then we can go down to the barn for a bit."

"OK." Blaine said as Amy walked past.

A few minutes, Amy came back down to find Blaine stood by the door.

"OK. Let's go. Amy said. They walked out of the house and started towards the barn.

"Amy. Have you been crying?" Blaine asked. Shoot. She forgot about how she must look.

"Shoot. Maybe?"


"Because Ty's so annoying. I got caught in another one of Ty and Ashley's pranks."

"The girl Ty's competing against."

"OK. And how did you get caught in it?"

"Me and Soraya were walking out the door and Ashley had tied some string there and I tripped over it." Amy answered, sniffling.

"Oh. Ames." Blaine said, softly. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into a soothing hug. Amy felt her heart melt as she relaxed into the embrace. Yep. She definitely liked Blaine Evans!

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