Chapter One: Sid's dilemma

In the playground of P.S. 118 there are a lot of activities to participate in. Over there in the four square court, Brainy is saving a court for Eugene, Curly, and Rhonda (who believes that nerds aren't as uncool as they appear. After she had to wear glasses she had a deep respect for dorks and what they put up with every day.). Arnold is beginning a game of baseball, and Sid… wait where is Sid? That question was running though the mind of P.S 118's one and only loan shark, Big Gino. Gino was looking for Sid because he needed a favor from Sid. He saw Sid's signature white Go-go boots and green hat. Gino told one of his lackeys to get him.

"Alright, boss." The goon said as he walked over and carried Sid to Big Gino without much trouble.

"Oh, hey Big Gino. How are you doing?" Sid asked.

"I need a favor Sid." Big Gino stated, "Your friend, Arnold, has been causing me to lose a lot of business. He tells my customers how to avoid my deals, and he helps people pay me back every single last piece of candy they owe me."

"That's a good thing, isn't it?" Sid asked, not likening were this was going.

"No, it's not. You see, when people can't pay me back I raise the price of the loan five pieces of candy everyday they can't pay me. But when they pay me back right away, I don't earn anything. Do you understand?" Big Gino asked as Sid nodded his head. "Good, now on to business. You're going to follow Arnold tonight and find anything that will completely embarrass him, and in return, you can borrow anything from me, anytime, for no fee. Agreed?"

Sid reluctantly shock Gino's hand, "Agreed."


Chapter Two: Spying

"Ah, they're not doing anything. They're just sitting there talking." Sid said to himself while watching from the roof tops Arnold and Helga eating at Chez Paris restaurant. He watched them for another hour till they left.

"So, you like horror movies?" Sid overheard Arnold talking to Helga.

"Yeah they're so epic. I love their suspense and when they play that loud music when something pops up and everyone freaks out."

"Boring conversation plus boring night equals anything I want for years. But I don't want to embarrass Arnold; he's always so nice and respectful. I can't do this. But all that stuff. Why don't you just tell Big Gino only stuff that won't happen. Like him kissing her. That won't happen. Yeah I'll just do that." Sid said to himself.

When Arnold and Helga came to the theater, Sid decided to take a little nap. When he woke up Sid looked at his watch. 10:45 pm. Sid quickly jumped across roof tops until he got to Helga's street. He sat down on the roof of the house across from Helga's house. Sid looked at his watch again. 10:55. Then he heard a voice from across the street.

"Five minutes to spare, what do know?" Said Arnold looking at Helga under her stoop.

"Great now I have time to do this." Sid heard Helga say as she grabbed Arnold towards her and kissed his. Sid gasped, and when Arnold kissed Helga again Sid gasped even louder.

He quickly jumped from rooftop to rooftop until he got to his. He walked down the fire escape and into his bedroom window. He picked up his phone and dialed and number.

"Hello, Gino… I have some news on Arnold."