Disclaimer: We do not own G.I. Joe, never had and probably never will. We do not own any of the Joe characters in this story. But we do own our characters that we have created. Two of ScarlettSlipper's characters are officially copyrighted, and under no circumstances there will be permission for these characters to be used in any FF story.


Authors: Scarlett Slipper and Alison Hart- Burnett.

Summary: After the adventures the two families have had, both need a well deserved retreat, however, with these Joes… do they ever get a rest? Just a short adventure, before the last chapter in the Saga, EVER AFTER will be introduced. This story takes place after, BLOODLINES 1 and BLOODLINES 2, so if you have not read those stories, please do before reading this.

Pairing : Flint/ Jaye

Duke/ Scarlett

Cayden/ Colleen

Jeffrey / Sky Dancer