Heyy! Sorry it's been awhile since I updated this story, well I read your comments and I see everyone is enjoying this story so I am going to write more. All charterers belong to J.K. Rowling. WARNING Abuse, Rape, M/M Sub/Dom Slush Veela Draco Dominant Draco/ Submissive Harry Hurt weak Harry.

All mistakes are mine (I have not read the books)

Chapter 2

Draco POV
It's been a week and half since I saw my little mate, and I am about to go insane. I should have seen him every night when I sleep, but I don't. I call to him, begging him to sleep but somehow he is resisting me. I know he is not being hit or anything, because I would have felt that pain. All I feel from him is tiredness and fear. I can imagine he is in pain though… Suddenly I hear the alarm sounding though the house, an un-non wizard is here. I hear father slam the door on his way out. I hope it's not another visited from the death Easter. I know my father is one of them, but he is really a spy for the light. I hear dad come back in.

"Love go get Severus, he's baddy hurt," I hear my father say with a slit panic in his voice. I heard my mother run to the foo and I know something bad has happen. I leave my room when suddenly I smell HIM; Wild cherry, snow, and salt. I moan and take a huge deep breath when I suddenly realize… MY MATE IS HERE! I run down stairs and start searching for father. Finally I find him in a guest bedroom. I walk in without knocking and there I see him…

He was pale, looked like he hasn't eaten in a few days, his dark hair was greasy like he hasn't washed it in days; he is small and curled into a tight ball. He had bruises on his face and looked to be in pain. I walk over to him and my father. Father looks at me with surprise.

"Draco, son? What are you doing here?" He asked me softly; most likely afraid he would wake my little mate up.

"Mine, my submissive," I say and run my hands though his greasy hair. Father looked at me, then my mate, then back at me in shock. My mate sighed painfully and tried to move.

"Don't move little one," I whispered and he stopped moving at once. I watched him for a few minutes when I heard Severus talking to my mother.

"Yes, Potter is alive, but he looks like he hasn't slept, showered, or eaten in a while," she said to him.

"I wonder what he has gotten into now, I swear that boy is going to be the death of me," Severus said walking into the room. When mother saw me there, she gasped in surprise. I haven't been out of my room since I saw my little mate in the dream.

"Dragon what are you doing here?" She asked, most likely not getting the fact that this boy was my mate. I opened my mouth to answer when my little one made a sound full of pain. My heart broke a little and my body tensed wishing I could kill anyone who dared hurt HIM.

"He's Draco's mate…" father said calmly. Sev gasped and then he took father's side to aid my mate with potions.

"Draco, help him sit up so he won't choke on these," Sev said. I got on the bed with my mate and pulled him up against my chest making him sit. He groaned and slowly opened his eyes. My throat went dry as I stared at those bright green eyes, I leaned down and kissed him forehead.

"Malfoy?" He asked me, his voice soft and painful sounding.

"Shhh little submissive, you need not to worry," I said hopping the word submissive would make him relax. He didn't…

"How do you know?" He asked his voice more forcefully yet more painful sounding.

"Hush mate, we will talk later," I said in a hard voice daring my little one to break the command. He lowered his head submissively. I smiled at him and kissed his forehead again.

"Potter, do you think you can drink these?" Sev asked my little mate kindly. He nodded and Severus handing the potions to him. He drank them fast and made disgusted faces after drinking them. I noticed his bruises started to disappear immanently. I smiled at this.

" I am going to carry you to my room," I told him gently yet demanding. He nodded and I picked him up surprised by how little he weighted. Mother, father and Sev just watch me walk out of the room with my little one. I walked up the stairs noticing that he was starting to relax. Once we got to my room I laid him on the bed and went to shut the door.

"Malfoy, what is going on?" He asked. I sighed and went back to him sitting on the edge of the bed. He stretched his arms to me; I smiled and took off my shoes to sit fully. He kept his arms stretched to me until I finally gathered him in a tight embrace.

"Malfoy? What is wrong with me? I feel like I need you," He said sleepily.

"We will talk later, once you have slept," I say to him and he doesn't even respond. I smiled and held him to me for a few minutes. I slowly got up with him still in my arms, then made my way to the bathroom to bathe him. I stripped him, gasping at his scared small body, then I turned on the bath, filled with bubbles and laid him down on the floor so I could strip, once I was nude, I picked him and sat down in the bath with him on my lap. He sighed and snuggled into my chest. I smiled down at him, and started to wash his small body. Once he was good and clean I went back to my room and tucked him in. I needed to talk with my parents.