Katie & Joey Play A Trick & Pop A Squat

Warning: This story contains M-f, spanking/ paddling and the spankee is eighteen year old.. Author & Story Alerts Appreciated along with comments.

Trick or Treat-Chapter One

The lie Joey told her big sister made her butt itch, because she surmised if she got caught shading the facts her ass would be grass!

Joey's bottom had matured and filled out now at age eighteen and she liked to wiggle her sexy ass as she walked around Capeside High School showing her unladylike visible panty line through the seat of the tight blue jeans.

She knew it was wrong and her gut told her this was going to get her butt in trouble. Joey chose not to listen to that little voice in her head that told her this was a very bad idea.

Joey and her friend found themselves in front of their old fart former teacher's house.

Katie refused to approach the house, so Joey volunteered. She took of the top of his orange pumpkin and placed a doodie/poop bag inside the jack o lantern.

The carved pumpkin already lit Joey picked it up and smashed it on the porch, however as she turned to leave after accomplishing the unfortunate deed, the cranky, old fart teacher grabbed her and Katie ran away.

The wooden porch creaked and then started to give way.


Joey realized to late the porch was unstable the structure gave way her feet and half her legs breaking through the wood leaving her squatting jean clad bottom facing the educator's door. Now she was trapped in the former teacher's dilapidated wooden porch and no matter of gymnastic stunts from her lessons made her able to climb out and pry her leg out of the broken porch.

Joey's window breaking mailbox vandalizing friend had betrayed her, but the worse was to come. Katie thought it would to be a hoot to leave Joey squatting bent over stuck in the porch wearing her blue jeans which fit tightly across her round bottom and her visible panty line showing through too! Truly this was not a friend you could count on till the end.

Katie had left her friend at the mercy of their cantankerous former teacher ass up in a very compromising, sure to be messy. A stinky mess as the lit pumpkin continued to burn and smell on the angry man's porch. Joey was hit with the real possibility as she remained squatting trapped in the porch left holding the bag. There was a chill in the air and there was even frost visible on her blue jean-clad ass greeting her former teacher's upcoming retribution.

To be continued.

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