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All Dogs Go To Heaven: Charlie Barkin, Sasha La Fleur, Itchy Itchiford, Winnifred Bessimay "Bess" de Winkerville

Balto: Balto, Jenna, Kodi, Dusty, Kirby, Ralph

Lady And The Tramp: Scamp, Angel, Lady, Tramp, Annette, Danielle, and Collette

(If you don't know what the characters look like, look them up, because I'm too lazy to describe them all. Also, flamers will be sent to Hell, because I think it'd be appropriate.)

The Queen of the Seas was truly an amazing cruise ship. At 1,200 feet long and 70 metres high, she was a giant for the people on the dock who were waiting to board the ship. She could hold nearly 3,700 passengers and had a crew of 1,400. And today, she was going on a voyage.

It was a beautiful mid-July day: the sun shined and the weather was just the right heat. The ship was docked at Port Canaveral, Florida, to go on her sixth voyage. People were boarding the boat now, as she was scheduled to leave in 20 minutes to go to the Bahamas, then the Dominican Republic, then back to Florida.

Two dogs were already in their own stateroom: Charles "Charlie" B. Barkin, a German Shepherd mix and Sasha La Fleur, an Irish Setter.

"I can't believe I have to share a room with you for four days. At least Bess and Itchy actually WANT to share a room." Sasha said.

"You know three staterooms would be too expensive." Charlie said. "...And personally, I don't mind." He said slyly, flashing a grin at her.

Sasha threw a pillow at him. "Thank God this room has two beds."

Charlie went to his bedroom and threw his duffel bag on the bed. "I'm glad I convinced Annabelle to let me and Itchy take a vacation. It's been months since we last took a break. And even then, it was just for a day, and we drank beer and watched TV at the Flea Bite for four hours, then Itchy went on a date with Bess. It was SO fucking boring."

"Which reminds me, you STILL need to pay your tab." Sasha said, beginning to unpack her bag.

"C'mon Sash, We're on a cruise ship for four days. It's a VACATION. Both of us can just forget the tab and have fun."

"Just saying, you'll have to pay that bill eventually, Charlie."

There was a knock at the door. "Charlie? Sasha? It's Itchy and Bess. Can we come in?" Itchy asked.

"Sure, guys. C'mon in." Charlie said.

Itchy, a Dachshund, and Bess, a Cocker Spaniel, walked in the room. "I'm glad our rooms are beside each other's." Bess said.

"Yeah, we can just go next door to see each other." Sasha said.

Charlie smiled. "So, Itchy and Bess, can you guys try to keep it down when you have your "fun time" at night, considering me and Sasha are right next door?"

Bess blushed, but Itchy chuckled. "Only if you and Sasha keep it down over here." He said. Sasha threw a pillow at Itchy, and everyone laughed.


Meanwhile, six other dogs were on the deck above Charlie, Itchy, Sasha and Bess, trying to find their staterooms. They were Balto, a wolf-dog hybrid, Jenna, a Siberian Husky, Kodi, Balto and Jenna's son, who looked like Jenna, and Kodi's best friends Dusty, Kirby and Ralph, who were all huskies.

"Where the hell are they? I'm sure we're on the right deck!" Balto said.

"Relax, Balto, we'll find them" said Jenna calmly. Behind the two, Kodi and his friends were talking.

"Thanks for bringing us on this cruise with you, Kodi." Dusty said.

"Yeah thanks bro. It sure gets boring in Nome sometimes." Kirby said.

"This is awesome! None of us have ever even been out of Alaska before!" said Ralph.

"Hey, it's nothing. You guys are my best friends in the world. It would be so boring without you guys here." Kodi said.

"Here they are!" Balto said. "Right beside each other."

"So Kodi, Balto and I have one to ourselves, but you four have to all share one?" Jenna asked.

"Relax mom, our room has two bunk beds." Kodi said.

So the canines entered their respective rooms.

"Okay, so Dusty and I will share one bunk bed, and Kirby and Ralph will share the other." Kodi said.

"I call top bunk!" Ralph said, running into the second bedroom.

"Hey, no fair!" Kirby said, running after him.


On the sundeck, a family of canines were relaxing beside one of the boats three pools. They were Tramp, a Schnauzer, his wife Lady, a Cocker Spaniel, and their children Scamp, who was hyperactive most of the time and looked like Tramp, and Annette, Danielle and Collette, Scamp's snobbish older sisters who looked like Lady. Also with the family was Angel, a Pomeranian who had joined the family a few weeks ago after Scamp had run away, and who was Scamp's secret crush, little did Scamp know Angel had feelings for him as well.

"Ahh, this is living!" said Tramp, laying on a chair beside the pool.

"Well Tramp, this may have cost a lot, but It was a great idea after all!" said Lady, who lay beside him.

Scamp was in the water, trying to get Angel to jump in with him.

"C'mon, Angel! The water's great!"

"I don't know, Scamp," Angel said, a bit worried.

"Just jump in!" Scamp said.

Angel smiled. "Oh, what the hell!" she said and jumped in. The water was perfect, and soon she and Scamp were splashing each other and swimming, laughing all the while.

Then Scamp accidentally splashed his sisters, who were sunbathing beside the pool.

"Damn it Scamp, you got my fur wet!" Collette growled.

"Same here!" said Annette and Danielle.

"Jeez, sorry." Scamp said.

"Just watch it." Annette said. Then all three went back to sunbathing.

Scamp whispered to Angel, "Holy shit, those three are snobs. Sometimes I just want to kill them."

"Scamp, they're your sisters. You know that deep down, you love them." Angel said.

"It wouldn't hurt to give them a punch in the face once in a while though." Scamp said.

"Scamp!" said Angel.

"What? Just saying!" said Scamp. Then they started splashing each other again.


Meanwhile, in one stateroom in one of the lower decks of the ship, in fact the last deck that had staterooms, a tall human was unloading a duffel bag. He had short brown hair and black eyes that would've been mistaken for empty sockets if he hadn't had pupils; his pupils were shaped like inverted pentagrams. He was 6'5, 30 years old and was very fit, with medium-sized muscles, and dressed in a black hoodie and black jeans. He was smiling evilly as he unloaded the contents of his bag.

"Glad I was able to sneak these on board." He said in a deep, demonic voice while pulling out weapons-a black Desert Eagle pistol with an inverted cross on both sides of the grip, a black crossbow, several military and throwing knives with blackened blades, a machete with a blackened blade, a black M40A5 sniper rifle, and a black M4 carbine.

"This will be the ultimate demonstration of Satan's power." He said. "I will sink this whole ship and kill everyone aboard. I am a warrior of Satan. My name is Demon, and I shall kill for the glory of Lucifer!" he yelled, laughing evilly.

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