Warning: Violence in this chapter.

Charlie woke up with sunlight streaming in through the window into his eyes. He checked the clock, which read exactly 8:00 AM. Charlie was just about to close his eyes and go back to sleep when his stomach growled, and he realized he was hungry. He hadn't had anything to eat since last night when he had a burger.

Slowly, he got up out of bed and made his way to the kitchen, figuring he'd just make some toast, maybe some bacon and eggs too. Hell, add some cereal too. As he walked to the kitchen he looked into Sasha's room to see her sleeping.

Charlie smiled. Last night's kiss between them at the beach party had been a bit of a surprise to him, but he had had a crush on Sasha basically since he met her, and he knew she liked him a little, but never enough to kiss him. He remembered when Sasha had spoken of her desire for a "perfect dog" and how, after being hit by a car, he faked being nice to "kill her with kindness". She had gotten back at him, but he heard her voice breaking as she tried to wake him up after he got hit by a car yet again.

As he went into the kitchen, he was suddenly hit with a splitting headache, which hurt enough to make him have to sit down. He reasoned it was due to the amount of beers he had had last night, but then he got the strangest feeling that something bad was going to happen, something that would cause the deaths of a lot of people.

"It's probably nothing." Charlie thought. Then, Sasha came in, sitting on his lap.

"So, about last night..." Sasha began.

"Does this mean you and I are boyfriend and girlfriend?" Charlie asked.

"Of course," Sasha said, kissing Charlie's lips. "That kiss last night couldn't be for nothing."

Charlie kissed her nose. "I'm glad it wasn't."

Just then, an announcement came on through a speaker that was attached to the ceiling.

"Attention, passengers. We meant to give you this announcement sooner, but last night one of the ship's security guards was brutally murdered and another went missing. We are currently searching for the missing guard, however we must inform you to be careful when on the deck alone at night, and to never let your children go off by themselves unsupervised, especially at night. We hope to have this case solved soon. Thank you."


Scamp woke up in his bed, with Angel beside him. He smiled as Angel began to stir.

"Morning, tenderfoot." She said.

"Morning Angel." Scamp replied. He scratched the back of his neck. "So I guess you and I are dating now?"

Angel smiled. "Obviously." She said, and leaned in to kiss him. Just as they were about to kiss, however, the announcement came on through the speaker in their stateroom's ceiling.


Kodi and Dusty had heard the announcement.

"Oh my god." Kodi said.

"That's awful." Dusty said. She nuzzled Kodi. "I'm glad I have a big, strong wolf-dog to protect me."

Kirby started to wake up. "Huh, is it breakfast already?"

"No, Kirb, a security guard got murdered and another went missing last night!" Kodi said.

"WHAT?" Kirby exclaimed, now fully awake. He shook Ralph awake on the top bunk of their bed. "Ralph! Ralph! Wake up! Someone got murdered!"

"What? Someone got murdered? How?" Ralph asked.

"They didn't tell us." Dusty said. "And another guard is missing."

"Okay, I am OFFICIALLY paranoid." Ralph said.


The murder and disappearance was all anyone on the ship talked about for the whole morning. Heading into the afternoon, it hadn't stopped yet.

EVERYONE was terrified. No one was by themselves. It was pretty much several big groups of people.

Bess was talking to Sasha in her and Itchy's stateroom.

"Did you hear about what happened to the guards?" Sasha asked.

"Yeah," Bess replied. "Now everyone on the whole ship is too paranoid to go anywhere alone. Every place on the ship is either too crowded or completely deserted."

"I hope they clean up this mess quick." Sasha sighed.

In his stateroom, Demon was furious.

"DAMN IT! Now the entire ship is on red alert! I can't kill anyone without getting caught!" he said, punching the wall. Then Demon, with a look of horror on his face, thought of something. "What if they found the C4?" He raced up onto the deck and checked every single lifeboat. To his relief, all the C4 was still there.

"Good, all the C4 is still there. But how can I make sure nobody has a chance to escape?"

After a few minutes, Demon grinned evilly.

"I know JUST what to do."

After a few hours, the ship docked in the Dominican Republic. Once everyone was on the beach, the captain himself walked out, while sending guards and some of the island's police to search the ship for any evidence as to who the killer might be.

The captain stood on the boardwalk, in front of the beach where most of the passengers were. He grabbed a microphone and gave a small announcement.

"Attention, passengers and crew of the Queen of the Seas," he said into the microphone, which caught everyone's attention. "I regret to inform you that our ship's missing security guard has not been found, even after a complete search of the ship. We are going to label him Missing, Presumed Dead. If any of you might have clues about his disappearance, please report..."


The captain fell backwards, dead, with blood oozing from a bullet hole in his forehead. Everyone screamed and backed up, and ducked their heads in case the assassin fired more bullets.

From the bow of the ship, anchored at port, which wasn't far from the beach, Demon stood up from his prone position, holding his sniper rifle. Everybody was too busy panicking to notice.

"I think my aim is improving." He said with an evil grin. "Now I just have to hope that they'll declare..."

The second-in-command officer stood on the boardwalk once the captain's body had been removed.

"Everybody, I am the second-in-command officer, Officer Kane. I need everyone to calm down. I know we are all scared because of our captain's murder, but we need to maintain order. Since the captain is dead, that means that I am in charge of the ship now. Until we dock in Florida, I am declaring a new rule for this vessel. Everyone will stay in their rooms except for mealtimes. We cannot afford more deaths."

"YES!" Demon thought. "Now when I detonate the explosives, there will be a crowded dash for the lifeboats, which will be detonated soon after, creating confusion, panic and death!"

On the beach, nobody objected to Officer Kane's rule. They were too terrified.


Back on the ship a few hours later, Balto and Jenna were talking to Kodi and his friends.

"Well, this stinks." Kodi said.

"Tell me about it. I'm SO damn bored." Balto said.

"Well, at least we're safe. We should be in Florida tomorrow." Jenna said.

"Didn't the ship set sail an hour ago?" Kirby asked.

"They said they were going at their fastest speed. Let's just hope nothing else bad happens."

At that moment, a deafening explosion came from all sides of the ship, and the whole ship rumbled.

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