The Las Vegas air filled her lungs and she walked into the warehouse and switched on the lights, letting Giles see the new hell he agreed to. "This is it?"

"Don't you like it?"

"Buffy, it's a warehouse."

"And now we own it."

"And now I own it, I didn't see your name any where on that paperwork you had me fill out."

"Please Giles! It would mean so much to me for us to own this, to do this."

"Fine, lets start to furnish and build the place with things to sell."

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" She wrapped her arms around him hard and he patted her back and she moved off him and started what may be the remainder of this never ending hell.

He seen her come back up to him as he was arranging the office desks and she had that insignificant pouty face playing her features. "Yes Buffy?"

"I need to reach a shelf and I thought that you would frown upon me throwing the items or climbing the shelves so I was seeing if we had a ladder or if you could lift me."

"No ladder. No lifting."

"Please Giles? I'm not tall enough to reach it!"

"I'm not picking you up Buffy."

"You're the one that didn't buy the ladder!"

Giles let out an exasperated sigh and walked to Buffy to the 'high' shelf, he let her grab the items that needed placing there and walked up behind her tucking her waist in his hands and bent to her ear. "Ready?" His voice was husky low and Buffy gasped and nodded speechless he lifted her and she placed the items on the shelf and he placed her back on the floor, his mouth hovering over her ear. "Need anything else?"

Buffy let out a soft moan and felt his smile against the lobe of her ear as he kissed and nipped it gently. "Was that a yes?" Buffy moaned again and pushed her hips backwards and he kissed her neck and ear again.

The buzzer blared, and Buffy woke in a sweat and looked around her empty room. "I have to stop having that dream."