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Sherlock was walking around the street of Oxford in the blizzard snow, he was freezing cold but that doesn't stop him to get a cup of coffee and be alone to think. He tucked his cold hands in his pocket and continued to walk until a small red car was parked to his side and it honked at him. Sherlock looked at the car with curiosity and the window started to roll down slowly. It was Jennalie smiling at him, "Going somewhere?" she asked.

"I'm fine thank you." He replied

"Get in."

"I told you I'm fine." He hissed.

"Fine, don't blame on me when you freeze to death."

Sherlock rolled his eyes and went into her car, "Where to?" she asked

"A nearby coffee shop." He replied while avoiding her gaze.

While driving slowly in the busy street, Sherlock looked out of the window and asked, "Why are you here?"

"I saw you walking out of the dorm in this weather so I decided to follow you." She replied

"So now you're stalking me?" he raised a brow.

"You could say more like helping."

They had finally reached the nearest coffee shop, Sherlock took off his seat belt quickly and opened the door, "Thank you Jennalie for the ride, and I'll be off."

"Wait for me, I want coffee too!" she yelled and turned off the car.

"Have you ever heard personal space?" he narrowed his eyes.

"Nope," She replied and walked ahead of him while she heard Sherlock groan.

"You know what? I think I change my mind!" Sherlock yelled

"Sherlock Holmes get in here right now!" she yelled.

He rolled his eyes again and walked in the coffee shop with her. The line was long it was something they didn't expect and Sherlock's patience was running out, "What's taking so long?" he complained.

"Because it's cold outside and a lot of people want coffee to warm themselves."

"I need coffee now!" he complained.

"Just be patience geez, you're acting like a five year old."

"And you're acting like my mother."

"Bless your mother."

After waiting in the long line for 15 minutes they finally reached the counter, "What would both of you like to order?" asked the cashier.

"Oh I'm buying mine…." But Sherlock cut her off, "Two black coffee with sugar please."

"That will be £3." The cashier replied.

"I can pay for my own." Jennalie protested.

"Isn't it the gentlemen supposed to pay coffee for the lady?" he asked.

"You're not gentlemen to me." She smirked

"I'm a highly functional sociopath gentleman." He added

"Now that sounds more like it." Said Jennalie

The cashier gave them both of their coffees (and a weird look) and both of them grab a table by the window and drank their coffee silently.

"Thank you." She muttered.

"For what?" he asked

"For buying my coffee."

"You're welcome." He uttered and drank his coffee.

"Any plans for Christmas?" she asked

"Going to London to spent time with my family." He replied

"You don't sound excited about it."

"I'm not."

"How come? Don't you miss your family?"

"Only mum, not Mycroft though."

"Mycroft?" she raised a brow.

"My brother." He replied dryly.

"What does he do for living?" she asked

"As the British Government."

"So he works for the British government."

"No, he is the British Government."

"Okay~" Jennalie looked at him with confusion and continued to drink her coffee.

"So what about your dad?" she asked

"My father left when I was young, so I lived with my mum." He replied while gazing out at the window.

"Oh sorry" she apologized.

"For what?"


"What about you?" he asked

"What about me?"

"I presume you have plans for Christmas."

"No, I suppose to go to Hawaii with my family, but my cousin Tami just showed up to my parents' house and they gave her my plane ticket." She looked disappointed.

"That's…. tragic."

She started to laugh, "You could say that, I was really looking forward going to Hawaii."

There was another silent again between them and all they could hear were other customers chatting and the sound of sipping coffee.

"You know… you could stay with us." He suggested.

"You want me to spent Christmas with your family?" she looked at him with disbelief.

"I'm just suggesting if you don't want to spend Christmas alone." He started to blush.

She rests her right hand on his and looked at him closely and replied, "I would love to Sherlock."

(A week later)

Sherlock picked up his phone and dialed his house number, after waiting for couple minutes the phone finally answer.

"Holmes resistance." said a young female voice.

"This is Sherlock Holmes Nancy, is my mum home?"

"Yes, master Holmes hold on a second."

"Hello?" it was his mother's voice.

"Hello Mum, how are you?" he tried to sound cheerful.

"What did you this time Sherlock?" said his mother coldly.

"Nothing! I just want to tell you that I'm bring my friend Jennalie tomorrow, so make sure you have the guest room clean and cook enough food for the four of us."

There was silent on the other side of the line so he rose up the phone a little bit and whispered, "Mum?"

"Oh sorry Sherlock, I think my hearing is going bad because I thought you said you were bringing a girl to our home." She started to laugh

"That's what I said." He corrected her.

"You're not lying right? This isn't one of those girls you hire to be your "friend.""

"No, mum she's not!" he protest

"Why didn't you tell me sooner that she was coming?"

"I forgot." He lied

He then hears his mother sigh and said, "I'll get ready for your "friend" arrival…. Is she your girlfriend?"

"Goodbye mum!" he yelled and hangs up the phone and breathes heavily.

"Why did I even invite her?" he asked himself while covering his face with his hands.

The next morning Jennalie showed up in front of the hall resistance with her car, and was waiting for Sherlock outside in the snowy day. She was wearing her white jacket, her hair was curled, had earring in the shape of a snowflake, she was wearing blue makeup, and underneath her white coat she was wearing a red dress.

Sherlock came out the dorm with his black suitcase, he's curly hair not brush, wearing his worn out black jacket and red scarf. When he looked at her direction his eyes went dark.

"Why did you bring that?" he pointed at her car.

"It'll be faster and warmer if we went with my car." She protests.

"You don't even know where I live!"

"That's why I'm letting you drive." She tossed her car keys at him.

Sherlock unlocked her car and sat in the driver seat.

"You do know how to drive right?" she asked while buckling her seatbelt.

He ignored her and turned on the car and they were on their way to London.

(Holmes resistance)

"Mycroft hurry up they'll be here any minute now!" said Mrs. Holmes while adjusting the dinner table.

"I really don't see why you have to be so excited." Mycroft muttered.

"Sherlock is bringing a girl Mycroft! A girl!" she yelled with excitement.

"Yes, he's bringing a girl what's so exciting about that?"

"Never in my whole life did I imagine Sherlock having a girlfriend."

"He never said she was his girlfriend." He warned her

"He never said she wasn't his girlfriend." She reminded him.

The doorbell started to ring and Mrs. Holmes and Mycroft stare at each other.

"Mycroft, I want you to be in your best behavior." She pointed her finger at him.

"Me in my best behavior? That's something you should tell to Sherlock." He protests.

She shook her head and went to open the door.

"Sherlock!" Mrs. Holmes opens her arms to hug her young son.

"Hello mum." He forced a smile and kissed her cheek.

Mrs. Holmes glanced up looked at Jennalie who was standing next to Sherlock. Mrs. Holmes had to admit the girl that Sherlock had brought home was beautiful and looked smart, she gave her a warm smile and a hug, "It's nice to finally meet you dear. And your name?" she asked

"Jennalie Gray." Jennalie smiled at her

"Mum, I don't think it will be a good idea to have your son and his friend out in the cold." Said Sherlock

"Oh, yes come on in. Leave your coat to Nancy and she'll hang it up for you."

Sherlock and Jennalie handed their coats to Nancy and Jennalie was looking at the house with amazement, "This place is beautiful!"

"It's nothing much." He replied.

"Nothing much, are you kidding? So this is where you grew up?" she asked


Sherlock started to blush when he looked at her, she was wearing a red dress that reached above her knee, covering her shoulders, and had a black belt around her waist.

"You need to show me around." She smiled while grabbing his hand

"Later." he replied and let go of her hand.

"So this is the girl we've been hearing about." Mycroft walked in the living room.

"Why are you here?" Sherlock complained.

"I was invited." said Mycroft with a grin.

"I bet you invited yourself."

"So who is this beautiful lady you brought home with?" Mycroft asked as if Jennalie was a lost puppy his younger brother found in the street.

"Jennalie Gray." she said politely holding out a hand towards Mycroft.

"Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock's older brother." He accepts her hand shake.

When Sherlock saw Mycroft accepting her hand shake, he looked at them with coldness and left them alone.

"Yes, he mention about you."

"I hope it's good."

"He just told me you are the British government."

Mycroft gave a small laugh, "You could say that, so Miss Gray…."

"Jennalie." She cut him off.

"Jennalie, what is your relation between my brother?" he asked

"We're just friends."

"Really? I don't see that." He smirked


"It's just that Sherlock never brought a girl to our house, so this is something new."

"Does that make me special then?" she joked.

"In this family yes." He smirked and left to join his mother in the kitchen.

Jennalie stand next to Sherlock and didn't say anything.

"Something wrong?" he raised a brow.

"Nothing." She whispered.

"Did Mycroft said something offensive?" he asked

She shook her head.

"Let's go to the diner then, mum hates to wait" He walked past her.

While Jennalie walked behind him wondering what is her relationship between Sherlock.