Godzilla and Mothra: Aquatic Ambush

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Ladies and gentlemen, take two guesses who the main bad guys in this story are. Just guess. They're both water dwellers.

Godzilla emerged out of the ocean depths, heading onto the private island from the eastern side. He shook his head in agony as he placed his left hand on his head. "Ugh... this day isn't going well for me." He muttered, letting out a deep sigh.

Mothra heard Godzilla coming, and she flew over the two pairs of snow capped mountains to arrive on the beach, confronting Godzilla head on. "What happened, Godzilla?" She asked, flapping her big, colorful butterfly wings.

Godzilla looked up, folding his arms as he was glaring at Mothra. "What happened? All these damn submarines and air carriers kept shooting at me, dropping bombs down into the ocean and trying to knock me out." He sighed as he closed his eyes. "I'm going to need a rest. I can't even get some fish without being shot at."

Mothra tilted her head to the right, puzzled. "Wait a minute, don't you normally feed in peace? Why are you being attacked all of a sudden?"

Godzilla shrugged as he headed south into the tropical jungle foliage. "I guess it's because they're still sour over Japan's destruction after King Ghidorah arrived."

Mothra was still puzzled, turning her attention to the ocean waves as she thought deeply, not believing that it was their doing that caused the military to attack them.