Mothra decided to fly over the ocean, to see why Godzilla was being attacked. She spotted several large cruise ships below, wondering why they were close to the private island she and Godzilla inhabited. Suddenly, much to her shock, she saw a large red tentacle emerge out of the water, smacking one of the cruise ships and ripping it apart, hearing the cries of the hundreds of innocent japanese people on the boat.

"Oh no...!" Mothra exclaimed as she flapped her butterfly wings, seeing another cruise ship under seige, this time being grabbed by three tentacles. "This couldn't be Godzilla's fault! He was right!"

Cruise ship after cruise ship went down, with all of it being the doing of the tentacles. Mothra looked closely to see the culprit underneath the waves, a large red octopus. Upon seeing the monster, Mothra headed back to the island, to alert Godzilla.