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Chapter 1

Well, never thought I'd be coming to Morganville. I found it weird that it had my name – you've probable guessed my name is Morgan. I only came to Morganville to go to TPU (Texas Prairie University). I had only just turned sixteen though, and this was the first time I had come to America. You see, I'm from England, and coming to America without my friends or family was scary. I had been at TPU for about a month. I had become friends with a girl named Claire. She told me that she was almost seventeen when she started TPU, so at least she knew it was like. Claire was the only one that would actually talk to me, I was fine with that, Claire was nice. After, exactly, a month of living on the TPU campus I had to leave. A few of the girls at TPU had it in for me, I didn't know why, they just did. So when they thought it would be fun to push me down the stairs while carrying a few glasses, kick me in the stomach, cut my cheek with a large piece of broken glass and then threaten to kill me the next time they saw me, I knew I had to leave. The first thing I did after that happened was I went to find Claire. Luckily nothing was broken, just bruised. Claire told me that something similar had happened to her, and she told me that her room mates and herself were looking for someone else to live in the house. So, Claire took me the house. Well took me to the house, after she made me get all my stuff – of course she helped.

I was worried to be perfectly honest. The only person that I would know when meeting these people would be Claire, and I looked like I had been to hell and back. Walking into the house, I wasn't so worried, I was calm. Then suddenly two people jumped out from round the corner. I screamed and jumped backwards. As I jumped back I landed wrong and went flying backwards into the door. It hurt so much.

"Michael! Shane! What the hell is wrong with you two?" Claire yelled.

"Oh come on Claire, we were only having a laugh." a blonde guy said.

"Really, you think this is funny?" Claire said, gesturing towards me.

I slowly got up, using the door for support. The two guys shifted in place. I just stayed by the door, head down. Claire continued to shout at the two guys. Claire was like a big sister, I would love to have Claire as a sister. I'm an only child, and Claire was the closest thing to a sister. It was fun having Claire be that good a friend.

"Claire, it's fine. Just leave it." I said after a while.

She looked at me in disbelief.

"You've got to be kidding me. After what happened to you today, you didn't need these two doing that." Claire said.

"But I'm alright aren't I. God sis you really need to chill." I smiled.

"But you're my little sis; I have to look out for you, otherwise who will? And don't you dare say yourself." Clair replied.

Claire and I laughed. The two guys just looked at us.

"You have a sister?" a brunette guy asked wide eyed.

That made Claire and I laugh more.

"No, we're not actually sisters." Claire told him.

"We might as well be." I said.

"Ha-ha. Anyway, let me show you around." Claire told me, grabbing my hand.

The guys looked confused.

"Morgan might take the room." Claire told them slowly.

Claire shook her head.

After Claire showed me the house, we went to the living room. The guys I had seen earlier we playing a zombie game.

"The blonde ones Michael, and the brunette ones Shane." Claire said.

"Is that all I get! The brunette one! We've been together for like two years now, and you call me the brunette one!" Shane said, acting hurt.

I laughed. After a few minutes a Goth girl appeared, she looked pretty cool. She said her name was Eve. I was also told that there was another person living in the house, but he was out. Apparently he was Shane's brother, but he went to live in New York with family after their mum died. Turned out none of them knew about Shane's brother until he went searching for Shane, and turned up on their door step. He's been living with them ever since. Shane, Michael and Eve all asked me questions about where I'm from, how old I was – they were a little shocked –, what subjects I was taking at the university, why I was looking for somewhere else to stay, and things like that.

"So Morgan, you wanna take the room? I mean, considering what's happened." Michael asked me.

"Well, that plus I don't think Claire will appreciate it if we don't." Shane added.

They just looked at me. I didn't know what to say. I turned my head towards Claire.

"She will take the room. I'm deciding for her." Claire said.

Ok...Looks like I was living at Glass House – that's what they called it, since Michael owns the house and his last name is Glass. Claire helped me take my stuff up stairs – she basically dragged me up there. Even Eve helped at one point. After everything was sorted we went back into the living room. I liked the three people I had met today. They were really awesome. I know when Claire talked about them she said they were awesome, but I didn't know she meant this awesome. This was the start of a whole new life. I was excited.