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Chapter One


There was a harsh wind blowing, beating the sand against the windows of the Kazekage's office. Shadowed eyes glanced through the glass at the village he was sworn to protect. The winds soon died, as they usually did after a long sandstorm, the only noise in the room now was the contact the pen was making with the paper as Gaara wrote. He let out a small sigh and closed his tired eyes, then lifted his hand to his forehead and touched the scar from his past. It was the only tangible evidence of what he had once been long ago.

He heard the footsteps before the messengers even touched the door. On queue the door was thrown open, and a worried looking shinobi stood there, panting and trying to regain his breathing to inform his Kazekage of his news. He straightened and saluted Gaara with respect, and the redhead leaned back, tapping his writing utensil on his desk, gesturing with his free hand for the watchman to report.

"Kazekage-sama!" he said, still trying to regulate his breathing from the long run. "One of our scouts reported back, and we have four renegade shinobi headed straight for Suna!" he finally managed out in a trained voice.

Gaara simply stared at the ninja for a while, the relevance of him knowing this information escaping him. "So?" he replied, his eyes locked on the now wide eyed man.

The answer seemed to have shocked him and then his expression changed into one of realization. "Oh, forgive me Kazekage-sama. The rouge leading the group…is Uchiha Sasuke." He concluded, his nervousness apparent now. He probably felt foolish for leaving such an important piece out of his report.

The name set Gaara on edge nonetheless. My long time enemy, Gaara thought to himself. He tried to picture the Uchiha now, but all that came to mind was the boy in black with overgrown hair. He really needed to cut his hair before he came to those exams, Gaara sighed aloud. What a trivial and meaningless thought. Gaara's gaze hardened as he set his pen down, "He's with three other's you say?" he asked, now looking up to his guard.

The man nodded and stood tall, "Yes, a woman and two men. One of the men looks more like a brute than a shinobi though," he nodded and saw Gaara's dismissive hand.

"Leave." The Kazekage ordered. "I will ready myself and handle the Uchiha. Inform my brother and sister to get ready as well. Don't cause a panic though, the last thing we need is the villagers to be scared. They have nothing to fear, I will kill the Uchiha." Gaara said, his face remaining stoic. His blonde friend flashed across his mind, Naruto, he thought with an annoyed sigh.

"Hold on." Gaara ordered, raising his hand in a halting motion. The guard stopped before his hand was around the doorknob.

"Yes Kazekage-sama?" he replied, ready to do anything his leader ordered.

"On second thought, I will capture the Uchiha. Send notice immediately to Konoha that Uchiha Sasuke is in our custody and if they wish to take him then they are more than welcome." Gaara stood with his last word. The guard bowed and nodded, already leaving to go inform the shinobi who would write up the message.

The sand hovering in the air and along the ground began to swirl and crawl back to its master, surrounding him in a whirlwind until he was gone along with the tainted grains.

Gaara stood at the top of the walls to Suna, changed from his white Kage robes. His red battle outfit blew in the rough breeze that batted against his skin. Temari and Kankuro stood on either side of him, dressed in their own battle attire. Temari in her black kimono and red sash, and Kankuro in his black getup. Gaara's gourd was fastened on his back now and he looked at two of his most trusted friends, his family. "Try not to kill the Uchiha, I am sure that Naruto will want him back." Gaara informed his elder siblings. Kankuro nodded, his purple facial mask painted into place.

Temari laughed and leaned on her oversized weapon. "Don't worry about us Gaara. It's you who needs to make sure you don't kill him." She snickered and nudged his arm in a joking manner. Gaara glanced at her, clearly not understanding the joke, since his sense of humor was microscopic.

"Let's go. I don't want that scum damaging my village at all." Gaara told them, giving them each a look before he jumped down the large wall. Temari sighed and followed her younger brother with Kankuro taking up the rear. The three took off into the desert in the direction that the scouts had said Sasuke was. Gaara wasn't too excited about meeting again with one of the people he hated most. He started to slow his pace when he saw four black figures across the desert. They were headed straight towards them. "We'll stop here, no need to waste any energy running when they are coming right to us." He told his siblings and sat down, crossing his legs and closing his eyes. He needed to meditate before this fight, he knew it would awaken old feelings of hatred and he wanted that part of him to stay dormant. The sand around him moved and became denser, forming shade for himself and Temari and Kankuro.

"Thank you Gaara," Temari smiled down at her red headed brother who had changed so much. She looked out at the desert and focused her gaze on the approaching danger. She didn't really know what to expect. She could remember Uchiha Sasuke's power, but who knew how much he had gained since the last time they fought. That was also if you didn't count the other three he had with him, who could they possibly be? She looked back down at Gaara, who was in deep meditation. She knew how much her brother didn't like the Uchiha, and taking him alive was going to be difficult for him. He wasn't one for taking prisoners.

It wasn't too long before the specks of black became more distinguished forms in the distance. Gaara's eyes opened slowly and he stood, letting the sand fall back into place. "Are you ready?" he asked, the two nodded and looked forward as well. Sasuke's face was visible through the heat of the desert but this was their element. The heat didn't bother them and the sand, well, it was like family.

Sasuke and his group stopped just a couple yards away from the trio. Gaara's arms were crossed firmly over his chest. "Well Uchiha, long time no see." He said shortly, keeping his icy glare on the only threat in his mind. There was a woman with odd colored hair, her thick rimmed glasses were hiding her heartless eyes behind a glare. The largest of the men moved forward, but Sasuke stopped him by holding his arm out. The forth member wasn't too impressive looking, in fact he looked like he was about to die from dehydration. A large sword rested on his back, ready to attack, but he really looked too tired to do anything.

Sasuke's black stare focused on Gaara finally and he smirked, "Yes. Long time. I heard you've become the Kazekage, Gaara." He taunted, his eyes daring Gaara to move but he wasn't intimidated at all by this emo punk.

"What do you want Sasuke? You're a renegade and you sure as hell don't have any right to be wandering around in my desert." He informed the dark haired man, letting his arms fall to his sides. Sasuke just looked amused, as if he had some secret that only he knew and he couldn't wait to share with someone.

"The ninja world is messed up Gaara, and I'm here to get rid of all the people who control that world. The five Kage's." Sasuke stated simply. Both Temari and Kankuro gasped and looked from Sasuke to Gaara. "I also happen to know that you no longer house the Shukaku, so what on earth are you still doing as Kazekage?" he asked, leaning back on one of his heels and exchanging his weight from foot to foot. He looked ready to attack but Gaara was ready as well, he was in his natural element. Sasuke was an idiot to try and kill him here in the desert.

"You really haven't changed, have you Uchiha?" Gaara actually laughed, his own rivaling smirk creeping across his face. "You've come to kill me, yet you attempt to do it in the desert. Are you really that cocky? Or just plain stupid?" the redhead asked, his voice remaining the same despite his satisfied look.

"Like I said Gaara, you don't have the Shukaku anymore, and you are no longer a threat. But the Kage's must be eliminated. For Itachi." He muttered the last part, his dark soulless eyes twisting into crimson red. Sasuke's hand moved to the sheathed sword at his side, gripped the hilt, and lunged at Gaara, closing the distance between them. A small look of panic flashed across Sasuke's face when he saw the sand respond instantaneously and shoot at him. If he hadn't had the sharingan activated it would have cost him his life. He dodged to the side and slid on the grainy sand. "How?" he demanded, glaring at Gaara and trying to catch him in an illusion. But Gaara was no fool, he was focusing on Sasuke's feet, that way he would know every move he would take, by the position and step.

"I don't know how." Gaara admitted, but inwardly he knew it was always him who had controlled the sand and not Shukaku. "It's just the way it is, looks like I'm still more powerful than you Uchiha. Just like the old days." Gaara took in a deep breath and gave signaling nods to Temari and Kankuro.

The odd looking girl looked tense and alarmed. "They're going to attack!" she told the others in warning. Gaara's glare darted toward the woman, how could she have known that? But Temari and Kankuro were already moving. He could feel the wind change as his sister's fan opened and she whipped it across the sand, battering the two men with sand and wind so hard that it was scraping their skin. The smaller of the two wailed in pain and bared his teeth like a shark ready to attack.

"I hate the desert!" the small silver haired man cried out, pulling his sword from his back and pointing it at Temari. She seemed amused by the thought that a water ninja could attempt to fight her in the desert. She pulled her fan back and lashed another windstorm at the larger of the two, trapping him in a vicious vortex, sand scraping harshly at his skin. His blood was already splattering on the yellow sand. Temari ran at the smaller man and shut her fan quickly, bringing it down on his head. But he met her metal fan with his blade easily, despite his flustered and pale face, he wasn't going to be an easy target.

Suigetsu slid towards her, metal scraping against metal. He pushed her back and she swayed for a moment, but Suigetsu took the momentum and slashed at the opening he saw. His sword slammed against a wall of sand and he growled, annoyed at the sand master who was protecting his siblings just as well as himself.

Temari ran towards Suigetsu with her fan ready to crack down on his skull. He raised his sword in defense, gritting his teeth together and baring them as a shark does to his prey. "Come on fan girl. I'll cut you to pieces!" he laughed maliciously, running at her as well to meet her attack. They clashed with a vibrating force now stuck in a standoff.

Temari heaved forward with all her strength, she only had one chance or else this trap wouldn't work and they would see it the second time. She opened her fan in a split second after she shoved Suigetsu off and sent a gust of wind after him. He was knocked off balance, but something caught him. The sound of latching wood was all Suigetsu could hear as darkness surrounded him. "Go Kankuro!" Temari urged on as her brother moved his fingers delicately, detaching the arms and legs of his puppets. The hidden knives slipped out to the ends and with another slight move of his fingers the arms and legs sped towards the trapped Suigetsu.

"NOO!" a loud roar came as the large man charged at them, but a moment too late. Another ear shattering scream pierced the air and blood seeped through the puppet. All of the knives had gone into place. Juugo changed his coarse straight for Temari, slamming into her back. The impact was so strong it sent her flying into a nearby sand dune.

"Temari!" Kankuro yelled attempting to run for his sister but the large man intercepted him and stood alert and ready to fight, his muscles rippling.

Gaara glanced over at the shout of his sister's name and went wide eyed at what he saw. His sister was down and Kankuro was facing the biggest of the group. He glanced back to Sasuke just in time to avoid the sword strike that was aimed at his side. This was going to be difficult, how could he capture Sasuke without killing him? It proved to be a lot more challenging than he would have ever imagined. He looked towards the girl with the thick glasses and saw her concern for the Uchiha, how on earth could girls like this emo freak?

"Remember Sasuke!" Karin called out, moving her sleeve up. Gaara tried to eye her skin, it looked damaged. "If you get hurt at all just come and bite me!" she finished, holding her arm close to her chest. Gaara inhaled sharply and looked back at Sasuke, but his gaze returned to the girl. There was no way he was going to let Sasuke have that ace in the hole. Gaara lifted his hands and the sand beneath Sasuke rose and tossed him off and rolled over him, burying him beneath the scorching specs. He grasped the air, aiming towards Karin, the sand beneath her twirling at her feet. "Wh-what's going on?" she gasped and tried to move. But the moment she tried to move from her spot the sand shot up and wrapped tightly around her. "No!" she yelled out before the sand began to cover her mouth. "SASUKE!" she tried to scream before she was completely sealed in the sand cocoon. The sound was cut off and Gaara closed his hand abruptly, another muffled scream was heard followed by a drizzle of blood.

A pale hand shot out of the sand as Sasuke began to drag himself from the sand. Gaara knew that would never finish off the Uchiha, but he needed him out of the way to get rid of the others. Juugo looked over towards the bloodied sand and started grunting. "Sasuke…we should go." He said softly, his voice far more kind than his appearance gave off.

Juugo began to turn, his mind already made up as he began to stalk off. He was not going to sit around for this losing battle. He could clearly see that that was the direction it was headed in. Sasuke was shaking the sand from his hair and trying to steady his feet on the shifting grains. "Don't you dare leave Juugo!" Sasuke yelled after him, but the giant did not stop his retreat. Sasuke looked back at Gaara, trying to assess the situation.

Gaara sighed, how like the Uchiha, running from a fight. A true shinobi would be able to see when their opponent was stronger than them. Or when they were entering into a losing fight. It was painfully obvious now, that Uchiha Sasuke was not the great warrior that everyone thought him to be. Gaara smirked, his own confidence growing even more.

Temari finally forced her sore body up from the sand and saw the large man walking away. There was no way she was going to let him get away after trying to kill her and her siblings. She started out running after him, and the sudden movement caught the Uchiha's attention. His red eyes focused solely on Gaara's sister. He needed an edge and she would be the one to give it to him. In an instant Sasuke was gone and appeared behind the wind shinobi, his sword drawn and the sounds of a thousand chirping birds ringing through the air.

"Temari!" Gaara yelled, sending his sand after her as fast as he could, but he was a moment too late. His sister's scream filled the air and her blood stained the golden sand. Sasuke's chakra filled sword was run straight through Temari's shoulder, ripping through the bones and muscle. She fell to her knees and let out another agonized yell from the movement of the blade.

Unfortunately for Sasuke that was the wrong moment to have his back towards the sand master. The irate grains were filled with hate as they dragged Sasuke away from his sister, making him release his sword. Temari fell to the ground, ripping the sword out as quickly as she could. She felt the ache slowly spread through her body as she lay flat on the desert floor. Eventually it got too great for her body to handle and her eyes closed in exhaustion.

Sasuke was finally in front of Gaara, the furious redhead glared down at the Uchiha. His hands were in tight fists and his knuckles as white as snow. "How dare you!" Gaara bent down and hit Sasuke with all his might. Sasuke's face shot to the side, his body encased by sand that was getting harder by the moment. "Your arrogance has pissed me off for the last time Uchiha…you have sealed your fate." The sand master whispered, hatred dripping from his every word. That was the last thing Uchiha Sasuke heard before everything went black.