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Chapter One


Tsunade sat at her desk, a huge stack of paperwork piled in front of her. Instead of working on it, she was happily leaning back in her chair sipping sake. Her pink haired student was lying on the couch, having given up trying to get her sensei to do her work. It was simply an impossible task for the blonde woman to do. "So Sakura," Tsunade began, swirling her sake around in the small cup. "How's that fiancé of yours?"

The girl rolled her eyes, "Fine I guess. He's on a mission right now, but it's kinda nice to get a break from him. He can be a bit much at times. I mean, he's been so withdrawn after he finally came back from killing Orochimaru and his brother. It's just…different. I mean, I know it's been five years, but…" she sighed, not knowing what to think. She had been dating the last Uchiha for four years now, and was just recently proposed to by him, but something felt off. She didn't know what it was. It just felt like something was missing from their relationship. Sakura looked up at her sensei, who was giving her an odd stare. "What?"

"Nothing, nothing. So tomorrow's Naruto birthday party right?" the Hokage asked.

"Yeah, you going?"

Tsunade broke into uncontrollable laughter. "Like I want to celebrate twenty-five years of that idiot being alive."

She laughed. "Yeah, but if he wasn't alive your life would be boring. Admit it Shishou, you care about Naruto."

Tsunade snorted. "Whatever. I have more important things to do. Like paperwork."

"Oh please. You never do your paperwork. You're not even doing it now." She said with a roll of her eyes.

"Well…it would get done faster if you did it for me." The blonde suggested, giving her apprentice a sly look.

"Why should I do it for you? I do enough around here already." The pink haired ninja said with humor in her voice.

"Pleeeeeease, come on Sakura. Don't you love your sensei?" her master started to pout. Sakura got up with an annoyed sigh.

"Fine, whatever. But you owe me for this." She pointed to the blonde woman. She stopped by the desk and picked up the pile from the bottom. Just as she pulled the papers off the desk, the door opened. She went wide eyed, looking away and trying to control her reaction. Stop it Sakura, she told herself. She took a deep breath and looked back at the red haired Kazekage. "Hello Kazekage-sama," she gave him a friendly smile.

Gaara's jade eyes focused on her emerald gaze, a small smile gracing his lips. "Hello Sakura," he stopped in front of Tsunade's desk, his attention still on her student. "Always nice to see you."

Finally he tore his eyes away from the girl and looked down at the drunken Hokage. "I'm here. So deal with it, Naruto's birthday, whatever. You know. We don't really have to have a meeting do we?"

"Of course not. I don't feel like talking to you anyways." Tsunade said with a smirk.

The redhead gave her a respectful bow, and when he came back up his gaze met Sakura's once more, a smirk now in place. "I'll see you later Sakura," he turned then, leaving the room.

"Yeah, see you tomorrow." She hid her blush in the stack of papers she was holding, not wanting to raise her sensei's suspicions. She watched Gaara's back as he left, trying to force down the smile that was threatening to creep up her face.

Tsunade watched her student and then looked after the redhead. She focused back on Sakura clearing her throat. "Well Gaara-sama looked nice today."

"Yeah he did…" Sakura said, blinking and then shaking her head. "I mean, yeah sure, if…you know, um, you're into that kinda…look."

"True. I bet only really great medics with super strength and an unusual hair color would be into that look." Tsunade said with a knowing smirk.

"Probably." She replied, and then shook her head again at her admission. "Unless they were engaged to someone else. Then they wouldn't be." She said, trying to cover up her blunder.

"Whatever you say Sakura, whatever you say." The blonde replied, leaning back in her chair.